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Character Interview Derek and Scott from Wrestling With Hope by DH Starr + Excerpt!

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I’m gonna try something new for you and have my two characters talk to you about themselves and about me rather than spewing stuff about myself. Hope you get to know these two awesome guys a bit through the process.


Interview With Derek and Scott

Beck Schultz (Derek’s best friend): Derek, you sweet-assed lollipop. Come give mama a kiss. You too, Scott, I wanna be the filling in a hot man-sandwich.

Derek: Beck, we’re here to interview, can’t you tone it down for even one second?

Beck (pouts): I swear, Derek, I oughtta…

Scott: Yeah, yeah. We all know how much you love to threaten the male anatomy. What will it be this time? It’s not summer so skewers and barbeques are out of the question. It isn’t quite winter yet, so roasting them like chestnuts on an open fire seams unseasonable. What is a good autumn threat?

Beck: You…I…whatever. Let’s sit and get to business. (Takes out a notepad) Why don’t we start by telling me who this DH Starr character is?

Derek: Doug? He’s a good guy. Kind of quiet and keeps to himself too much, but he’s working on that. He’s a teacher and has this zany personality. I bet I would have loved school if he’d been around to make life fun. He’s also got this awesome positive energy about him. You know, expects the best in people. Like he gets disappointed when people let him down, but he doesn’t let it get in his way of remaining optimistic and hoping for the best.

Scott: I’d have to agree. He once told me that he’s crazy and I was like, whaaaaaatttt? It’s kind of a weird thing to say about yourself. But the more I got to know him, the more I understood what he meant. There’s nothing bland about the guy. Like, he once told me his students love the song Baby Shark and he made up some whacked-out dance that gets the kids giggling and dancing, and then they are all energized to learn. That’s kinda cool.

Beck: Sounds like my kind of guy. Maybe you should introduce us.

Derek: Sorry, Beck, he plays for our team.

Beck: Boo. All the good ones do. Oh well, let’s move on. How are you doing, Scotty? This was a tough year for you with your dad and all.

Scott: Yeah. I’m holding up. It wasn’t easy reconnecting with Dad, but I’m glad I did. I mean, you saw what he was like before, back in high school, when he nearly broke me and Derek up. And then he took off and ditched me and Mom. I wasn’t prepared to open up to him. But in the end, it was the right choice and I feel much better now because of it.

Derek: Scott is underplaying his courage. (Turns to Scott). You really are my hero. I mean, the way you kept pushing yourself when everything inside you wanted to run. No one would have blamed you for telling the guy to screw off and leave you alone forever, but you wouldn’t cave. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about how amazing you are.

Scott: (Kisses Derek’s cheek). You sure those goosebumps aren’t from what we did in the dressing room before this interview.

Beck: Oh, do tell!

Derek: Scott! Let’s keep it PG for at least five minutes.

Beck: I knew there was a reason I called you Downer Derek growing up.

Derek: What? You never called me…whatever, you want to hear about what happened, fine. Go for it, Scott.

Scott: (Snapping his gaze back and forth between Derek and Beck) Uh, how about you ask your next question, Beck.

Beck: Fine. But you better spill once this interview is over. Derek, why don’t you tell me what you love about Scott. And Babe, keep it to two minutes or less.

Derek: (Scowls, then smiles) Scott comes off as low-key and controlled to the outside world, but deep down he’s filled with passion and fiercely defends the people who matter most to him. Being with him makes me feel like I’m the most special person in the world. I mean, right from the beginning, it felt like he could see right into my soul. Like he knew how much I needed to finally come out as who I am for the world to see. As much as he didn’t want to at first, he never stood in my way. His unwavering support is one of the things I love about him. Then there’s the everyday stuff. He’s constantly touching me, giving me private glances when we’re around other people, texting me with goofy messages. You know, just constantly showing me that he’s thinking about me. 

Scott: Derek gives me too much credit. Everything he’s just said isn’t even an effort for me. Being there for him. Thinking about him. Standing behind him with whatever he needs. It’s as easy as breathing. Before I met him, I didn’t know what it meant to count on anything. I moved around, as you know, because Dad had to transfer so much. And Dad was always hard, holding me to unreachable expectations and withholding emotions of any kind. Basically, I felt like I was floating through life until Derek anchored me. And his way with people, how he can’t resist helping others in need, I fall in love with him all over again every day just by watching the amazing things he does.

Beck: (Wiping a tear from her eye) Aw, you two are so damn cute. So, this new book about you, Wrestling With Hope, why is it called that? I mean, I get the other three Wrestling With Desire, Wrestling With Love, and Wrestling With Passion. I mean look at you two. You can’t keep your pants on long enough to get ready for an interview. Why is this one focused on hope?

Scott: Well, one thing that stuck with me from spending all this time with Dad is that hope has power. It’s scary to hope, because when you do, there’s a chance you won’t get what you want and that can be crushing. But if you never wish for something, hope for it, yearn for it, then are you really living? Life is all about taking chances. Hell, Derek took one hell of a chance by tying himself to someone like me.

Derek: Quit it, Scott.

Scott: Kidding. Jeez, so serious.

Beck: Don’t worry, I’ll kick him in his nuts later.

Derek: All right. All right. Go on.

Scott: Anyways, like I was saying, I had very low expectations about seeing my dad again. But the more time I spent with him, I discovered a light beginning to grow inside me. This piece of myself which always felt like I was unlovable because Dad never showed me love, was like an empty hole in my heart. Derek filled most of the empty space, but nothing can completely erase a lifetime of rejection from a person who is supposed to love you unconditionally. And as that light grew, I began to realize that the emptiness had shrunk and I began to believe I could heal from the damage of growing up if I managed to get past my own resentment and let Dad in. Wrestling With Hope seems like a perfect title for this one, because that’s exactly what I did. Without it, I never would have given Dad a chance.

Beck: Oh, Scotty. I love you so much and am so happy you finally realize how amazing you are.

Derek: (Snuggling closer to Scott) Me too.

Beck: So, let’s get back to the sexy stuff. Derek, what’s Scott like in bed. I mean we’ve all seen that huge package he can’t hide no matter how baggy his shorts are.

Derek: Well, you know I’m not gonna answer that here, but if you read the first chapter of the new book, Scott kinda ravages me right away. I’m sure you’ll find your answer there.

Beck: Oh boo. I guess I’ll have to purchase my copy right now. That’s all the time we have. (Puts down notepad). Now, about what happened in the dressing room. 

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Character Interview With the Parents from A Tangled Legacy by Mickie B. Ashling + Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hi all! Mickie B. Ashling here. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to stop by and share an excerpt of my newest release, A Tangled Legacy. The idea for this novel started after I finished the prequel, Once Upon A Mattress, which was included in the Once Upon A Rainbow Anthology, Volume I. It was my first foray into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, and I had so much fun I decided to write a longer piece. Although A Tangled Legacy is technically a sequel, I consider it to be a spinoff, and it can definitely be read as a standalone. The good news for those who are interested in reading the short story is that my wonderful publisher has decided to include it as bonus content if you purchase the paperback of A Tangled Legacy.  

Now stick around with an interview with the parents – Errol, The Duke of Maitland, and His Royal Highness, Prince Sebastian (Bash)!


Mickie: Your highness, thank you taking the time to see me. How does it feel to be celebrating twenty-five years of marital bliss?

Bash: It seems like yesterday when Errol and I were walking down the aisle.

Errol: Bash, ye ken old people are the ones who start sentences with ‘It seems like yesterday.’

Bash: Aren’t you feeling your age when you see grownup Colin?

Errol: Aye, but I’m happy to be alive.

Bash: Well, there’s that, of course. And you wouldn’t be sitting here in the peak of health if I hadn’t insisted you quit smoking.

Errol: Rest on your laurels and stop the infernal bragging.

Bash: Do you mean nagging?

Errol: That goes without saying.

Bash: Sorry, Mickie. I didn’t mean to derail the conversation. Please proceed.

Mickie: I understand there have been some developments in Prince Colin’s personal life.

Errol: Our lad is getting married soon.

Bash: Not for another year, Errol. A lot can change in twelve months.

Mickie: Are you anticipating any problems, your highness?

Bash: Life is unpredictable. Just because Colin is next in line doesn’t mean he’s immune to the ups and downs of relationships.

Mickie: Surely he’s got better odds with such a distinguished fiancé. Alain de Gris has a stellar reputation, and I understand he’s extremely devoted to Prince Colin.

