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Blog Tour Serial: Applejack Shots and Beer (Part 6) by Rhys Ford + Giveaway!


Thank you all for following the Absinthe of Malice blog tour! This is the fifth novel in the series and well, is a different kind of book. This is a beginning of sorts, a resurrection for most of the band members and the first step in a journey they will take together. Miki, Damie, Forest and Rafe in a van. Together. Cross-country and playing their hearts and souls out.

With a bit of trouble and love along the way.

I hope you enjoy it and like Applejack Shots and Beer, the story I’ll be telling across the blog tour.

OH! And the giveaway! Because we always need a giveaway. And there will be ONE winner for EVERY blog tour stop!

Scroll below to find out how to enter to win!

See you on the Other Side.

Applejack Shots and Beer

Part Six

Sliding around in my dreams

Your inky black kiss

Staining my life

With something I’ll never miss

You pushed yourself into me

Down deep into my soul

Wish I could dig you out

Burn you till I’m whole

— Ink Black Kiss Continue reading

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Blog Tour Serial: Dirty Bits (Part Four) by Rhys Ford + Giveaway!


I’ve written the start of this post about five times and I still don’t know what to say. Some writer, huh?

How do I put into words the whole of this journey? This series was the start for me. These characters—Cole and Jae—have taken me to places I never thought I’d go, met people I am so very thankful to have known and most importantly, enriched my life beyond measure.

So how do I say goodbye to the beginning?

I can’t. And honestly, I won’t. As this story arc ends, I am grateful for so many readers joining me along the way. I can promise that as we close out this series, Cole and Jae will be back some time in the far future. But for now, this is goodbye.

And yet a hello of sorts… to a happiness and a life these characters deserve to have.

Because God knows, I’ve run them through the ringer.

So please enjoy this final Dirty tour as I present short scenes from Jae’s POV. Many are from instances in the books and a couple are in-betweens but I tried to find places where Jae really needed to speak. I hope you enjoy them.

And a tour cannot be a tour without a giveaway! So…. Here goes.

See below for details on how you can win a $20 gift certificate from an e-tailer of your choice BUT that is not all. From these winners, I will randomly select ONE person to be a character in my other Los Angeles series, Murder and Mayhem. So hit up every blog, enter to win! ONE winner per blog!

Don’t I sound like I’m trying to sell you a used Buick? *grins*

Most of all, and please know this comes from the bottom of my heart where I keep my love for coffee and music, thank you. Thank you for reading the books and thank you for supporting me along the way. I cannot come up with the words strong and deep enough to express my gratitude.


Dirty Bits 4

It would have been so easy to simply fold over the edge of nuna’s balcony railing and hit the street far below. There were problems with that plan. One, I would probably end up landing on someone and killing them while living through the experience or perhaps ending up in a hospital bed for years where my mother could then come by and cluck at me. Two, nuna would feel horrible and she would never be able to go out onto the balcony again. If she didn’t ask hyung to move.

I didn’t want to be the reason nuna and hyung had to move.

It was late afternoon…maybe. I’d lost track of time. I’d lost track of so much; time… Cole…my younger sister. I could still hear her…her broken voice filled with shock and horror and the terrified look on Cole’s face when he realized the person he was hugging from behind wasn’t me.

I don’t know what startled me more… my baby sister’s horrified gasp or seeing him with his arms around her. Tiff’s disgust was hard to swallow but I’d nearly choked to death on the anger I had well up inside of me watching Cole with someone else.

“God, what am I going to do?” I rubbed at my face and my elbows scraped across the railing. The sky had no answers when I looked up at the clouds gathering overhead. My stomach was a knot, squeezing out every drop of bitterness and loathing I had in me.

There wasn’t any choice. Not really. Ha-Eun, Hyun-Shik’s mother already had me wrapped up tight with her poisonous words and hatred. I was my mother’s only support and one word from her would send my already struggling family into poverty.

“She might not say anything, dongsaeng.” Nuna came up behind me, setting a tray with glasses of iced tea onto the long table in front of the couch. Her face was a curl of worry, a line creasing the space between her eyebrows but nuna’s smooth face was as beautiful as ever. I was as envious of her serenity as I was of my sister being hugged by Cole. “Get away from there and come sit with me. We can talk through this.”

“What is there to say?” I sat but my nerves were too torn for me to settle. “Mother finds out I like men—want a man—and she will turn her back on me. Then where will she and the girls be?”

“We will help,” she replied softly. “You are all family to us. She should—”

“You and I both know, Mother won’t allow herself to be helped. Too much pride, even when her children are starving,” I cut through Scarlet’s kind words. “Tiffany’s already spoken to Aunt because she thought it would help.”

