A Special Free Story from Kyle Adams: Dirty Vlogger

When The Blogger Girls site became a work in progress, a few authors offered to write short stories for us. Kyle Adams was one of those authors and we greatly appreciate him for doing this. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we have!

From the author himself:

I was asked to write a brief introduction to Dirty Vlogger. At first I was like, shit how do I do that? Then I figured the cover is enough of an introduction, I mean look at it! You can probably guess which direction the story is going, right? It’s obviously a story about a young, ambitious man striving to show the world the importance of a nutritious diet (if you believe that, this story Is NOT for you, sorry about it).

Dirty Vlogger came about when I was looking for a cover model for my other free short story Dirty Boys. I stumbled across the photo you can now see and was like I have to write a story for that picture. So I did. And now you’re going to read it and I hope you enjoy it.

Dirty Vlogger

Dirty Vlogger

Copyright© 2014 Kyle Adams


To The Blogger Girls for inviting me to write a super short smutty and free story. Hope this fits the bill and satisfies everyone.

“When your boyfriend goes away and leaves you home alone, there are several things you can do to make sure he misses you and to ensure he has a miserable time without you.” I smiled into my webcam, as I recorded an update for my Video Blog. My name is Kevin, and I am an active Vlogger. It’s sort of my way of keeping a journal, even though it’s public and well, on video. I record everything that I would write in a journal, but looking back at entries allows me to see and hear the expressions and emotions in my voice. For me, that was more valuable than any words I could just write on a piece of paper. I liked it being public because I really enjoyed the comments and advice, or even sometimes being called a loser could make me smile. When it came to Vlogging, I loved it all.

“As you loving viewers know, Boyfriend and I have only been dating for two months.” My boyfriend’s name is Elliot, but on camera I only refer to him as Boyfriend, as I liked keeping his name to myself. “But yesterday, he had to fly out for a business meeting, and he won’t be back for three whole days!” I sighed into the camera. “It’s sappy, but I can honestly say I already miss him. Which brings me to the point of this post; making sure he has reasons to miss me too. I’m sure there are probably a lot of suggestions already available online and easy to find with a quick Google search. Things like texting him to say you’re doing one of his favorite things, like in Boyfriend’s case, that would be watching a Buffy marathon. But that all seems like kids’ stuff. I want my man to really miss me, so that’s why I’m skipping everything else, without even bothering to see what else there is, and jumping right to the top: virtually seducing him by making a live porn video. He’ll desperately wish he was here to give me a hand, and thereby, I’ll have succeeded in making him miss me even more than he had already better been. Obviously, I can’t share the whole thing here, but I thought I’d give you a teaser.” I slowly wiggled my eyebrows at the camera and reached to grab something out of view.

I gradually revealed to my audience that I’d grabbed a basket full of fruit. “Now there’s a lot of fruit here, Boyfriend sent me this generous basket, so, I thought it would only be appropriate to use some of this fruit in my video. Now I consider myself sexually enlightened or ‘kinky,’” I held up my hand and made air quotations to interact with my viewers. “Unfortunately, the only fruit I can think of how to make at all sexy are the bananas.” Holding up a bunch of large, ripe bananas, I broke one off at the stem but didn’t peel it. I gently ran the banana across my cheek and parted lips, ignoring that my cock was already showing interest, it still had a bit to wait. “I mean apples? How would you make those sexy, or kiwi, those aren’t sexy at all.” I grabbed a cluster of grapes out of the basket and picked one off the vine. “Grapes can be sexy, if you eat them one at a time with exaggerated facial expressions while moaning like a frantic street whore. But who has time to do one grape at a time, and wouldn’t that get old after a few grapes?” I asked rhetorically, tossing the grapes back into the basket. “Plus, I don’t like grapes, and I really don’t think I could be sexy gagging them down.

“Honestly, I think the bananas will be more than enough to make him dearly miss me, because, remember, I will be totally naked, and the fruit is just a prop anyway. You agree, disagree? Let me know in the comments, but that’s all the time I’ve got before Boyfriend gets online and I can give him the live performance of my little interactive sex show. See ya!” I waved to the computer one last time before ending the recording and uploading to my site.