Errol: Aye, Alain is a good man. But there’s the operative word, ye ken. He’s unable to bear the requisite heir.

Mickie: I see.

Bash: I’m glad somebody does! Alain and Colin are convinced they’ll change the law of the land and have a child via surrogate.

Mickie: That seems to be a sensible plan.

Bash: It’s never been done before.

Errol: That doesn’t mean it can’t be done now.

Bash: As much as I love my son, and want him to have a shot at happiness, he has to face facts.

Errol: Colin has never met a challenge he can’t overcome.

Bash: You are aiding and abetting by encouraging him to dream.

Errol: Wasn’t it Ghandi who said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Bash: Do you see what I’m up against, Mickie? The same stubborn streak that runs through the duke is firmly entrenched in Prince Colin. They’ll drive me to drink.

Errol: If you would stop thinking like establishment, and join Alain and Colin’s campaign for reform, you might be less miserable.

Bash: I am the establishment!

Errol: Precisely. Stuck in your ways like an octogenarian instead of a man in his prime.

Bash: How dare you!

Errol: I’m the only one who can talk any sense into you. Get on board or nurse your ulcer until you bleed out.

Mickie: It seems like I’ve brought up a sore subject. Why don’t we talk about something more entertaining like the upcoming masquerade ball?

Bash: Sounds like a good idea.

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Character Interview with Oisin Harrison and Trenton Fisher from Waking Oisin by Grace Kilian Delaney + Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here at The Blogger Girls celebrating my new release Waking Oisin. In Waking Oisin, both characters discover what they once held important is no longer working in their lives. As they face this realization, they struggle to find romance and their happy for now ending.

Interview with Oisin Harrison and Trenton Fisher

Grace Kilian Delany: Hi guys and thanks for answering some questions today.

Oisin Harrison: Always happy to help out.

Trent Fisher: (turns to Oisin) You’re so sweet. (To GKD) Thanks for having us here.

GKD: Oisin, first off, can you tell everyone about your unique name and how it’s pronounced?

Oisin: Sure thing. And no one says it right, so… It’s pronounced kinda like ocean, only Oh-sheen. There’s some funky accent on the second i in Gaelic, which leads to the origin of my name. It comes from the Irish myth of Oisín and the Land of Eternal Youth. Mom liked the name, but the myth? It’s really sad. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to read it. It’s on YouTube, too. Such a sad ending.

GKD: Good thing you got your happy ending.

Trent: I’d say he got his happy ending.

Oisin: (blushing) Rude!

GKD: You had to go there? Anyway. Let’s dive into some other questions. Now that you’ve gotten some time together, what are some issues that have come up that you hadn’t expected?

Trent: That’s easy. This man hogs all the blankets.

Oisin: I do not.

Trent: You do too. He pulls them off me and then wraps himself in them like a cocoon. And then the dog! I love Maggie, but she likes to climb in the bed so I’ve got no blanket and a big black lab curled up next to me instead of my sexy boyfriend.

GKD: Sounds like grounds for couple’s therapy. Got anything to say to that Oisin?

Oisin: Nope. Trent is perfect in every way. There’s not anything at all that I (bursts out in laughter) Okay, so that’s not true. He has this weird thing about food. The meat—and don’t get me started on the fact he eats meat—has to go at the bottom of the plate and the carbs and veggie on the top. I guess it’s not a major issue, but just something I hadn’t expected.

GKD: That leads me to my next question. Both are you are animal lovers. Trent, your sisters own a veterinary clinic in Las Vegas, and Oisin you’re an animal activist and studying to become a veterinarian. Do you have any advice for people who are looking to adopt?

Trent: Let me add a disclaimer that none of us, including this wonderful blog site, endorses any particular organization before we get into that answer.

Oisin: Always the lawyer…

Trent: According to ASPCA, over 3.6 million animals enter animal shelters every year in the US. I understand that adopting a shelter animal can be intimidating for some, and if that’s the case, turn to rescue groups. The volunteers at good rescue group will be able to give you a feel for the animal’s disposition and help you determine if you and the animal are a good match.

Oisin: And look into pet insurance when you get your pet. Or if you are having a hard time paying vet bills, there are organizations that help people do that so you can keep your baby healthy.

GKD: Thank you guys and best to the both of you! I’m sure we’ll be chatting again soon. Continue reading

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Character Interview with Jackson Jablonic & Evan Goodwyn from Bleeding Like Me by Riley Parks + Giveaway!

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Interview with Jackson Jablonic & Evan Goodwyn

My name is Riley Parks and I’m the author of Bleeding Like Mea romance novel about Jackson Jablonic and Evan Goodwyn, two men in rival street gangs who fall in love. I’m lucky to be joined by these antiheroes today.

Riley Parks: Thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me to talk all things Bleeding Like Me.

Jackson Jablonic: Antiheroes, huh?

Evan Goodwyn: Guess she’s not down for us like she said she was when she started writing the book.

JJ: Guess not.

RP: In all fairness, you guys have done some questionable things in the past, and some things are blatantly wrong. It’s not that you aren’t likable. I like you…

JJ: What do you say about motherfuckers you don’t like then?  

EG: Shit.

RP: Do you want to be heroes? Role models?

JJ: First, that’s two questions. We told you we’d answer five, and you’re going for two right from the jump.

RP: We could call it one.

EG: We could, but we won’t.

RP: Tough crowd.

EG & JJ: (crickets)

RP: All right (clears throat), do you want to be a hero, Jackson?

JJ: Would I get to fly and shit?

EG: That’d be pretty cool.

RP: I was thinking more an “everyday” hero, not so much a superhero.

JJ: The problem with you is you do too much thinking.

EG: Too much limiting really. I’d be down to be a superhero.

JJ: Do you write that kinda shit?

RP: I don’t. I like to focus on more realistic, true to life gritty stories, like yours.

EG: That sucks. Jack would look fucking hot in some superhero shit. That ass would be like, POW!

(all laughing)

JJ: Shut the fuck up.

RP: Me or Evan?

JJ: Both.

RP: Let’s move on. Role models. Do you want to be role models?

JJ: To who?

RP: To anyone.

JJ: That ship’s sailed, capsized and sank, so probably not.

EG: I’d like to be a role model.

RP: Yeah?

JJ: You would?

EG: (shrugs) Why not? Do you only get one chance to be an okay person? Two? What’s the limit?

RP: That’s not for us to decide, I guess. Maybe that’s a question for the reader.

JJ: I don’t give a shit what they say about it. If he wants to be a role model, they’re not gonna tell him that one day he can’t be.

RP: So maybe we don’t call you antiheroes anymore. What should we call you instead?

JJ: You’re the writer.

RP: How about works in progress?

EG: I like that.

JJ: Fine. You got three more questions to go.

RP: What was your favorite part of the book?

EG: I liked when you wrote about how I painted Jack.

JJ: I liked when you wrote about Evan’s dick.

EG: (rolls eyes) Really?!

JJ: That’s quality content right there.

EG: Do you regret interviewing us?

RP: (bites inside of mouth) Not at all. What about your least favorite part of the book?

JJ: You wrote about shit you shouldn’t have written about. That’s all we gotta say about that.

RP: (looks at Evan)

EG: That’s all we gotta say about that.

JJ: Last one. Make it good.

RP: What’s something you want readers to know about you that they may not have learned in the book?

JJ: I don’t want them to know anything else about me. They know too much already.

RP: Evan?

EG: I want them to know I’m trying to be a better person.

JJ: You’re doing fine, Evan.

EG: (shrugs) It is what it is.

RP: Thanks for talking with me.

JJ: We done here?

RP: We’re done.

JJ: Thank fuck. Continue reading

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Character Interview with Anthony & Walter from In Over Our Heads by CJane Elliott + Giveaway!

Blogger_Character_Interview copy

Character Interview with Anthony & Walter from In Over Our Heads

Hi, everyone! I’m thrilled to be here at The Blogger Girls celebrating In Over Our Heads, my new release. In Over Our Heads is a second chance romance for Anthony and Walter—two guys who seem total opposites but truly complete each other.

I thought it would be fun to ask the guys some questions today.

What is your biggest fear?

Anthony: Besides a bad hair day? Okay, I’ll get serious. Total destruction of the world because of the baby-man currently in the White House. That was too serious – I really can’t go there without screaming. So, here’s one: I do fear anything bad happening to Walter. Now that we’re finally together I intend to be with him until we’re ol and toothless and dozing off in our twin Barcaloungers.