“That is like asking a cobra for a goodnight kiss to make you feel better,” Scarlet grumbled. “Ha-Eun will use this to pressure you. She cannot help it. She is that scorpion asking the frog for help across the river. With Grace in prison and Hyun-Shik dead, she has no one to manipulate.”

“Especially since Uncle refuses to live with her.” I swallowed a bit of tea, hoping the cold liquid would calm my hot stomach. “Ha-Eun told me I need to do right by the family and break it off with Cole. She’s still angry Uncle might accept Jae-Su as his son and all she wants to do is hurt my mother.”

“She is not the only one,” Scarlet said, toasting me with her glass. “I am the last person to tell you what to do with your heart, Jae-Min—”

“But you are going to anyway,” I teased.

“I have to.” She shrugged. “Because I am your nuna and I know what is like to love from behind smoked glass. Do not let go of Cole-ah. Refuse to give in to your family’s pushing at you. You deserve to be loved. You finally found someone who suits you, who loves you for everything you are and understands what you are not. No one will love you like Cole-ah does.”

“No one has ever loved me like Cole-ah,” I acquiesced. “But love doesn’t feed a family, nuna, and it won’t protect them from Ha-Eun’s anger. She is looking for something to use against Mother and she has me. I am the perfect knife to sink into my mother’s heart. And now that Tiffany told her what happened, Aunt has a perfect opportunity to tell Mother I am…” I couldn’t say the word, not out loud, not yet. “She can leave Hyun-Shik out of it and saves herself from shame while setting me on fire. Mother won’t look to you or hyung for help and Uncle isn’t ready to give money to Mother or Jae-Su. I can’t let my family starve and they will if Mother disowns me.”

I knew what I had to do. And I hated myself for it. I would be breaking Cole-ah’s heart because I couldn’t be less of a son. Nuna understood—even as she disagreed with me—I knew she understood.

“You will kill him with this, musang,” she whispered. “Are you ready to do that? Are you able to carve his heart out and kill him like his friend did to him back then?”

“He has other people—Bobby and Mike,” I protested but it was weak. I had a pain in me I couldn’t make go away and I was growing more numb with each passing second. There was salt in the tea and I wiped at my face only to find I was crying. “He won’t be alone this time, nuna.”

“That won’t make it any better, Jae-ah,” Scarlet murmured as she leaned over to dab at my cheeks with a napkin. “You are still going to break his heart and devastate his life. No friend will ever fill his soul like you do. No matter how hard you wish it.”

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Mar 25— The Novel Approach


About Dirty Heart

unnamedFormer LAPD detective Cole McGinnis’s life nearly ended the day his police partner and best friend Ben Pirelli emptied his service weapon into Cole and his then-lover, Rick. Since Ben turned his gun on himself, Cole thought he’d never find out why Ben tried to destroy him.

Years later, Cole has stitched himself back together. Now a private investigator and in love with Jae-Min Kim, a Korean-American photographer he met on a previous case, Cole’s life is back on track—until he discovers Jeff Rollins, a disgraced cop and his first partner, has resurfaced and appears to be working on the wrong side of the law.

As much as Cole’s fought to put the past behind him, he’s soon tangled up in a web of lies, violence, and death. Jeff Rollins is not only trying to kill Cole’s loved ones, he is also scraping open old wounds and long-forgotten memories of the two men Cole loved and lost. Cole is sure Rollins knows why Ben ruined all their lives, but he isn’t looking for answers. Now Cole is caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a cold-blooded killer with the key to not only his past but his future.

Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon


About Rhys Ford

unnamed-1Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and an overworked red coffee maker.

Find out more about Rhys on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter or her books can be purchased, folded and first chapters read at Dreamspinner Press.


As part of this blog tour, Rhys is giving away a $20 gift certificate on each blog post as well as one of the winners will be a character in the next Murder and Mayhem novel! The giveaway starts now and ends March  26, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. To enter, just click the link below!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Please be aware that the only way to enter the giveaway is to click the Rafflecopter link above. Any comments on this post will not count towards entering the giveaway, except to verify your Rafflecopter entry.

Good luck!

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Blog Tour Serial: Dirty Minds (Part Eight) by Rhys Ford + Giveaway!


To celebrate the release of my new book, Down and Dirty, I’m inviting you to follow along with blog tour serial of a Cole McGinnis case, Dirty Minds! Enter to win a giveaway at every site!

Dirty Minds

Part Eight

The next day, Bobby came rolling in with a chain of hickeys around his neck. He sure as hell didn’t have them when I saw him at two am. Claudia eyeballed him as he swaggered in.

