Challenge Book Review: The Morning Star by M. Chandler

Reviewed by Heather C

7459958Title: The Morning Star
Author: M. Chandler
Series: Shadow of the Templar #1
The Heroes: Simon Drake and Jeremy Archer
Genre: M/M Romance / Action
Length: 138 pages
Publisher: Lulu
Release Date: September 29, 2011
Available at: Lulu  
Add it to your shelf at: Goodreads  & Booklikes
Blurb: Simon Drake is an up-and-coming young FBI hotshot, an agent with a personal track record so outstanding that it borders on unbelievable. Not yet thirty, he’s already the leader of his own special ops team; a ragtag bunch of talented but nigh-uncontrollable lunatics, it’s true, but under Simon’s inspired leadership they’re a force to be reckoned with, a team with an unparalleled success rate, a team with an almost unblemished record–until now.

Jeremy Archer is the brilliant and unpredictable scion of a long line of international art thieves, simultaneously a phenomenally wealthy English socialite and one of the most infamous criminals in the world. At twenty-seven years old he’s already wanted on nearly every continent for thefts totalling more than ninety-one million dollars, and yet no one has ever come close to catching him–until now. Now? May the best man win.


Nikyta has been trying to get me to read this series for years!  Well, she finally got the opportunity to force me to at least start it this time.  Honestly, there was never any real reason why I’ve been putting it off.  Maybe because I knew once I read the first one, I would want to read them ALL?

Simon Drake, head of FBI’s special-ops Team Templar, has one immediate goal: to nail the infamous art thief, Jeremy Archer to the wall!  Urm…you know what I mean.  And of course, it doesn’t turn out exactly as he planned.

If I only had one word to describe this book, FUN would be the best word.  Seriously, it played out like one of those crazy, twisted heist movies that I love to watch.  Lots of humor and over the top action, nail-biting close calls, and a colorful cast of characters.  And don’t let me forget the highly inappropriate sexual tension between Simon and Jeremy.

Obviously, there wasn’t meant to be a factual telling of proper FBI procedure.  I so wanted to roll my eyes at some of the outrageousness of it, but I was having too much FUN with it.  So get all those expectations of realism out of your head before you decide to open the book.  And then the pace was non-stop; I never really wanted to put it down.

There really wasn’t any romance in this book; it basically ends on a little cliffie with Simon and Jeremy about to get naked…luckily it picks right up with the explicit bits in the little Hot Shots that take place between the first and second books.  And damn, are those little bits HOT!!

At this point, I know very little about Simon and Jeremy… what makes them tick and why they strive so hard to be the best at what they do??  I’m hoping as the story arcs progress, if it will move more into their personal lives, or at least add in some emotions.  I’m certain I will eventually continue on with the next book of the series, Double Down, I really want to see how this affair between Simon and Jeremy plays out.

***My review covers the first book of the series, The Morning Star, and the four Hot Shots that occur prior to the second book: Codicil, November, Coitus Interuptus, and Simon Says.***

Overall Impression: I Really Liked It

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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10 thoughts on “Challenge Book Review: The Morning Star by M. Chandler

  1. Jenn

    I LOVE this series!!!! I have them in paperback. Seriously, read them all. So good.

  2. I hope to get to them all! Does the story go into other relationships? Or just Simon and Jeremy?

  3. Trish

    Looking forward to this… I could use a new FBI lovers series 😀

  4. Lisa G

    This was a fun series – I read this a few years back when I was getting into m/m books. Really enjoyed it.

  5. This series is one of my comfort reads – along with Adrien English, Cut and Run, and the massive Falls Chance Ranch saga – and never fails to please. FUN is the best description of it.

    • *looking up Falls Chance Ranch* how have I missed this ?

      • I’m pretty certain that it has never been advertised anywhere but has been passed on by word of mouth. It’s a free online read, though you can get the ebooks in various formats by joining the fan groups, provided for a very niche market – readers with an interest in domestic discipline rather than the heavily sexualised BDSM more common in M/M – and it really could do with a good editor. The development of the various relationships within the main polyamourous one is very important but there are plots of equal importance that might strain the patience of a romance reader and that there’s no on page sex until book two and all encounters FTB will upset the readers who are there for the rumpy pumpy. But the books are awash with love, agape as well as eros, affection, support, caring, friendship, philosophy, bits of paranormal stuff, humour, adventure – I can just sink into them to while away the hours between 2am and 6am when I can’t sleep.

        • Oooooh ok. I think I may have actually heard of that one and questioned whether or not it was for me…hmmmmm

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