Walter: Not being who I want to be for Anthony.

Anthony: I thought we talked about that and you were giving that up!

Walter: It’s still there, though. But now it motivates me. Nothing bad’s going to happen to me and I’m going to spend my life making sure you don’t regret being with me.

Anthony: Aww. You’re the sweetest.

What is your most prized possession?

Anthony: That’s easy! The conch shell that Walter found when he first moved to Key West. He kept it as a sign that he was doing the right thing in totally reinventing his life—his Life 2.0, as he calls it. And then, when we were apart again, he sent it to me with a note that he was working on Life 3.0—his new life with me. Soooo romantic!

Walter: I’d have to say the sketch Anthony made of me and Melissa, a little girl we know. It was in the Daily Grind, our local coffee shop, during the time Anthony was here for his vacation and we’d run into each other again after 12 years. I’ve always loved Anthony’s talent as an artist.

Anthony: Now you’re making me blush.

What do you enjoy doing on your day off?

Anthony: Now that I’m a fulltime artist living in Key West, I feel like every day is a day off! On a typical day I paint, go for a walk or a bike ride with Walter, and then we take out the boat for snorkeling and watching the sunset. I have the best life ever.

Walter: What Anthony said. Only instead of painting I check in at the bar and the dive shop I own to make sure things are running smoothly. I also enjoy cooking so I usually go to the market to see what’s fresh. And Anthony didn’t mention Boston—we spend quite a bit of time there with Anthony’s foundation for disadvantaged and LGBT kids.

Anthony: That’s right! We basically have two lives—here and Boston. Boston is usually pretty busy and sometimes intense, with the work we’re doing for the kids, so I’m always glad to get back to Key West. I love chilling on our deck and watching the stars. You’ll have to let Walter tell you about the stars some day.

Walter: Like I told Anthony, it’s something most people learned in 7th grade—

Anthony: —but the way you tell it is so poetic! It makes me want to swoon and jump your bones at the same time!

Walter: Um. I guess we’re done with this interview, right? Anthony and I have… things to do.

Anthony: Very naughty things! See you all later!


About In Over Our Heads

Anthony Vallen is the life of any party. Full of energy and fun, Anthony adores romance and enjoys playing matchmaker for his friends while dancing the night away with a series of Mr. Right Nows. But he’s given up on his own happy ending. A bad breakup years ago made him a secret cynic about love… until he runs into Walter Elkins—the boy who broke his teenaged heart—on a scuba-diving vacation in Key West. Suddenly, Anthony’s reasons for shunning romance no longer hold much water. Being with Walter again forces Anthony to get serious—about himself, his worth, and his heart’s desires.

Brilliant and self-contained, scientist Walter Elkins prefers deep thoughts to other people. He’s a good boss and a model citizen, but Walter doesn’t let anyone get close. After a tragedy drove him out of his science career, Walter landed in Key West and became owner of a dive shop and a bar. Things are fine until Anthony Vallen—the only person who ever penetrated his defenses—shows up, and Walter’s calm, controlled life capsizes. He and Anthony have a second chance for love, but Walter must confront the old fears that threaten to torpedo their happiness.

Available at: Dreamspinner PressAmazon


An Excerpt from In Over Our Heads

The door burst open, and Sophia sailed in with my morning cappuccino. She was humming under her breath and had that telltale postsex glow about her. I tried not to hate her too much.

“What’re you doing in here with me, doll? Don’t you have a sexy dive instructor to entertain?”

“She had to leave early.” Sophia handed me the mug. “She’s taking her group out on the ocean dive too, and she had to go to Back Bay to get the boat ready.”

I took a restorative sip of cappuccino. “Ahh. Well, I hope you didn’t tire her out too much last night. Or vice versa.” I winked at her, even though I didn’t feel very winky.

“Guilty on both our parts, I’m afraid.” Sophia smirked, then perched on the side of my bed. “Can we talk more about what’s going on with you and Walter?”

“Going on?” I blinked and buried my nose in the cup. “I mean, I told you guys last night. What more do you need to know?”

“Whatever it’ll take to help you and him figure yourselves out, because second chances like this don’t come around often.”

“God, not you too. You and Jonny need to start a group for incurable romantics.”

She straightened, her dark eyes snapping with intensity. “Caro! You’re the one who talks about destiny. This is your destiny!” Continue reading

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Character Interview with Ev and Adam from Bare by Lynn Kelling + Giveaway!

Blogger_Character_Interview copy

Interview with Ev and Adam from Bare

Lynn: Evelyn. Adam. Thank you both for speaking with us today. How has all of the recent publicity been affecting you?

Ev: You can just call me Ev.

Adam: Evelyn is fine, Lynn. Trust me. I don’t think the publicity has affected us much, other than giving us reasons to focus on other things, like work.

Lynn: Ev, do you agree with that?

Ev: Yeah, I do. I haven’t really been paying much attention to the press, or even my own email or social media accounts, especially after everything happened. After I said my part, I felt like the fallout wasn’t really about me anyway, but other people’s reactions. Sometimes it’s best to step back and let things play out without interfering. It’s been all about school for me. Granted, it is kind of difficult to ignore the attention when you’re actually appearing on Good Morning America, so there are some odd days.

Lynn: Let’s take this back a little. Pretend our readers today don’t know all of the juicy details of your story, haven’t seen Adam’s gorgeous paintings—they really were breathtaking—

Adam: Thanks Lynn, I try.

Lynn: Pretend they don’t even know your relationship to each other. Describe each other for me, and what you see in the other.

Ev: Oh no…

Adam: (laughs) Should I answer honestly?

Ev: No! Sorry. But no. Please God, no.

Adam: Should I answer as if I were a Senator’s son, filtering my every thought and feeling for mass consumption and dulling all of the rough, hard edges so no one is shocked or offended?

Ev: Yeah, that’d be much better.

Adam: Even though we’ve agreed truth is our friend?

Ev: See, Lynn, he does this thing where he answers questions with other questions, and it leads down some pretty fucked-up rabbit holes. Don’t fall for it. (clears his throat) So, I’ll start then. Adam Buchanan is… well, he’s colorful. I mean that both literally and figuratively. The fire-engine-red hair and the bright blue eyes. The paint splatters that are always covering his clothes and skin. But it’s in his personality too. He pushes people. Challenges them to think and face things they might never have without coaxing. He doesn’t play things safe and he’s not afraid to offend. I mean, he’s got the whole lawyer side to him too, so he does things in a really intelligent way. It’s always totally thought out. Almost disturbingly so. Anyway, it’s one of the things I liked about him right away, because I appreciated how unapologetic those qualities were. He was visually loud, and messy, and crossed lines I’ve always lived between.

Adam: So, I’m colorful? What does that make you?

Ev: Nope, not falling for it.

Adam: Lynn, I think my work describes Evelyn better than my words ever could.

Lynn: Well, then describe your work for us.

Ev: Oh, he can totally do that. He talks about his work constantly.

Adam: And what are you implying when you say that?

Ev: Are you just doing it on purpose now? I can’t tell. But I’ll answer that one to say that I meant you do self-promotion, which is a necessary part of your job, and something you’re rightfully passionate about.

Adam: And I’m not rightfully passionate about you?

Ev: (groans) Lynn, do you see what I’m dealing with here? It’s impossible not to fall for this crap. Should I answer Lynn’s question for you?

Adam: (pauses to look at Ev, then begins to speak) I’m a painter. I’m also an adjunct professor at Lehigh University, which is where Evelyn and I met. Lately, the focus of my work has been in exploring vulnerability in male sexuality in order to expose the ways our society attempts to force men into rigid gender roles that limit our opportunity to safely and comfortably express broader truths.

Ev: It’s a mouthful, isn’t it?

Adam: That’s what he said.

Lynn: And Ev, how do you factor into Adam’s work?

Ev: He paints me.

Adam: Among other things. Evelyn does inspire me in a wide variety of ways.

Lynn: Ev, does Adam inspire you too?

Ev: (smiles, falls quiet, bows his head)

Adam: (rests a hand on Ev’s knee and whispers) It’s okay, sweetheart. You don’t need to—

Ev: No, I do. It’s an important question. I just—

Adam: You’ve been through a lot. You don’t have to push yourself.