“Boy, you’ve got to sometimes feed your dates.” She pointed a pencil at his bared throat. “That one you took home last night should have had a sandwich or something before you got down to business.”

“Yeah, he’s a bit…” He slunk past Claudia, trying to avoid the slap she gave his ass. Being a mother of a squillion kids, she got him anyway. I heard the smack from across the room and his booming laugh. “Hey, okay. Next time.”

“Dude, really? You got a booty call at oh-dark-thirty?” I handed Bobby a mug and sat down at my desk. “Shit, Dawson.”

“You be as puritanical as you want to be, Princess. I happen to like sex.” He got himself some coffee. “How about if we talk more about this stupid side case you’ve got going and less about what I’ve got going on the side?”

“Okay, I asked Dex if he could run down the purple Monte Carlo for us.” I’d checked my email before Claudia and Bobby came in but nothing from Wong. “He’s going to do it on the sly. G and J might actually be doing something on the case.”

“If they do, it’s ‘cause Pierce has some pull.” He rubbed his thumb against his fingers. “Boy’s got money.”

“I’ve got money and the cops barely answer the phone when my alarm company calls them,” I pointed out.

“That’s ‘cause your shit blows up every time someone looks at it wrong, boy.” Claudia edged in past Bobby. “They show up when they’re called and God knows what they’re going to walking into. Best wait until there’s a fireball in the sky and then they’ve got a fighting chance.”

“Your faith in me is admirable.” For a church-going, God-fearing woman, Claudia sure knew her way around an evil eye because the one she gave me scorched me down to my ass. I felt like she’d taken me out back and beat me with the leather bag I’d gotten her for her last birthday. “Seriously, all I’ve got is a lead on the former valet. Called the restaurant, hoping to get a hold of the manager but he wasn’t talking. Maybe he thought—”

“Yeah, I went by there before I came here,” Bobby said, sliding a piece of paper out of his back pocket. “Guy was plenty chatty with me.”

“In my neighbourhood, we call that whoring,” Claudia interjected. “That where the vacuum cleaner attacked you? Down at that restaurant?”

“Miss Claudia, I’ll have you know I do not trade sex for information. My hungry companion is someone I know, admire and who probably is still sleeping where I left him, in my bed.” He sniffed, pretending to be insulted but Claudia and I caught the wink he threw her way. “Actually, the manager was pretty nice but said some asshole called earlier, trying to shake him down for info. Like a job reference or something. Since speaking poorly about someone leads to lawsuits these days, he told the guy—probably Cole here—to fuck off.”

“What a dick. I didn’t say it was for a job reference. Just that I was looking for him,” I grunted as I snatched the paper out of Bobby’s fingers. “So did he give you the guy’s name?”

“Better than that.” He smirked. “I not only got the guy’s name. I got his address.”

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About Down and Dirty

22906910From the moment former LAPD detective Bobby Dawson spots Ichiro Tokugawa, he knows the man is trouble. And not just because the much younger Japanese inker is hot, complicated, and pushes every one of Bobby’s buttons. No, Ichi is trouble because he’s Cole McGinnis’s younger brother and off-limits in every possible way. And Bobby knows that even before Cole threatens to kill him for looking Ichi’s way. But despite his gut telling him Ichi is bad news, Bobby can’t stop looking… or wanting.

Ichi was never one to play by the rules. Growing up in Japan as his father’s heir, he’d been bound by every rule imaginable until he had enough and walked away from everything to become his own man. Los Angeles was supposed to be a brief pitstop before he moved on, but after connecting with his American half-brothers, it looks like a good city to call home for a while—if it weren’t for Bobby Dawson.

Bobby is definitely a love-them-and-leave-them type, a philosophy Ichi whole-heartedly agrees with. Family was as much of a relationship as Ichi was looking for, but something about the gruff and handsome Bobby Dawson makes Ichi want more.

Much, much more.

Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon


About Rhys Ford

rhysfordRhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and an overworked red coffee maker.

And at the Starbucks down the street. No really, they’re 24/7. And a drive-thru. It’s like heaven.

Find out more about Rhys on her Blog, Facebook, Twitter or her books can be purchased, folded and first chapters read at Dreamspinner Press.


As part of this blog tour, Rhys has graciously offered up a $20 Gift Certificate to the e-tailer of their choice to one lucky winner!! The giveaway starts now and ends January 10, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. To enter, just click the link below!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

Please be aware that the only way to enter the giveaway is to click the Rafflecopter link above. Any comments on this post will not count towards entering the giveaway, except to verify your Rafflecopter entry.

Don’t forget to check out Nikyta’s review of Down and Dirty to see what she thought of it!

