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Watch Me Fall by Riley Parks: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Exclusive Excerpt from Watch Me Fall

by Riley Parks

They kissed their way to Gideon’s bedroom with Elijah stealing glances at the state of the Valsecchi house as they did. It was worse than he’d imagined. It was filthy, with one room more disgusting than the next; from the soiled furniture to the stained carpet, it looked uninhabitable. Though he found it all repulsive, it wasn’t the stench, the rotting floorboards, or the baseball-size dust bunnies that got to him. Instead, it was the numerous holes in the walls that told stories of the violence and rage that no doubt had occurred under that roof for years. He felt his own anger begin to rise at the thought of Gideon living in a place like that and wondered if his parents were as awful as Eli’s. Gideon deserved better than what Eli had.

“It’s a fucking mess,” Gideon stated, his voice tinged with apology as he closed the door behind them. He was right; it was. Dirty clothes were shoved into multiple piles, and empty beer bottles lay on every flat surface. Band posters hung haphazardly on the walls with tape curling up on their corners, while towels held up by thumbtacks hardly blocked the light from streaming through the cracks of the broken window. The bed was directly on the floor; a single sheet sprawled on top of it was barely able to cover the exposed mattress’s gradient shades of yellow.

“Don’t care,” Eli assured with his face buried into the crook of the soccer player’s neck. Gideon’s scent got him high and he couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t his cologne or the smell of his soap that was so goddamn heady, it was him; a natural fragrance that completely inebriated Eli and left his mouth watering. Digging his fingers into dark hair, Elijah yanked Gideon’s head back so he could lick along the curve of his neck, letting his hot breath dance across skin that tasted as delicious as it smelled.

“Shit,” Gideon sighed as Eli kissed along his jaw line. He let out a stuttering exhale, which Eli caught in his mouth, swallowing it down as he pressed their lips together.

“Gonna make you feel really good,” Elijah guaranteed, backing off Gideon’s mouth for long enough to pull his black t-shirt over his head. Noticing how wide the pair of blue eyes staring back at him were, Eli asked, “Are you all right? Do you want me to stop?”

“What? Fuck no,” Gideon promised, shaking his head vehemently. “Keep going. Want you to keep going.”

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Character Interview with Jackson Jablonic & Evan Goodwyn from Bleeding Like Me by Riley Parks + Giveaway!

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Interview with Jackson Jablonic & Evan Goodwyn

My name is Riley Parks and I’m the author of Bleeding Like Mea romance novel about Jackson Jablonic and Evan Goodwyn, two men in rival street gangs who fall in love. I’m lucky to be joined by these antiheroes today.

Riley Parks: Thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me to talk all things Bleeding Like Me.

Jackson Jablonic: Antiheroes, huh?

Evan Goodwyn: Guess she’s not down for us like she said she was when she started writing the book.

JJ: Guess not.

RP: In all fairness, you guys have done some questionable things in the past, and some things are blatantly wrong. It’s not that you aren’t likable. I like you…

JJ: What do you say about motherfuckers you don’t like then?  

EG: Shit.

RP: Do you want to be heroes? Role models?

JJ: First, that’s two questions. We told you we’d answer five, and you’re going for two right from the jump.

RP: We could call it one.

EG: We could, but we won’t.

RP: Tough crowd.

EG & JJ: (crickets)

RP: All right (clears throat), do you want to be a hero, Jackson?

JJ: Would I get to fly and shit?

EG: That’d be pretty cool.

RP: I was thinking more an “everyday” hero, not so much a superhero.

JJ: The problem with you is you do too much thinking.

EG: Too much limiting really. I’d be down to be a superhero.

JJ: Do you write that kinda shit?

RP: I don’t. I like to focus on more realistic, true to life gritty stories, like yours.

EG: That sucks. Jack would look fucking hot in some superhero shit. That ass would be like, POW!

(all laughing)

JJ: Shut the fuck up.

RP: Me or Evan?

JJ: Both.

RP: Let’s move on. Role models. Do you want to be role models?

JJ: To who?

RP: To anyone.

JJ: That ship’s sailed, capsized and sank, so probably not.

EG: I’d like to be a role model.

RP: Yeah?

JJ: You would?

EG: (shrugs) Why not? Do you only get one chance to be an okay person? Two? What’s the limit?

RP: That’s not for us to decide, I guess. Maybe that’s a question for the reader.

JJ: I don’t give a shit what they say about it. If he wants to be a role model, they’re not gonna tell him that one day he can’t be.

RP: So maybe we don’t call you antiheroes anymore. What should we call you instead?

JJ: You’re the writer.

RP: How about works in progress?

EG: I like that.

JJ: Fine. You got three more questions to go.

RP: What was your favorite part of the book?

EG: I liked when you wrote about how I painted Jack.

JJ: I liked when you wrote about Evan’s dick.

EG: (rolls eyes) Really?!

JJ: That’s quality content right there.

EG: Do you regret interviewing us?

RP: (bites inside of mouth) Not at all. What about your least favorite part of the book?

JJ: You wrote about shit you shouldn’t have written about. That’s all we gotta say about that.

RP: (looks at Evan)

EG: That’s all we gotta say about that.

JJ: Last one. Make it good.

RP: What’s something you want readers to know about you that they may not have learned in the book?

JJ: I don’t want them to know anything else about me. They know too much already.

RP: Evan?

EG: I want them to know I’m trying to be a better person.

JJ: You’re doing fine, Evan.

EG: (shrugs) It is what it is.

RP: Thanks for talking with me.

JJ: We done here?

RP: We’re done.

JJ: Thank fuck. Continue reading

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