Ev: (struggles to speak and holds Adam’s hand) You have… no idea… how much Adam inspires me. He’s changed my whole life. And I know how corny that sounds, but to know how clearly he sees me, and everything he’s done in such a short time for someone he didn’t even know? The things that inspire Adam are really important. They are. They matter on a huge scale, but the ways Adam inspires me? That’s everything.

Lynn: I think we can see what you mean—both of you. Thank you for joining us today.

Adam: You’re welcome. (kisses Ev)


About Bare

32129904Ev Myers was looking for trouble when he signed up to do nude art modeling, but he wasn’t expecting this much trouble. All he’d wanted to do was rebel against the moral limits of his strict religious family and the PR requirements of his father’s senate seat. He saw how much bigger his world could be when Professor Adam Buchanan opened Ev to new passions and new experiences but when Ev’s family learned how far he had gone, they decided to resort to kidnapping and brainwashing to save their son from sin and scandal—even if it kills him.

Available at: Forbidden Fiction, Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Smashwords.


An Excerpt from Bare

“So does that mean you’ll do it?” Hope lingered in the question. Led by instinct, Ev found his answer.

“I think so. Yeah. I will. But…” How to say it? “What are you going to expect here? I’m guessing it’s not just posing.”

“It can just be posing, if that’s where your comfort level is.”

Thinking of his family and church, when he wished he wasn’t and was focused only on his own preferences instead, Ev fought not to get sidetracked by conditioning. What they thought about Ev posing for this man didn’t matter, or so he tried to tell himself.

“I’m not a prude or anything,” Ev clarified. “I was just… wondering. Like, would touching be involved?” The painting Adam had set out indicated one of his last models had been touched.

“Not without your permission.”

He imagined it without wanting to—being touched like the subject of that painting had been, by another man. It made a shiver race up Ev’s back. Folding his arms tighter, he squirmed.

“Would I need to be…” Ev exhaled, tripping on the next word, feeling mortified for even thinking it.

“Hard?” Adam guessed, maybe by reading into Ev’s body language, his arms wrapped around himself, his fingers rubbing his lips.


“You wouldn’t need to be, no. But, total honesty, I would be able to work with it if you were.”

Ev blew out a breath. “How old are you?”

“Twenty-five. You?”

“Almost twenty.”

“Okay. No pressure, Ev. If this doesn’t work for you, you can bail at any time. It’s okay. You won’t hurt my feelings.”

“You’re not gonna, like, put my name on these are you? Or tell people?”

“I’ll totally honor your privacy in whatever ways you request. I swear it. My work hinges on honesty. What happens here only leaves this space through the artwork. I do take reference photos, but I keep those locked up when I’m not using them.”

Ev hesitated, mostly because he really wanted to do it, and the realization scared him. It made him question his ability to make rational decisions. There were so many dangers here; he’d be crazy to stay.

Adam just waited, watching.

“I know what they pay at the school for the models,” Adam said, interrupting Ev’s indecision. “Twenty bucks an hour, right? Double that for your hourly rate when you sit for me, and that’s just to start. If this works out, I’ll increase the amount as we go.”

“Adam, that’s insane. I can’t take that much money from you for this.”

“I insist. I’m a professional, hiring you as a professional model. I’ll be photographing you, as I said, in addition to simply using you as a reference for my paintings. The rate I’m paying is not astronomical.”

“Really? Wow, maybe I should’ve just done this instead of go to school.”

Adam just raised an eyebrow at him, looking profoundly patient and equally as determined. “Well, you are suited for it, in my humble opinion, but an education is invaluable. I say do both.”

There was another pause, filled with tense anticipation.

Ev pulled off his jacket. Folding it over his arm, he said, “Okay.”

The idea of getting forty bucks an hour was ridiculously amazing, but that wasn’t what convinced him. It was the temptation—something he’d successfully resisted his whole life, and he was just plain exhausted by the effort. Maybe it was time to take a calculated risk.

“Okay,” Adam agreed. “If you’d feel more comfortable changing into a robe first…”

Steeling himself, Ev took a deep breath, then pulled his shirt over his head. Bare-chested, feeling his nipples stiffen, he said, “Kind of cold.”

“Right. Sorry,” Adam apologized. He pulled out his phone, tapped at it a few times and said, “There. The heat’ll take a moment to warm things up. I’ve got space heaters too.” Walking away, he emerged only a second later, wheeling a small heater up to a bed. Adam shifted the bed slightly under the lights overhead, then turned on a few professional looking large soft box boom lights, shifting them closer and angled to cast light on the bed. The heater was shifted even closer. The set-up was similar to various television and photography studio sets he’d visited as the Senator’s son—though without the bed and nudity—and the familiarity was comforting.

While Adam fussed with the arrangements, Ev unbuckled his jeans. It took a flare of courage before he was able to push them down, toeing off his sneakers and socks along with the pants. That left him only in snug, black, low-rise boxer briefs, the thin cotton straining to contain him even though he was completely flaccid. Needing warmth more than anything, Ev walked into the path of the space heater, rubbing his hands together, then rubbing his arms. Right away, he felt more comfortable and less tempted to run for cover.

Once Adam had things arranged to his liking, he finally turned around. His gaze swept down Ev’s body, then upward to his face. Ev tried to read into the look, or the thoughts behind it, but couldn’t.

“I’d like to do some sketches, maybe take some photos, just to see what’s working. It’ll probably take a while for me to narrow it down to one pose. Who knows, maybe I’ll start a few pieces at once. Are you sure you don’t want a glass of water or anything before we start?”

“Nah, I’m good. Um,” he reached for his briefs, stopped himself, then went ahead and hooked his thumbs under the waistband. He felt Adam watching as Ev slid the underwear off. By the time he’d stepped out of them, briefs wadded up in his hand, he was breathing harder. His balls drew up, his skin both hot and cold in places. It felt wrong on many levels, in ways it hadn’t in the classroom earlier that day.

But Adam wasn’t reacting in a negative way, or telling him to cover back up; he just kept scrutinizing the view of Ev’s body. “Would you rather lie down or sit to start?”

“Whatever you want.”

“Okay, then come lie down here,” he said, pointing to the bed. Ev shuffled over, fighting the urge to cover himself with his hands. “Are you okay with me using my hands to help position you? Be honest.”

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Okay. If you change your mind, just tell me.”

Ev sat on the edge of the bed, then lay back.

“Shift up the bed a little more.”

He slid upward. Adam’s hand touched Ev’s knee. “Relax your legs. Let them fall open.” Gentle pressure urged Ev’s legs apart. Ev thought his breathing sounded too loud in the quiet of the room. The light touch of Adam’s fingertips on the inside of Ev’s left knee sent a thrill to Ev’s cock. Inwardly, he groaned with dread, his tension reflecting in his expression.

“Bring your arms up so your hands are on either side of your head. Just relax them.” Adam arranged Ev’s hands, letting the fingers curl, and the back of his hand resting by his face. “Good. Keep your head turned to the side.” The curled fingers were by his eyes. His chest rose and fell, with each breath seeming to come quicker than the last.

Watching from the corner of his eye, he saw Adam draw a sheet over, letting the corner of it cover Ev’s stomach, keeping his chest and genitals exposed.

“Nice,” Adam murmured, his eyes everywhere, all over Ev. Ev got the sense that Adam had gone into his head, concentrating on his ideas and plans instead of judging Ev’s body in any way, which helped Ev stay calm. Adam went back to the supply cabinets along the wall and brought out a large camera with a long lens. He moved close again, bringing the camera up to his eye and adjusting the focus. The soft whir of the machinery was a pleasurable little sound, acting like a tickle over Ev’s cock.


About Lynn Kelling

Lynn Kelling began writing in order to tell stories that aren’t afraid of the dark, don’t hold anything back and always strive to be memorable, forging lasting attachments between character and reader. Her inspiration comes from taking a closer look at behaviors and ideas lurking at the fringes of life—basically anything that people may hesitate to speak of in mixed company, but everyone wonders about anyway. Her work is driven by the taboo in order to expose the humanity within it. Lynn is an artist, designer and lover of any form of creative self-expression that comes from a place of honesty and emotion, whether it’s body art or opera. She has had multiple novels published, has written over seventy works of erotic fiction of varying lengths, and always has several novels in progress.

Find out more about Lynn on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email her at


As part of this blog tour, Lynn is giving away an eBook copy of Bare! To enter, just click the link below!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

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Don’t forget to check out Just Jen’s review of Bare to see what she thought of it!