Good luck!


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Hot Reads for the Trevor Project – 6 Great Books, 1 Great Cause!


Get ready to lower your thermostat because your winter is about to get hot! For a limited time only, get SIX great reads by some of the hottest authors in M/M! A guilt-free guilty pleasure at an incredibly low price with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project!





Founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young people ages 13-24.



By Rain Carrington
In the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, lives a man who has secrets. Levi Kape watches people at a bar nightly, writing things in his notebook and trying to blend in with the locals. His secrets keep him from getting close to anyone until Bobby Dawes comes off the road after a long haul in his 18-wheeler. After getting to know Bobby, he realizes he’d never been close to anyone. That was about to change.

Levi can’t settle down and not because he doesn’t want to, but because it could endanger his life. Bobby is a gentle, loving and strong man who doesn’t do commitment. He’s also a man that Levi wants more than anything, including his own safety.

Danger causes Levi to leave but he can’t forget the truck driver that drove into his life, changing everything. When Levi leaves, Bobby goes back onto the road, trying to forget the “Golden God” he’d fallen for, but with some help from friends with connections to dark people and places, Bobby finds his man and swears never to let him go again.

Can they save each other not only from the men who want Levi dead but from years of never seeking or finding the love they found in one another? Will the ultimate betrayal cost them the trust they need to make it work between them? Can Bobby save him, or be lost in a dark world alone…


About Rain Carrington

When she isn’t taking out gay bashers with her mean right hook she is at her desk writing steamy stories of man on man love. Rain also spends time with her beloved family and friends and in her spare time maybe sleeps for a few hours.

Rain is an ally in the gay rights crusade, she also loves animals and tries her best to stop animal abuse.

She is at her desk now getting some of her other stories ready for publication and will let them out as she they are ready so keep an eye out for Cabin Fever next!




By Bey Deckard
Sheltered and lonely, Jon’s life changes drastically when a strange ship sails into the harbour of his small port town one day. Trapped between the possessive pirate captain and his murderous first mate, he must learn to adapt or he will lose himself completely. An epic tale of love, treachery and revelation, this first installment of the Baal’s Heart trilogy brings you into the lives of three men so bound together by jealousy and lies that they must sail to the very ends of the earth to find forgiveness.

Deckard’s first novel is a masterful portrayal of sorrow, hope, and passion, with a narrative that twists the reader through a world set in the Golden Age of Piracy. A thrilling look into the darker side of human nature, Caged effortlessly melds serious historical fantasy with five star erotica.


About Bey Deckard

Born and raised in a small coastal town in northern Québec, Bey spent his early summers on his uncle’s boat and running wild on the beaches of the surrounding islands, lighting fires and building huts out of driftwood and fishermen’s nets. As an adult, he eventually made his way to university and earned a degree in Art History with a strong focus on Anthropology. Primarily a portrait painter and graphic artist, Bey sat down one day and decided to write about the two things that he felt most passionate about: sex and the sea.

Bey currently lives in the wilds of Montréal with his best buddy, a spotty pit bull named Murphy. Caged: Love and Treachery on the High Seas is his first novel.




By Varian Krylov
Aidan has always played it safe. Instead of pursuing his dream of creating innovative music that makes his soul sing, he settled for a degree in software, a job in a cubicle, and a spot in a generic band with his buddies.

And he’s always been straight. But when he’s seduced by magnetic local literary luminary Dario, Aidan must decide whether to keep playing it safe, or succumb to a ravenous passion and a nourishing love unlike anything he’s experienced before. Will he find the courage to go after real happiness if it means admitting he’s in love with a man?

Their journey together isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t safe. Even if Aidan has the courage to admit he’s in love with Dario, can he endure the repercussions of the traumatic event in Dario’s past?


About Varian Krylov

Since her girlhood in a sunny coastal town in California, Varian Krylov has nurtured a love of words and a curiosity about the deep, dark forces at work in human nature, especially sexuality, and how they often paradoxically twine with our tenderest impulses. Her stories tend to explore the sometimes fine line between what arouses, and what frightens, what we’re driven to, and what we’re ashamed of.

As witty and seductive as I am sarcastic and self-deprecating, I spend as much time as possible thinking and writing about sex. No, not dense, inscrutable post-feminist texts on media representations of gender and the body–that was grad school. I write stories–short stories, novels, and starting a few weeks ago, screenplays–most of which poke and prod and the dark little corners of human sexuality. In a sense, nothing’s taboo, anymore. There’s no act, no fetish that hasn’t been made utterly banal in the proliferation of porn. What intrigues and excites me is the exploration of the conflicting impulses, the twisted psychology and turbulent emotions of people who find themselves unable to resist desires that lie beyond their own moral boundaries.