I had just over a half an hour before Elliot would be back in his hotel room and ready for our video date. I really wanted to shower first. Even though it was just an online date, I still wanted to look my best, of course.

My best look just happened to be nude, so thirty minutes later, I sat down at my computer butt naked. I positioned my web camera so it strategically only showed the top of my shoulders and head. No reason to start the conversation baring it all, as it’d be much more fun to seductively reveal my nudity as we chatted.

I’d just finished settling in when my computer buzzed and a window popped up alerting me that I was receiving a video chat request. Grinning like a merry fool, I hit accept. Before the call connected, I toned down my smile to just a bit cheerful; I didn’t want to seem too eager and give away my planned surprise.

Since Elliot and I had only been dating a couple months but had hit it off so amazingly well, I think the forced separation was more difficult for me than it normally would have been. Under normal circumstances, I don’t think a few days apart would have made me miss him so keenly, to where just a video chat had me jitterier than a squirrel drinking coffee. I wasn’t used to liking someone so intensely that I missed him with an ache in my chest. I’m almost certain that’s why seeing Elliot’s smiling face light up my screen made my breath catch and my stomach start tingling. Elliot’s bright red hair was messy on the left side where he would run his fingers through it during the day. His green eyes always seemed like they were filled with liveliness that made me wish I knew what was going on inside his head. His freckled cheeks were always showing a hint of blush, I like to think it’s because he has such dirty thoughts, and then I would wish even more that I could read his mind. At the moment, he had his lips cocked into a half smile while we both took a minute just to look at each other. The webcam showed he was wearing a light blue dress shirt with the top two buttons undone, barely offering a teasing view of the skin it covered. It was still enough to cause my loins to stir. Normally, I don’t think in terms like loin stirring, but with Elliot, it was true. He just made my body react in every way with nothing more than a look.

“How was your day?” I asked, offering small talk when really what I wanted to ask was why he was still fully dressed.

“It was work. Not as fun as your day looks to have been. How long have you been naked?”

“W-what makes you think I’ve been naked?”

“Maybe, because earlier you Snapchatted me a picture of your penis with the caption ‘We miss you, sad face.’” He grinned at me. “While you knew I was in a meeting.”

“I can’t help it when I get the urge to send photos to my boyfriend. Besides, you don’t sound like you minded.”

“It was the highlight of the meeting for me. I couldn’t stop staring at my phone.”

“Well, that’s your own fault, you’re not supposed to take a screenshot. That goes against the Snapchat code of honor. You get five seconds to view it and then it’s gone. It was supposed to entice you to come home early and admire it in person. Instead, you took a screenshot.” I shook my head at him but couldn’t hide the amusement in my voice.

“I didn’t want to lose such a meaningful picture. I think I’ll enjoy looking at it for a long time. So, seriously, in more important news, how long have you been naked?”

“Taking a picture of my junk hours ago, does not mean I’m naked now.”

“I know you too well, Kev. There is no way you’d have the camera positioned showing mostly the wall behind you with just your face and the top of your bare shoulders if you weren’t naked.”

“Maybe I’m wearing a strapless tubetop and don’t want you to see how slutty I dress while you’re out of town.” That was the best excuse I could think of on the spot while still holding on to the hope of making a show out of my nakedness.

He raised one eyebrow at me. “For some reason, I don’t quite believe you.”

“Fine, I’m naked,” I said, giving in with a dramatic huff, realizing it was futile to try to fool him when my camera positioning sucked and made it obvious I was hiding something. “But I’ve only been naked since my shower a few minutes ago.” I grabbed one of the bananas off my desk, keeping my movement as hidden as possible.

“All that matters is that you’re naked now.” Even through my speakers, his low purr sent a tingle down my spine making me shiver. “Lower the camera so I can see.”