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Lee Parker from the Sixth Sense Series by Sarah Madison: Giveaway!

Blogger_Character_Interview copy

Lee Parker from the Sixth Sense Series

by Sarah Madison

Hi Sarah, welcome to The Blogger Girls! Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

I have a physically and emotionally demanding day job, so I like to have fun with my writing. Mysteries, sci-fi, paranormal, historicals, you name it. I love plot-driven romances, and finding out what my characters are made of, so I like sticking them in hot water and seeing how strong they are. Like tea bags, only sexier.

Character interview: Lee Parker from the Sixth Sense series

What do you find attractive in a man?

Frankly, I’m an ass man. Give me that little perfect peach of an ass every time. I can tell the difference between a runner, a soccer guy, and a baseball player. Ass and arms. Yeah, I like forearms, too.

The first thing that went through your head when you saw John Flynn:

Huh. The first thing I thought was that he was a panther in a room full of tabbies. He was walking through the airport, and he just had this presence, you know? Like everyone else was imitation spread and he was the real thing—rich, velvety, melt-in-your-mouth butter. Oh, wait. Did I say that out loud?

He had this dark messy hair that looked like it was being deliberately uncooperative, and a two-day stubble that should have looked unkempt on an FBI agent but on him it was hot as hell. I thought he was out of my league, and I kind of resented him for not only that, but being the hot shot agent coming in to consult on a case. It took something… ah… weird happening for us to start working together instead of fighting each other.

I know sometimes he feels like he’s been cursed, but honestly, if things hadn’t turned out the way they did, I’m not sure we’d ever have gotten together.

Do you think you’ll insist the author visits you again?

Oh yeah. We’re not done. There are too many loose ends left, too many unsolved mysteries. She left us hanging for a long time at first, but that’s because she’s a bit of a magpie—always the ‘new, shiny!’ with that one. Still, she’s been pretty reliable once you can get her attention, so I wouldn’t want to tell my story to anyone else.

Before you met (insert other character here), what was your ideal man?

I’m embarrassed to say this, but nothing like John. I thought the ideal man was witty and urbane, well-educated and with sophisticated tastes in the amenities of life: art, music, wine, and food. We’d go to galleries and the theater together, and host elegant parties in my apartment in San Francisco. John doesn’t drink, and thinks a weekend isn’t complete unless you come home muddy and wet. He prefers pizza to haute cuisine, and his idea of a nice evening is to marathon the X-Files.

The funny thing is, I had the ‘ideal man’ once. And he turned out to be a major jerk. John is learning to like my cooking and we both like Babylon 5. And the sex is amazing. So yeah, no complaints here.

You’re going out for dinner. What’s your favorite food?

Oh man, I’m not sure I can narrow it down. See, I love food. Nothing makes me happier than a piece of salmon, grilled to perfection, nestled on a bed of greens with just a hint of lemon. Potatoes whipped with cream cheese and garnished with parsley. Fresh, crusty bread, hot out of the oven and brushed with butter. A dense chocolate torte with a tart raspberry sauce dribbled over it, the bite of the sauce mixing perfectly with the sweet of the chocolate to explode on your taste buds…

I love sushi too. So give me your unagi makizushi, maguro sushi, tako sushi, California rolls, you name it, I’ll try it. The food in San Francisco is fantastic, and I love eating out at great restaurants. I think Anthony Bourdain has my dream job.

Also, I’m from the South, so at Thanksgiving you’ll find me roasting a 20 pound turkey with stuffing. There’ll be mashed potatoes and candied yams, and green beans cooked all day long on the stove with a little sugar and some fatback. There’ll be ham biscuits, and yeast rolls, and corn pudding. I’ll make my granny’s world-famous sausage balls (I’m the only one who knows her secret recipe) and there will be pumpkin pie along with Red Velvet cake, too.

Sometimes, though, there’s nothing that can beat a great big cheeseburger: a slab of meat on a sesame seed bun, layered with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo and served up with a plate of crinkle cut fries and ketchup. Pour me an ice-cold Coke to go along with it, and I’m in heaven.

I grew up in a rather cold house raised by a hard woman. When my mamma kicked me out, I moved in with granny. She taught me to cook, and I guess it’s no wonder I equate food with love.


About Truth and Consequences

26720561When FBI agent Jerry Lee Parker wakes from a coma after a murderous attack on his life, he has no memory of his immediate past. In the blink of an eye, he has gone from having a nearly photographic memory to recalling nothing of the last six months of his life, including his partner and lover, John Flynn. While Lee tries to reboot his past and reconnect with John, there are events at play around him he doesn’t understand. John is keeping secrets from him, secrets that could get them both killed.

Matters come to a head when Lee is hounded to turn over a mysterious artifact, of which he has no knowledge. The two men wind up in a fight for their lives as they risk everything to keep the powerful relic out of the hands of a ruthless killer. In order to protect those he loves, however, John may be forced to make a deal with the devil.

Available at: Dreamspinner Press and Amazon


About Sarah Madison

Sarah Madison is a veterinarian with a big dog, an even bigger horse, too many cats, and a very patient boyfriend. She is a terrible cook, and concedes that her life would be easier if Purina made People Chow. She writes because it is cheaper than therapy.

Find out more about Sarah on her Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!


As part of this blog tour, Sarah is giving away E-copy of ‘Unspeakable Words’ – Book one in the series!! To enter, just click the link below!

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Don’t forget to check out Ami’s review of Truth & Consequences to see what she thought of it!

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Honorary Blogger Edmond Manning: Secondary Characters Speak Out About Burning Man + Character Interview & Giveaway!


Secondary Characters Speak Out About Burning Man

by Edmond Manning

My latest release in The Lost and Founds series, King John, introduces a few secondary characters, all attendees of Burning Man in the year 2002. We see bits of their stories through their interactions with narrator, Vin Vanbly, but a few of them have intriguing insights about Burning Man and what drives people to attend.

These voices might be worth hearing.

Meet Helena and Alan, a mid-twenties couple who have attended Burning Man for a number of years. He’s blond and a little sunburned, but who isn’t this week at Burning Man? This mighty and naughty festival in the desert boasts incredible costumes, mutant cars, and the craziness of people who gather to worship the sun and themselves. Helena is his girlfriend, and she walks the playa like a black goddess, turning the heads of men and women alike. Back home, she works as a costume designer for a university drama department.

John is possibly the same age as Helena and Alan and wants a career as a musician, but to be on the safe side, he’s getting a degree in pharmaceuticals. Lots of jobs in that market. But attending Burning Man is freeing for him, a reminder his life isn’t locked up in a pill box, unless he wants it to be. Last year was his first year as a burner, and he loved it.

And Michelle, who—well, Michelle speaks for herself. Best not to give her an introduction. She’d only criticize it.

<<<  >>>

How many times have you been to Burning Man?

Alan: This is my fifth year and Helena’s third.

Helena: Actually, babe, it’s my fourth and your sixth.

Alan: Right. I forgot about the year it rained.

John: My second year. I was a burgin last year, which is what you call someone who is attending their virgin year. But that’s not me this year.

Michelle: My first time. Although I don’t like the word burgin. Don’t call me that.

And what brought you back to Burning Man? Or for Michelle, what brought you here for the first time?

Helena: We love it. As a costume designer, I come for inspiration. And these people are doing fabulous things on the cheap. I learn how to do things on a budget from everybody here.

Alan: Uh, and it’s fun, right, honey? Fun? Honey? She doesn’t like it when I call her honey.

Helena (laughing): I only dislike it when you’re so phony about it, you fucking fake.

Alan (laughing): Also, we have more sex out here than we do at home.

Helena: True. But it can get boring out here. Sometimes sex is all there is.

Alan: Gee. Thanks.  

Michelle: Gross. By the way, you look fabulous. I love those necklaces. They’re all fake gold, right?

Helena (laughs): Thank you. And no comment.

John: I came—

Michelle:  Kisses, girl.

John: I came this year because last year was amazing. I had such a great time. We didn’t get the exact same crew back this year, but I’m sure it’s gonna be a blast. We love hanging out together, me and my camp. We never get enough of it in the real world and so out here, we really get to spend time together. It’s amazing.

Michelle: Me? Oh, I dunno. I came because I was bored.

How would you describe Burning Man to someone who had never been here?

Alan: I would describe it as a wild party in the desert. A chance to get outside of civilization and remember freedom. It’s insane out here. Even with all the electronics and fire and parties, the best part is the people.