By Mathew Ortiz
Duncan Blackthorne carried a heavy burden for one so young. One of the most powerful witches of the Earth Clans, his singular ability to control fire was both blessing and curse. The wallflower of his family, they had no idea of what turbulent waters churned under his calm surface. Never expecting to find love, he trudged through life, expecting nothing. Until the man in his dreams became more real and insistent, Duncan realized his dream lover was so much more than expected. Suddenly he had a real world dominant that rocked his body and a dreaming ghost lover who captured his heart. Now what the hell was witch to do?


About Mathew Ortiz

Mathew Ortiz was born in Nuremburg Germany in 197O, the son of a quiet Army man and his loud Hungarian wife. Spending only two years in Germany, his family relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas where he spent his youth in exile. Here is where he attended primary school and college, obtaining a degree in Nursing. He moved to Phoenix and met the bane and love of his life, Tim. When not on his laptop watching Are You Being Served or Keeping Up Appearances, Matt can be found either napping or reading with gusto.




By Joseph Lance Tonlet
Grif believes he’ll live his life as a virgin. After all, who would want him? How could anyone find him, a guy who came with less than man-sized equipment, worthy of their love?

What he hadn’t counted on were the two amazing men who would change his life. After entering college, he meets Tate, his fun-loving roommate. While years later, with Tate now just a memory, Wes, a handsome, rugged ex-marine who runs his own security firm enters his life.

Both men lead Grif through a twisted mesh of pleasure, pain, and denial, as they force him to see his value, despite his size and insecurities.


About Joseph Lance Tonlet

Joseph is a born and raised Southern Californian–with a twenty-year stint of living in the Midwest. He loves the laid-back lifestyle of San Diego and considers himself lucky to live where people dream of vacationing.

A lifelong reader of m/m fiction, he began his writing career one night sitting at his MacBook and has never looked back. He writes to bring the characters he dreams about to life.




By Brad Vance
Sam Bradford is a down-on-his-luck former Special Forces soldier when he meets Derek Constantine, sexually confused billionaire. Together the two men will play a series of games that bring them ever closer together…and which in the end may be the death of them…

Sam’s Reluctant Submission
Sam’s down to his last five dollars when he meets Derek, who makes him an offer – come to my estate for a manhunt, evade me for two days, and you’ll make ten grand…but if I catch you, you surrender your ass to me! Sam’s got SERE training and he’s pretty sure his straight ass is safe, but anything can happen when the hunt is on…

Sam’s Reluctant Submission II: Urban Manhunt
In Part I, Sam lost his ass to Derek, but kept something more important – Derek submitted him, but didn’t break him, and that’s what Derek really wanted. Now Derek wants a rematch – fifty grand for an urban manhunt, if Sam evades Derek’s crew…if he doesn’t, it’s four on one and Sam’s ass is toast!

Sam’s Reluctant Submission III: Search and Rescue
In Part 2, Sam lost his ass to Derek again – and loved it! Which left him wondering if he was gay after all. Maybe a three way with Jake and Eddie will help him figure that out… And when Derek calls Sam to get his help with a search and rescue effort, what sexual sparks might be generated if they clash again in a “threematch”?

Sam’s Reluctant Submission IV: Avenging Devils
The epic conclusion to the saga of Sam and Derek! When Derek’s dark past rears its head to jeopardize the couple and their friends Jake and Eddie, Sam will have to call on his old Special Forces buddies to do battle with The Factory, a malevolent cartel bent on revenge. Will Sam and Derek rescue Eddie from his kidnappers? Will seeing Sam explore his top side with Eddie make Derek jealous…or make him want Sam to do that to him? Most frightening and dangerous of all, will Derek finally say the L word!

BONUS STORY – Eddie’s MMA Submission – the story of Sam’s friends Eddie and Jake
Eddie works across the street from Downtown Fight Academy. And he can’t stop thinking about Jake, the hot MMA fighter he ran into at the store. When Jake offers to train him, Eddie’s ready to throw down in the Octagon. But when Jake has him submitted, and pulls out a weapon you won’t see on TV, will Eddie tap out…or take the punishment?


About Brad Vance

Brad Vance writes gay romance, erotica and paranormal stories and novels, including the breakout hits “A Little Too Broken” and “Given the Circumstances.” Keep up with Brad at BradVanceErotica.wordpress.com, email him at BradVanceErotica@gmail.com, and friend him on Facebook.



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Blog Tour Serial: Hellsinger Investigations File #241 (Part 12) by Rhys Ford + Giveaway!