I ignored his request and instead brought the banana into view. “I got your fruit basket today. I want to say thank you.” I tried using a breathy whisper to sound sexy, suddenly doubting my ability to be sexy with a banana. Maybe I should have used the grapes. I cursed at myself. Being slow and repetitive, but actually sexy with the grapes would beat fumbling awkwardly with a ripe banana. “Just touching this banana reminds me of you.” I closed my eyes to avoid seeing his face as I smacked my cheeks with the banana a couple of times while moaning like a rent boy still trying to pretend Elliot was dick smacking me instead of it being just a piece of fruit.

“Use that banana to show me what you would do if I was there.”

“Um.” My eyes popped open, and I just stared at him not sure what to say. I planned to get him turned on so we could stroke one out with each other thus making him miss me. I wasn’t sure I was ready to do more with the banana then I already had.

“Peel it, and show me.” When I didn’t respond right away, he added, “Proposition: for every order you follow, I’ll remove one piece of clothing.”

“Okay.” I wanted him naked more than anything, even if it was only on video. I could easily do anything to a banana with that kind of motivational reward.

“Pretend the banana is my dick and suck it.”

“But the banana is so much bigger,” I teased him. It wasn’t like Elliot was small in that department, in fact, the bananas weren’t all that much bigger. I just couldn’t help being a smart ass. Elliot had more than enough to please anyone, that’s why I knew he wouldn’t be insecure or upset by my joking.

“Another rule,” he grinned mischievously at me, “Every time you say something smart, I put on a piece of clothing.” He grabbed his jacket from off camera and started to slip into it.

“No! Let’s not do anything hasty. I’ll be good. I promise.” I pinched the bottom of the banana causing it to split open. I barely peeled the skin back before licking the exposed end, gently. I sucked the soft tip between my lips, taking it in my mouth and pushing the skin down as I took it deeper.

“Just like that,” he said, dropping the jacket and casually undoing the buttons on his shirt, revealing his defined, lightly freckled chest. I have several fond memories of my lips kissing every perfect freckle on his body. Elliot worked out routinely, keeping his abs hard and defined. Hell, his whole body was fit. There were four various sized rainbow stars scattered around his abdominal with the largest one shooting above his navel. Watching those stars can be trippy, if I’m drunk and staring at them while bobbing on his cock.

I kept sucking the banana, not too deep since I didn’t want it to break, watching him the whole time. He leaned forward and pushed his shirt over his shoulders, it slipped down his arms exposing the sleeve of tattoos on his right arm that had been hidden under his dress shirt.

“Lower the camera so I can see you properly.”

I stopped sucking the banana and stood up to adjust the camera so it would be angled down, showing my face down to my stiff cock. When I sat back down, I showed him my empty banana peel after notice the banana fell out while I was adjusting the camera.

“That’s okay, I know something else you can use to fill that peel with.” He winked at me while bending over, when he sat back up he was holding two socks that he quickly tossed to the floor.

I bit my bottom lip and stared at him for a minute. I really wanted to get him to take off his pants, but I didn’t really want to cover my penis with a banana peel. “How about,” I leaned forward and snapped another banana off the bunch sitting on my desk, “I just start over with a new one.” I ran my tongue sensually along the shaft of the unpeeled banana until I reached the bottom. I bit into the bottom just enough to split the peel.

“Use the empty rind to fuck into if you want me to remove my next article of clothing.” The movement of his arm told me he was gently rubbing something in his lap that was off camera, something I very much wanted to see.

I didn’t have to think about it, I draped the empty peel around my hard cock and tightened my fist around it. It was slightly cold at first but quickly warmed up as I started moving my hand up and down. It felt smooth and slick and a little weird but not bad. I watched Elliot stand up so my screen was filled with the wonderful close up image of his crotch. My eyes zeroed in on the bulge of his erection. My pace quickened from the excitement of just watching his hands undoing his belt. His hips gyrated teasingly as he pulled the belt from his waist and dropped it on the floor. Then he sat back down smiling at me.

“That’s it? I use a banana skin to jerk off and all you take off is your belt? That doesn’t seem fair.”

“Rules were I’d remove one thing for each command you obeyed. I already cheated and removed both socks for you when you adjusted the camera. You’ll just have to keep following instructions if you want me to take off more.” He knew I wanted to see him naked so I didn’t say anything, I did have to slow down my pace so I wouldn’t come before he even got started. “How about you finish peeling that other banana and start sucking on it. Your lips always look hot wrapped around anything stiff.”