Helena: This is why I love you. I know you’re obsessed with the electronics, the fire gadgets and everything, but you still said the best part is the people. Love you, babe.

Alan: I love you too. And I want to be clear that I don’t mind being used for sex, even if it’s just because you’re bored.

Helena: I’m never going to live that down, am I?

Alan (smiling): No, ma’am.

Helena: If I promise we can do something kinky later today, will that help you forget?

Alan (grinning): Yes, ma’am.

Michelle: This place is boring as hell. You go and look at art stuff. Big deal. Also, it’s very sandy in the desert. Or powdery. Whatever.

John: Burning Man is where you go when you need to challenge yourself and also remember there’s more to life than studying and tests and a good credit score. This is what matters. Life. You come out here and you let life get into your skin, and when you—

Michelle: It gets in your butt crack. The sand.

John: It’s worth it. Even with the sand.

Alan: It is.

What’s your favorite costume?

John: I gotta be honest, I do not mind seeing a scantily clad Sparkle Pony. I do not mind that at all. I don’t mind saying it. They like the respectful attention.

Alan: Last year, Helena wore—

Helena: Well, aren’t you the flatterer. I was serious. We can do something kinky.

Alan: Good. So, she wore this golden—

Helena:  Don’t tell that story. I was fat. Pick another costume.

Alan: Um, okay. How about I also say Sparkle Ponies just to make it easy.

Helena: Sparkle Ponies? Why’d you pick them?

Alan (grimacing): I do not see any winning way out of this conversation.

Michelle: There’s a lot of costumes, okay? But I want to get off my chest that I don’t think you’re a good interviewer. You haven’t asked anything we weren’t expecting. I mean, what do you like about Burning Man? It’s lame.

Alan: Chill out. It’s the third question.

Michelle:  Thanks for the advice, frat boy. If it’s okay with you, I’m not gonna not listen to a guy who puts product in his hair in the desert. I mean, this is supposed to be an interview. Ask us something evocative. Interesting. C’mon. Get interesting.

Michelle, how old are you?

Michelle: How old do I look?

John: Only chicks in their teens ask that question. She’s not even twenty. Bet you a hundred bucks.

Alan: No, she’s gotta be twenty three. She talks like she’s from Vassar, and she just finished her first philosophy class last semester. Nothing but attitude.

Michelle: What’s a Vassar?

Helena: I’m with John. Michelle looks like she’s nineteen. Maybe. And my favorite costume is something we saw a day ago, this cute little family dressed as Star Wars characters, with their water cooler fitted out to look like R2D2. Next question.

What’s the hardest part of dealing with being away from civilization for over a week?

Helena: I won’t lie. I’m addicted to email. Who would have known by 2002 people would get addicted to answering email and making sure their Inbox was clean, right? I mean, how much worse could it get than that? I miss clicking Send.

Alan: Carpet. I forget how soft and good it feels under your feet. Nothing but hot sand here. I miss carpet.

John: Taking a normal dump on my own toilet.

Michelle: You guys are pathetic. Carpet and a dump? But the real problem is the questions being asked. You’re not taking chances. You’ve got to risk more in this life if you want more in this life, and your questions are lame. Ask something better.

What’s your favorite Burning Man food?

Helena: This is going to sound disgusting, but beef jerky. I would never eat that at home. But I relish it here. I don’t know why I never crave it—

Michelle:  Okay, see, this is what I am talking about. Sorry, girlfriend. I had to cut you off. This is lame. Everybody’s going to have different foods they prefer and someone says pretzels and someone else says, chips. Who cares? Nobody. You should ask people what feelings they feel the strongest, something that matters, not whether or not you like Twinkies.

Alan: I love Twinkies. I’d eat a Twinkie right now. I want one.

John: Me, too. Love Twinkies.

Alan (holds out fist): Dude. Fist bump.

(The gentlemen fist-bump.)

Michelle: Oh my god. You boys and your jock games. Fist bump. Ask something real. Get to the truth of things, man.

Okay, Michelle. Let’s get to the truth of things. No way you’re twenty-three. What’s your real age?

Michelle:  You know what? This interview bores me. I’m leaving. Also, where do I get food in Black Rock City? Like, a convenience store or something?

Alan: You are kidding me.

Michelle (shrugging): I left in a hurry. I packed light.

Alan: You are a total Sparkle Pony. I’m changing my favorite costume back to Helena in the golden wings, her ancient Greek costume. I pick that. Even if she was fat that year.

Helena:  Excuse me? Fat? Did you just call me fat?

Alan (bewildered):  But you said…you said you were—

Helena: There goes the kinky thing I promised.

Alan: Well, shit.

John:  I’m twenty-five. Well, I’ll be twenty-five in two months. That’s my real age.

Michelle:  You’re a terrible interviewer. Someone point me toward the nearest Coke machine. Also, I need some quarters.


About King John

26195309English attorney Alistair Robertson can’t quite believe an astonishing tale of kingship and transformation he hears at Burning Man, the annual counter-culture art festival in the Black Rock desert. Who are the Found Kings? Is “being kinged” as magical as it sounds?

Determined to find the mysterious garage mechanic named Vin who helps men “remember who they were always meant to be,” Alistair catches his quarry amid the extravagant sculptures, fire worshipers, mutant cars, and lavish costumes. After searching for three years, he’ll finally get to ask the question burning inside him: “Will you king me?”

Wandering together through the desert, Vin Vanbly and Alistair explore Burning Man’s gifting culture and exotic traditions, where they meet the best and worst of their fellow burners. Alistair’s overconfidence in Vin’s manipulative power collides with Vin’s obsessive need to save a sixteen-year-old runaway from a nightmarish fate, and the two men spiral into uncontrollable, explosive directions.

In this fourth adventure of The Lost and Founds, beneath the sweltering summer sun and the six billion midnight stars, one truth emerges, searing itself on their hearts: in the desert, everything burns.

Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Nobleblogger_bee_trans

About Edmond Manning

Edmond Manning is the author of the romance series, The Lost and Founds. The books in this series include King Perry, King Mai (a 2014 Lambda Literary finalist), The Butterfly King, and King John. King John takes place at Burning Man.


As part of this blog tour, Edmond is giving away an eBook copy of King John!! To enter, just click the link below!

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Don’t forget to check out Gyn’s review of King John to see what she thought of it!

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Character Interview with Ben from Ben’s Wolf Surprise by Bronwyn Heeley: Excerpt + Giveaway!

Blogger_Character_Interview copy

Character Interview with Ben

Why am I here?

‘Cause you’re the main character of this little book, that’s why

(Ben humped) It’s not the best day for me. I’ve been up most the night with heartburn. I’m tired and grumpy.

Okay, we’ll make this quick then.

(Nodding) Ok, so what is it you want to know?

How did you meet Shad?

That’s stupid, you’ve have already read that.

Not necessary, some people won’t even know it’s out. Others will be waiting for it to come out on Amazon.

(He rolls his eyes) I met him at a night club, we had an awesome night (and with that stupid love sick look on his face you understand) and then I left. Only he decided he wanted me to take something of his with him.

Like really, why these werewolves didn’t know this shit about themselves. I can’t honestly be the first one this has happened to over the last decade or so. They’d have to have known this could happen.

And for clarification…

I’m effing pregnant! Like…okay we aren’t completely sure how I am able to become this way, that’s for book 2 but it definitely has something about my ancestry and what changes in our bodies when we are mated to a werewolf. Because that’s what happened. While I was up in that room thinking, ‘oh this is a nice once in a life time shag’, the wanker was mating with me.

And so I go home like I would with any other one nighter only to feel like I’ve left something behind which wasn’t really correct, was it, apparently I actually took something.

Though I did miss Shad I don’t really think I ever connected that because I got sick, really sick and that became misery which was all I could think about.

I guess though if I was a girl I’d have automatically thought to grab a pregnancy test but…I’m not. Yet here I am pregnant…

(There’s a pause)

It’s something to get used to.

Anyway (Ben sighed) it’s all in the book. You can probably tell I don’t deal with it well, but there some more shit too. The heaven’s or whoever it is that messes with our lives felt I needed some excitement and by gods am I going to get it!

Next question (his eyebrows go up, asked along with his mouth)

Ah… um…(rustles papers) What are your thoughts on mating with Shad—and I mean if you weren’t dealing with being pregnant would you still want him? Want this?