Hey! I am Rhys Ford… speaking to you in my own… okay that doesn’t work. Does anyone else remember Don Carnage!? He’s speaking at you in his own voice! Ah, the esoteric memories. You’ll probably want to skip this part during the next few…*coffs*…okay, over a dozen blogs as I parcel out a short tale featuring Wolf and Tristan! 

Welcome to a Hellsinger Investigation! 

There will be prizes and giveaways. Be sure to hit up each blog for an update on the investigation. I have brought in for this tale of ghosts and shenanigans two special prizes (well many of them…but two!). You might have seen them already; a pair of cuddly alpaca and a braided leather Wolf sigil bracelet. You’ll be able to win one or both at each stop with a Grand Prize to be given away at the end of the tour. 

Hellsinger Investigations

File #241

Residence: Hazel Maplethorn-Bocker
Paranormal Activity: Objects Relocating
Location: Eureka, CA 

The residence is occupied by Ms. M-B and ten cats. Client is retired school-teacher and has no history of psychic or paranormal activity either personal or in residence. Residence is 1940s bungalow with no recorded deaths. Land cleared of any prior paranormal activity; formerly undeveloped acreage. No structures or causalities reported at location. Cannot discount native population or transitory inhabitants prior to establishment of city boundaries. 

Team: Gidget and Matt

Consultant: Tristan Pryce



The ghostly smoke ring of cats flew up into dust motes, choking the air as Wolf sprinted past—or even possibly through—the dead woman in the room. A brisk chill hit his skin then grabbed at his marrow and for an instant, Wolf feared his bones would crack open at the icy clamp on his body. His breath bloomed into a chilled plume and when Wolf sucked in a surprised gasp, the air shivered through his lungs, piercing the warmth in his chest. Another step forward and he’d broken free, shaking off the glacial freeze slowly peeling away from his skin. 

Meanwhile, the shadow outside of the window turned and bolted back into the night. 

Wolf hit the sunroom’s outer door running, shoving at the latch hard and hoping it was unlocked. The door flew wide, slamming open and striking the exterior wall, its glass window rattling and buckling under the force of Wolf’s exit. 

Funny thing was—the shadow certainly was a hell of damned more solid than Deidre and about as graceful as an elephant in a tutu. 

A row of hedges took the brunt of the intruder’s flailing, his churning legs destroying the neatly lined up greenery. With the moon playing peek-a-boo with a thickening Eureka fog, Wolf could only catch glimpses of his prey as they ran through the back yard towards the front of the house. 

With only a few feet separating them, the shadowy form feinted about, zigzagging left and right in an attempt to avoid the large barrels Hazel’d set up on the side of her house to grow tomatoes and herbs. Successfully dodging the hazards of the herbal labyrinth, it was an old rose bush that proved to the intruder’s undoing. 

A rose bush obviously out for vengeance and more than likely, manipulated by a very pissed off Deirdre. 

The bush stretched out from its trellis, thorny tendrils snapping out to slap at the shadowy figure’s face and chest. Wolf caught the tail end of a bloom-rich whip across his cheek. It stung, opening up a cut deep enough to bring up moisture. 

Sadly for him, the intruder didn’t get off as easily. 

The trellised bush groaned and creaked, its branches bending across the walkway to grab at the running man. Stretched past their physical limits, a few thick stems broke, curved too far around for their heavy limbs to survive. They snapped, tiny shotgun booms as leaves and stem pieces showered down over the man. Too short to encase the runner, Deirdre had other plans for the sharp, prickly branches. One by one, the stems dove in, stabbing at the man’s exposed face and arms, rapid fire punches deep enough to leave gouges in his skin. 

Screaming, the man’s mouth was speckled with foam and his eyes were bulging in the short time it took Wolf to reach the man’s side. He was young, barely into his twenties, and even in the faint light coming from the street lamps a few yards away, Wolf could see he was terrified. The smell of piss hit the air and a dark stain began to spread over front of the young man’s sweatpants. 

“Deirdre, let him go,” Wolf muttered, grabbing at the branches. “Shit, I don’t know if you can hear me but… let him go. You’re hurting him.” 

The whisper in Wolf’s ear was barely loud enough for him to hear over the frightened man’s screams but it was there, raspy and enraged. 

“I don’t care,” she whispered. “He hurt Hazel.” 

“You’re going to kill him,” Wolf pointed out, yanking his hand back just as a thick root broke open, its shorn, glistening end poised over the young man’s chest. “You’re going to kill him.” 

“Then he’ll be dead. Like me. And then imagine what I could do to him.” 