Since I had one hand stroking my cock and the other holding a banana, I used my teeth to pull back the peel in three strips. I immediately made a show out of sucking on the banana, being sure to include slurping noise and an occasional moan. The closer I got to the edge, the easier it was to pretend the bananas were Elliot.

He stood back up, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. I knew by how quickly he shucked his slacks that he was getting just as worked up as I was. He adjusted the angle of his camera again so it would be lower when he sat back down. He rolled his chair back so I could see his face and that he was sitting there in just his powder blue briefs. Now I could watch as he slid his hand up and down over his hard cock. The head was clearly outlined with a moist pool of precome forming at the tip.

“Only one thing left before I’m naked. Deep throat the banana.”

I moaned as I tried to take the banana all the way in my throat, but I was distracted by watching him while my cock slid back and forth in the banana-peel sheath. I’m not sure if it was because I was distracted or if I was just inexperienced at blowing bananas, but I accidentally broke it before it was even half way in my mouth. I froze for a second and even stopped jerking myself off. Not sure if this would count towards him removing his undies or not. I tilted my head and narrowed my eyes, my lips still stretched around the broken banana, I tried giving my most persuasive and sexy, ‘you-know-you-want-to-get-naked’ stare.

“Since you really only did half of the request, I’m only going to take these,” he snapped the waist band of his underwear, “half off.”

I tossed the broken banana I was holding onto my desk and spit the banana out of my mouth. I thought chewing it might be a mood killer since we’d been sexualizing the fruit. “That’s fine with me, as long as I can see your banana and apples, I’m happy.”

He lifted his hips and pushed his briefs down to above his knees. His spread legs stretching them tight. I watched as he spit into his hand, twice, before gripping his cock and spreading it around his shaft and head. It really made me miss the way his cock felt when sliding between my lips or entering me while I was under him. If I couldn’t get him off myself, I’d settle for the next best thing, watching him while we got off together.

When he used his left hand to start tweaking his nipples, my body’s own need kicked in again. I started stroking my own cock, still covered by the peel. I was too on edge to bother removing it. Using my free hand to play with my balls, pleasure raced through my body. I had to bite my lip in an attempt to hold off my climax. It didn’t work. My toes curled and I muttered, “Oh, yeah,” as I shot into the banana peel. I stopped stroking myself as the sensation got to be too much and let my body relax back into my chair. I enjoyed a few more minutes of Elliot grunting while he worked his cock before he erupted, shooting strands of come across his stomach.

“You know, when you get back, I’m not letting you put on any clothes for at least twenty-eight to thirty-three hours,” I told him.

“That sounds perfect.” He gave me a lazy smile.

“I smell like banana pudding.”

“Yum.” He licked his lips.

“I’m scared to even look at how messy I probably am under this peel,” I said, slowly lifting my hand from holding the peel against my softening groin. “Bet it looks like I dipped my dick in tapioca.”

“And on that note, I should probably be signing off. Don’t want to be up too late.”

“You don’t want to see the mess you got me in?”

“If I was there, I’d help clean you off.” He winked at me. “But nothing I can do from here, so you’re on your own. Night, Kev.”

“I’ll find a way to get you back for this,” I told him, blowing a goodnight kiss “Sweet dreams.”

Even after another shower, I still smelled like bananas as I fell asleep, dreaming about more sexy ways to get Elliot just as dirty as I had gotten.

The End

Author Bio:

Kyle Adams started out dabbling with writing gay romance stories for fun. He writes what makes him laugh and hopes anyone who reads his work laughs with him. Kyle had two books nominated in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group 2012 reader’s choice awards. He was nominated in the categories for Best Free Story and Best Humorous Story.

Kyle has a hard time picking a favorite anything (color, book, music, quote, et cetera), so trying to write a decent bio was quite the challenge. He is a very quiet person and is used to keeping things to himself. If there is anything you want to know, just ask.

Kyle loves hearing from readers. Always feel free to contact him or add on any of the following:

E-mail, Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon Profile

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