(Ben sighs, his hand run against his stomach, his eyes get that moony glow to them) Shad’s a hunk. Big and strong and growly—which makes sense if you think about it, but I was drinking that night and like every other human in this day and age. I turned a blind eye. I Had no idea I was dancing in a known werewolf zone. It was there home, which, if you want to take notes, is 101 in telling if you’re dealing with a werewolf. He parties on home turf, he growls when he’s f***ing.

Okay, well, I’ve sexed a lot of men who growl when horny, it’s kinda my kink (he winks).

He’s a doll tho, makes you blush just by looking at you, then holds the door open and gives you kisses when you pass him.

Or was that a dream???

Are you living with him now?

Gotta there’s no way Shad could be that far away from me or his kid, and let’s face it, unless I want to be splattered all over the news I can’t let people see me. and if I stay at my home then I’d wouldn’t be able to leave and what kinda life is that.

The guys have all be great though. I’m having a blast getting to know them all. And if I look at them in a certain way, or I sigh real sadly they jump and get me everything I could ever need.

Maybe it’s not so bad being pregnant (he laughs)

At least not when you want something and can’t be bothered moving

(Again that laughed, I want to keep it on his face, it lights him up) or have someone else go out and get me something that’s not in the fridge.

Speaking of food, have you had any unusual cravings?

(Creases bunch up between his brows) not really. I’ve been too sick to want to really eat anything. Honestly the smell of toast would get my stomach wanting to visit my tonsils. And even though it seems that need has died down, now if I’m not visiting the porcelain gods my chest is burning up like a mother****er.

Apparently spoke… shit – gotta….sorry… (and off Ben ran, his hand covering his mouth, apparently the vomiting wasn’t over with yet)



About Ben’s Wolf Surprise

Second Pack of Cameron 1There’s something unsettling in having to tell a one-night stand that you’re pregnant with his child. When you yourself are a man, it gets…let’s call it complicated.

Available at: Amazon


An Excerpt from Ben’s Wolf Surprise

Ben rushed to the toilet, sliding into the bowl as he slipped on the bathmat. His fingers hurt as he smacked them into the porcelain moments before he spilled his guts out into the bowl.

His retching, the splash of liquid hitting water and the sting in his eyes were the only thing on his mind as he tried to get the poison out of him so that he could stop being sick. He really needed to stop being sick.

Please can someone make it stop.

Ben took a breath as he slowly straightened himself up. Hoping his stomach was over this burst. He grabbed at a handful of toilet paper and used it to blow his noise before he whipped his mouth and threw the clump into the bowl as he got to his feet. His head stayed on level, hanging over the bowl as he waited. A second, a minute, he didn’t want to stand, he didn’t want to be looking down at the bowl, but it was hard, these moments of calm.

Flushing, Ben stood over the sink, washed his face and mouth out before he grabbed at his toothbrush and started on his teeth. He couldn’t stand the taste, couldn’t deal with the fact that he’d spewed and even though he’d be here again, going over the same routine, like he had six times since last night. He needed to feel clean and without getting in the shower, his teeth were the next best thing.

Ben shuffled his way back into the bedroom then looked around. He didn’t feel that bad at that moment. Queasy, yeah, because of the recent spewing. But on the whole, his head wasn’t hurting, his body wasn’t aching and he didn’t have a temp. He was just vomiting, had been just vomiting for a week and a half now.

Ben did not understand why it was happening. He’d even been to the hospital about it and they sent him home after nearly a day on an IV and all tests coming back clean. He did not have food poisoning or gastro issues. He did not have fucking anything and the fact that he hadn’t spewed at the hospital itself hadn’t help, just got him home quicker.

He’d felt like a fool. Therefore, he kept it all to himself even though the sickness didn’t seem to be passing, didn’t seem to be anything even as he kept on doing it.

He drank as much as he could and he did seem to keep a lot of the water down. He even managed to eat a bit every now and then. Not as much as he’d normally consume but enough to say he’d eaten.

Smells seemed to be a big trigger. And the fact that he lived in a shitty apartment block meant there were a lot of them, at all different times. Each smell different from the next, nothing he could really track.

Breakfast was okay, toast and tea even, but any small waft of coffee and he’d be running to the toilet. The oily mechanic sweaty smell didn’t sit well with him either, which was weird, as it happened to be his favourite smell on a man.

Animal’s…he could not do them at all. Could not stand that animally smell they had, a smell he’d never really noticed until this last week. Dogs were the worst, they reeked in a way that got Ben backing away as quickly as he could. If one touched him, brushed against his hand, his body…well the last time it happened he was at his neighbour’s feet. Luckily, Daniel had been nice enough to wash away the evidence from the front steps.

Odder still was the fact that it took him four times under scolding water to wash the dog’s smell off him and he’d not been able to rest until he did. Could not sit still until it was clearly away.

A knock sounded around his apparent before Ben had made it to bed. He looked out towards the front of his apartment, even if all he saw from his position was the open bedroom door.


About Bronwyn Heeley

AuthorPicBronwyn was always the ‘wait until the movie comes out’ kinda girl. This was because reading wasn’t her strongest point; the only books she was able to read were Baby Sitter Club: Little Sister and Paul Jennings anthologies

Add a 2yr old and another on the way, she needed a hobby, which she found in reading. Picking up a book opened a whole new world to her, one she never thought she’d ever be able to enter.

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Q&A with Phillip Hill and Character Interview with Marcus and Toby from Portal to Logres

Interview Banner

Philiip Ambrose had just published his first novel, “Portal to Logres” through Wilde City Press. It’s an epic fantasy but at the heart of it and running through the book is a fascinating and full-blooded romance between two students, Marcus and Toby.

Q: Phillip, tell us why have you published your first novel now?

A: For many years I was a public servant in the UK and my day job was to write official papers, briefs and letters. I have aspired to write a novel for years (since I was a teenager I suppose, but it was very difficult to balance my full-time job with creative writing. The styles were just too different! At work I had to write in a succinct unemotional and detached way that avoided adjectives or anything remotely imaginative. If, when I got home, I tried to write in a different way the results were about as interesting and readable as a legal document!

I was describing the problem to a sympathetic colleague one day, and  said that if I tried to write a love scene, it came out strangled – something along the lines of “I came, I saw I conquered!”. “That’s wrong,” joked my friend, “It would have to be ‘I saw, I conquered, I came!’ Your version would be premature ejaculation!”

After an evening trying to be creative, I’d return to work with my creative juices flowing, and that ‘contaminated’ my official work. I’d get told off. So, while I made notes for stories, planned and scribbled, I didn’t complete anything and began to feel I never would!

Then I retired and stumbled across m/m fiction. I read some great books and the genre connected with my own sexuality. It seemed to free me and the ideas began to flow. Encouragement from a warm and terrific published writer in the field led me to complete the first draft of “Portal to Logres” in little more than a month. My ‘mentor’ suggested I make a pitch to a publisher and to my amazement the book was picked up. A second volume (actually the continuation of one very long story) will appear soon.

In short, retirement has provided me with the opportunity to do what I have always wanted to do. And m/m fiction is a vehicle that I love.

Q: Why did you choose to write an M/M romance?

A: Well, first off, I’m a gay man, so relationships between men are something I know a bit about; have some interest in; and are something I want to explore. I feel comfortable with the genre and the ideas it generates.

The fact that I was writing about two men (rather than a man and a woman) seemed to free me. I lost my inhibitions and felt at ease with what I was doing.

Finally, as an author writing in this area, I can take any character I want and put him in any situation I want. I’ve said to people before now, I am unlikely ever to have a relationship with a handsome Hollywood star, but as a writer I can create such a character and do with him whatever I want. I find that exciting, intriguing and fulfilling.

I suppose you could say, m/m stories allow me to bring my fantasies to life!

Q: How is your ‘epic fantasy’ different to others?

A: “Portal to Logres” is about two young men who get transported to a parallel universe, akin to Tudor England.

Actually, there are TWO fantasy worlds in the book. One is Logres (of which more in a moment). The other is a fictional university city in 1970s Britain, where the story begins. Thus I had to create and make live the ‘modern’ setting as well as the ‘fantasy’ one.

As far as Logres is concerned, the reader can treat (and hopefully enjoy) it as they would any other fantasy world. But for anyone interested in history there are a couple of other aspects to it. First of all, they can play the game of identifying the parallels from our own history both in the characters and the places. I’m not going to give too much away, but I will say that many of the characters do reflect ‘real’ historical people, sometimes quite straightforwardly, sometimes in combinations of traits or roles.