“Hazel wouldn’t want you to do it,” Tristan’s voice rang through the madness. He came through the front picket gate, the watery moon running silver over his pale face. “Please, Deirdre. She’d hate herself if she knew she was the reason he died. Even after all he’s done to her, she wouldn’t want that. Not Hazel.” 

“No,” Deirdre’s voice echoed, gravel and velvet wrapped around deep sadness. “She wouldn’t.” 

The branches stopped moving then in a slow churn, unraveled, dumping the young man onto the stone walkway below. Wolf lunged, grabbing the intruder then pulled him free of the trellis as Tristan awkwardly patted the house. 

“For Hazel,” Deidre’s whispers began to fade. “But never….again…” 


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About Duck Duck Ghost

3Paranormal investigator Wolf Kincaid knows what his foot tastes like. 

Mostly because he stuck it firmly in his mouth when his lover, Tristan Pryce, accidentally drugged him with a batch of psychotropic baklava. Needing to patch things up between them, Wolf drags Tristan to San Luis Obispo, hoping Tristan’s medium ability can help evict a troublesome spirit haunting an old farmhouse. 

With Wolf’s sister handling Hoxne Grange’s spectral visitors, Tristan finds himself in the unique position of being able to leave home for the first time in forever, but Wolf’s roughshod treatment is the least of his worries. Tristan’s ad-hoc portal for passing spirits seems to be getting fewer and fewer guests, and despite his concern he’s broken his home, Tristan agrees to help Wolf’s cousin, Sey, kick her poltergeist to the proverbial curb. 

San Luis Obispo brings its own bushel of troubles. Tristan’s ghost whispering skill is challenged not only by a terrorizing haunting but also by Wolf’s skeptical older cousin, Cin. Bookended by a pair of aggressive Kincaids, Tristan soon finds himself in a spectral battle that threatens not only his sanity but also his relationship with Wolf, the first man he’s ever loved.

Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About Rhys Ford

Rhys  admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and an overworked red coffee maker. And at the Starbucks down the street. No really, they’re 24/7. And a drive-thru. It’s like heaven.

Connect with Rhys on her Blog, Facebook or Twitter.


Rhys is kindly giving away THREE awesome prizes to ONE lucky winner! This winner will get a Pair of Alpaca, a Wolf Sigil Bracelet and a $20 gift certificate to the etailer of their choice! Here’s what these great prizes look like:


The giveaway starts now and ends September 18, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. To enter, just click the link below!

Rafflecopter Giveaway

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Don’t forget to check out Nikyta’s review of Duck Duck Ghost to see what she thought of it!

Good luck!

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Blog Tour Serial: Hair of the Dog (Part 4) by Rhys Ford + Giveaway!


Hey! I am Rhys Ford and I’ll be taking over this blog today … sort of. There’s really no cool way of introducing yourself on someone else’s blog and honestly, if you’re following this series of shorts, you’re going to be sick of reading this. So… feel free to jump down to the meaty bits of the short if you like. Go on. I won’t mind.

Now, if you’ve been following the Sinners Series, I am happy to say the third book is either on the brink of coming out or out by the time this post hits. It is called Tequila Mockingbird and features Connor Morgan as he discovers he’s in love with a drummer—a guy drummer. Murder, mayhem, sexing, etc. All of those follow. You know the drill. But wooot! I am very happy to announce Connor’s story.

To celebrate, I’ve written a short serialized string of vignettes titled Hair of the Dog. Please enjoy the story as it goes along. The order of the posts is included at the bottom of the short. Hope you enjoy it.


Hair of the Dog • Part Four

Humans are stupid stupid things.

Someone brought death to my house and the swarms of metal-smelling, grumbling men who’d invaded my home spent more time trying to shove me into a box than taking care of my Miki. He was scared and sick. I could smell the sick on him and the Other One—Kane—was doing as best he could trying to calm my human down.

It wasn’t going to work. Miki’d already was covered with the stench of the kill and it made him sick. He was pulling up his stomach and the salty mess of grains he’d eaten were all over the ground. But that didn’t matter either. The loud people were digging into that too, as if they would find anything but grains and bile.

There was death in the house! How could they not smell it? It was not a good death. Not like a hunt or even meat brought back from a food place. This was death with no intent on eating the flesh—the worst kind of horror any Pack could think of.

It was something a cat would do—bring a kill to another cat’s yard to say he was better than the other.

I needed to get to Miki. To tell him it would be alright and Kane would take care of him but one of the humans picked me up—as if he had the right to do so.

So I bit him.

And he did not taste good.

