Book Review: Redemption by A.M. Snead

Reviewed by Susan65

1Title: Redemption
Author: A.M. Snead
Series: Made to Be Broken #3
Heroes: Jonah and Noble
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 136Pages
Publisher: A.M. Snead
Release Date: June 16, 2014
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Thrust back into the presence of his abusive father, Noble suffers greatly for his decision to embrace who he is and his choice to be with Jonah, as his dad turns to brutal force to ‘cleanse’ Noble of his love for Jonah.


Review: Well, that was harsh and beautiful. When it was bad, it was really freaking bad, but when it was good, it was amazingly beautiful. Noble has so many scars, both visible and internal…all from his overly heavy-handed father who used his own form of “cleansing” to cure his son of his gay disease. When Jonah dropped Noble off at his apartment, I wanted to scream at him to not let him go in there alone…I knew it was going to be bad, and it was even worse than I expected. Rebecca did this, even though it was his father’s actions, it was Rebecca who did this to Noble and it was unforgivable.

My absolute favorite scene in this story was Jonah at Noble’s bedside asking him if he would wait for him and visit him if he went to prison. I was like…HELL YEAH!!! About time someone stood up for Noble, and having Mason back them both up just made the entire series for me. I love it when a bully gets a taste of his own medicine, and in this case, it was shoved down his ignorant throat and was highly satisfactory…to me. Noble’s mother and father will rot in hell.

We finally get the resolution that Noble so needed to lead a normal life. He is finally able to accept who he is and take everything that Jonah has been offering him. Jonah turned out to be the best champion for our underdog, and he will forever remain a favorite character of mine. I am still a little pissed that Mason and Jonah forgave Rebecca and Colleen so easily. Yes, they suffered after they found out that they were the reason Noble was attacked, but still…no one should be given a green pass after years of being so abusive. Plus, Rebecca and her ex-boyfriend instantly falling back in love and planning a wedding so soon was completely unrealistic and just didn’t work for me.

So, for the most part, this is an excellent yet very difficult series to read, but the mental anguish and total angst-fest was worth reading about considering that Noble and Jonah came out the winners at the end.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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