Secondly, I am interested in what is sometimes known as “alternative history”. I try to explore what might have happened if…? The Tudor period is full of such moments. Some of them will unfold in the Logres books. To take one example: Elizabeth I almost died of smallpox only a few years after taking the throne. What would have happened if she had died? It would certainly have changed English history – civil war? A return to Catholicism under Mary Queen of Scots? By changing the details and fictionalising the individuals involved, I find it easier to get away from the “but she didn’t die” syndrome and to explore that alternatives. I hope readers will enjoy that adventure too.

Q: How do you go about writing – plotting, creating characters etc?

A: I’d like to say that my two lead characters, Toby and Marcus sprang fully-fledged from my head, but they didn’t.

“Portal to Logres” was my first completed book and I had to learn as I went, but plot and characters began as separate threads which soon began to influence and change each other.

Marcus is a young fencer with Olympic potential. That came about because I felt one of my two principal actors needed a fighting skill in a sixteenth-century style world. Sword fighting then was different to what it is now, but at least he would have some knowledge that might be useful and allow him to survive.

While Toby and Marcus were pretty real and complete in my head, I did consciously set out the similarities and distinctions between them so that they would be clearly differentiated in the reader’s mind. Thus Toby became noticeably shorter than his lover. One is fair, one is dark. One is stocky, one is athletic and lean.

I think the lessons I have learned from the plot are:

1. Work both ways – from start to finish and from the climax backwards;

2. Be clear about the ending. You can make it more dramatic and change it, but have something to work towards.

3. Don’t worry about the opening. I used to get completely hung up about this. I know you don’t need to! Finish the book and how it starts will suggest itself. “Portal to Logres” started with a flash-forward to the moment the two students arrive in Logres. At almost the last moment that was changed and the book now unfolds chronologically. The reasons for my earlier decision were no longer valid.

I hope that these thoughts might be useful to anyone thinking of starting a book.

What I am most proud of, is that I have achieved what I always wanted to do.  I have long wanted to write a gay fantasy. But I did not simply want to ‘token’ gay men doing what all fantasy heroes always do. In “Portal to Logres” I believe that, rather like the double-helix of DNA, the romance and the adventure unfold together and are unbreakably intertwined.

Q: What do you most like about your two main characters?

A: In a sentence, Marcus’ vulnerability under an outwardly confident manner and Toby’s niceness and openness.

A friend tells me that I like Marcus more than Toby, and I do talk about him more, but I do love both of them very much. They are two people I would like to meet in real life, and at times they have written their own story – certainly some scenes.

Toby is totally out of his comfort zone in Logres, Indeed, he’s scared out of his wits at times. But his intelligence makes him fascinated by his new surroundings. Equally, Marcus feelings for him and his own for Marcus mean that he is living a dream come true. I find it incredible to see how that is changing the lad and how he comes to terms with everything that is happening to him.

Marcus too is changing. He’s always been a never-apologise-never-explain sort of guy. But now Toby’s presence in his life is allowing him to open up, to reveal deep insecurities, but also barriers he has created in himself which seem to prevent him accepting the love being offered to him.

They are two very different individuals, but their love for each other – once they accept it – is strong. How they explore that and each other is at the very core of the story.

Q: Do you find explicit sex scenes difficult to write?

A: I have always enjoyed reading explicit sexual scenes (gay, straight or bi) so I suppose it follows that I would enjoy writing them.

I did amuse me though, when a friend who has read the book once asked, “Have you done all the things that you write about?” Since “Portal to Logres” includes beings being killed and ‘occult’ episodes (and I have neither killed anyone nor engaged in black magic) I am not sure why it is assumed that I have ‘enjoyed’ all the sexual things mentioned.

I believe that good sex scenes should arise naturally out of the story and the personalities of the characters involved. I like to write about lads who have a high sex drive, so it follows the sex (or at least sexual situations) will be pretty frequent and ‘hot’.

I am currently experimenting with a story that is told through the sex, and I am an admirer of – and would like to write – stories that are carried or driven by the sex. Geoffrey Knight and James Lear write the sort of stories I am talking about, where the sex is the main event in each chapter and is used to extract information or take the plot on to the next character or situation.

I have learned from descriptions of sex scenes and derived fantasies from books I have read. I hope I can be an inspiration for others. Equally, I am put off by sex scenes that seem impractical or are unclear. Hence, I feel the scenes should be explicit and vividly descriptive.

I tend to approach sex scenes in a series of ‘waves’; first outlining the location and blocking out what happens physically. Second, fleshing out the detail and ensuring it all works. Finally adding the emotion and perhaps ensuring that the ‘viewpoint’ is the correct one.

One complication is the issue of ‘safe sex’. I am a great believer in and practitioner of safe sex, but it can be anachronistic. I also believe that great care has to be taken with subjects like under-age sex (though many characters might have experienced it); non-consensual sex (though it might be appropriate in certain plots) including rape; and some aspects of kinkier sex.

But I do hope readers enjoy what I have written and I am not embarrassed about it in any way…

Q: Why is the book split into two parts? Was splitting to book difficult for you?

A: “Portal to Logres” was written as a single book.

I understand that publishers have limits on the size of books and thus was ready to break the story into two.

This was not difficult, but did involve making sure that there was an ‘ending’ to Book One, as well as a ‘hook’ that (hopefully) will incline readers to look for Book Two.

You will need to read both halves to get the most out of the story.

Blogger_Character_Interview copy

Mar: Why’s he want us here?

Tob: Why ask me? Ask him.

Mar: Well, you’re the bright one, sunshine. You normally know what’s occurring.

Tob: Not this time. Haven’t we got enough to do in the book?

Mar: I’d say so. Hey! Do you think he wants to get us naked again?

Tob: Not that you need any encouragement, Marcus!

Mar: When did you ever complain?

Tob: I didn’t. I can see why he likes to get you stripped down. Same reason I do!

Mar: Which is?

Tob: Well, you are eye-catching. You look good in the buff, all that toned flesh not to mention…

Mar: Don’t go there!

Tob: Not embarrassed are you?

Mar: Maybe….

Tob: All that public school education. Cold showers in the dorm before breakfast. Communal showers after the match, all that sort of thing?

Mar: Well, you play football. Don’t you take showers with your teammates?

Tob: Did I deny it?

Mar: You’re just winding me up! Anyway you look good naked too. You have muscles, I don’t.

Tob: Like my muscles do you?

Mar: Mmmnnnhhhh! Can’t get enough of them. Hey, is all this talk making you horny?

Tob: Not just the talk… but I think Phil wanted us to talk about the book.

Mar: Oh… two fingers to the book. You’re here and you look sexy as hell. Goldilocks!

Tob: Don’t call me that!

Mar: OK, if you insist. I think the name fits you though. Hey! You’re unbuttoning my shirt!

Tob: Yeah. Can’t keep my hands of you. Never could, never will…..

Mar: Oh no! You know what that does to me!

Tob: You have the most suckable nipples I’ve ever seen…

Mar: Awwwww!!!


About Portal to Logres

!cid_637DB104-95A5-4239-8E83-3E0DDF9DF29FTwo 1970’s students, Marcus and Toby, are stranded in the dangerous parallel kingdom of Logres. Full of treachery and intrigue, as sinister puppet masters pull at the strings of ambitious noblemen, who can they trust?

But, an ancient evil is re-emerging from the lost shadows of time. How can they defeat an enemy with such power?

As they explore their deepening love for each other, and with only each other to trust, Marcus and Toby must navigate this unfamiliar world. The fate of the kingdom rests in their hands. Will their ultimate destiny draw them together or drive them apart?

Available at: Wilde City Press


About Phillip Hill

Whatever his chronological age, Philip Ambrose has never really grown up, still has the enthusiasms of an eleven year old and is happiest in a world of imagination and invention. He has a passion for history (real or invented) especially historical mysteries from the “princes” in the Tower; Jack the Ripper, ancient Egypt, the Wars of the Roses and military history. Perhaps that interest relates to having been brought up in an English Cathedral City where each day he was surrounded by Roman and medieval buildings. Now retired, Philip Ambrose was for almost forty years in the public service but could not possibly comment on whether that affected his writing style! Writing for publication has always been an aspiration but was not a realistic prospect until work was behind him. Today he lives surrounded by books and and loves meeting people, enjoying a good meal, conversation and reading as well as writing the sort of books he would like to read.

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