There are very few times when I’ve shown my teeth in anger. Usually mostly to warn another of the Pack away if I’m eating and they are perfectly capable of getting their own food. One does not show teeth to a puppy or kitten. My dam taught me manners before I even pulled away from her teat. I knew that from the beginning. Aggression is stupidity because there were other ways for me to deal with the situation. But in that moment of panic, stress and anger, I could only think of one thing—getting to Miki.

So I bit one of Kane’s people until he bled and dropped me.

Sorry, I am not sorry.

I took two steps to the garage when someone threw something over me and the next moment, I was in the cold, hard room with the water dish I could only reach if I stood on my hind legs. A few pants later, a dish with dry food and more water in a bowl joined me and someone thought to throw in one of the thick bones Miki had another human bring me when they brought his salty bread things.

There was no familiar voices after that. There was chatter. Most of it confused. Some of it worried. A few times I thought I heard Kane but the sound of the voice was different. Not as old. Not as wise but very much of the same litter.

There was nothing more I could do. Just sit there. And wait.

Well, and chew the meat off of my bone. I only hoped someone would take care of my human. And keep death as far away from him as possible.


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About Tequila Mockingbird

Tequila Mockingbird by Rhys Ford eBookSequel to Whiskey and Wry (and The Devil’s Brew)
Sinners Series: Book Three

Lieutenant Connor Morgan of SFPD’s SWAT division wasn’t looking for love. Especially not in a man. His life plan didn’t include one Forest Ackerman, a brown-eyed, blond drummer who’s as sexy as he is trouble. His family depends on him to be like his father, a solid pillar of strength who’ll one day lead the Morgan clan.

No, Connor has everything worked out—a career in law enforcement, a nice house, and a family. Instead, he finds a murdered man while on a drug raid and loses his heart comforting the man’s adopted son. It wasn’t like he’d never thought about men — it’s just loving one doesn’t fit into his plans.

Forest Ackerman certainly doesn’t need to be lusting after a straight cop, even if Connor Morgan is everywhere he looks, especially after Frank’s death. He’s just talked himself out of lusting for the brawny cop when his coffee shop becomes a war zone and Connor Morgan steps in to save him.

Whoever killed his father seems intent on Forest joining him in the afterlife. As the killer moves closer to achieving his goal, Forest tangles with Connor Morgan and is left wondering what he’ll lose first—his life or his heart.

Purchase Tequila Mockingbird at: Dreamspinner Press


About Rhys Ford

Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys admits to sharing the house with three cats of varying degrees of black fur and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and an overworked red coffee maker.


Oh…and Giveaway! Would you like to win…. Drum roll…..

An Audio Book Code from Audible.
(preferably used on a Rhys Ford book but hey… book!)

If so, please leave a comment below and one name will be selected randomly or randomly selected or one random name will be selected. Sheesh. Language. Good Luck…and thank you. Really. Dudes, you all rock and thank you so much

The giveaway starts now and ends July 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Make sure to include your email address in the comment section so you can be contacted!

Don’t forget to check out Heather C’s review of Tequila Mockingbird to see what she thought of it!

Good luck!

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A Special Free Story from Gina A. Rogers: Second to None


TBG: Does everyone know what day it is?! It’s Mardi Gras! Woot woot!

And as a special treat to our viewers, Gina A. Rogers generously offered to write this free story just for us. As always, we are very grateful that she’s given us this chance to air Second to None for all you lovely viewers. So, sit back and we hope you enjoy it as much as we have 🙂

Second to None

Blurb: Graham hates being the center of attention but at six foot five he has always stood out in a crowd. Snide comments, preconceived expectations and guys looking for it rough follow him everywhere. When his best friend calls in a debt and forces him to go to a Mardi Gras party he never expects to meet Jeremiah. Tattooed and cocky, the guy sees right through him so when his friend throws down a challenge that will mean getting up close and naked with the man, Graham has no problem proving he’s second to none. (approx 6900 words)

Continue reading

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A Special Free Story from Kyle Adams: Dirty Vlogger

When The Blogger Girls site became a work in progress, a few authors offered to write short stories for us. Kyle Adams was one of those authors and we greatly appreciate him for doing this. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have!

From the author himself:

I was asked to write a brief introduction to Dirty Vlogger. At first I was like, shit how do I do that? Then I figured the cover is enough of an introduction, I mean look at it! You can probably guess which direction the story is going, right? It’s obviously a story about a young, ambitious man striving to show the world the importance of a nutritious diet (if you believe that, this story Is NOT for you, sorry about it).

Dirty Vlogger came about when I was looking for a cover model for my other free short story Dirty Boys. I stumbled across the photo you can now see and was like I have to write a story for that picture. So I did. And now you’re going to read it and I hope you enjoy it.

Dirty Vlogger Continue reading

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