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Honorary Blogger TA Moore: The Boutique + Giveaway!


Thanks so much for having me! Wanted-Bad Boyfriend is a contemporary M/M romance set on Ceremony, a small, English island that’s made romance into a cottage industry. Of course, the other thing that small island communities excel at is gossip…and Ceremony is no different. Especially when they have such fertile fodder as Nate and Flynn, the main characters of Wanted-Bad Boyfriend.

Read on for a little something extra to give you a taste of what you can look forward to 🙂


The Boutique

by TA Moore

The bride’s cousin stood on her tiptoes in changing room and twisted to check out her reflection in the cross-angled mirrors. The pale green dress fit her like a second skin and bared her arms and about two-thirds of her legs. She pursed her dark, matte-red lips and looked at her companion as she raised a plucked, perfectly brow expectantly.

He tilted his head and tabbed his finger to his lip. “Just a little bit…” He pinched his fingers and mimed tugging the hem of the dress up a few inches.

Dani mentally shifted the woman’s price-point a few pounds higher to deal with the aggravation. She didn’t let it show on her face, of course. The boutique did well enough off mothers of the brides and guests who’d under-estimated the tone of the wedding, but the real money came when spurned exes and jealous family members tried to out-shine the bride.

“I’ve got just the dress,” she said. “The minute I saw you I thought of it, but I thought it might be too daring.”

The bride’s cousin laughed and tossed her hair, one hand propped on her hip. “Oh, trust me, never too daring for me.”

While her client ducked back into the curtained off booth, Dani stepped out into the shop and grabbed a few dresses at random. Silk and brocade and glitter-sewn fabric rustled against each other as she draped it over her arm.

“The wedding co-ordinator is a dish,” the cousin said, her voice muffled as she pulled the dress over her head. “Do you think Katie has a thing with him?”

“More likely it’d be Bradley,” her friend drawled. He leaned over and topped up his glance of wine. “He’s more up my street.”

The cousin made a rude noise. “You don’t know that.”

“Oh he’s right,” Dani said. She clicked her way over and slipped the dress collection through the curtain. A tug settled the edges of the velvet back in place. “Nathan’s gay. Believe me, I know. We went to school together.”

The cousin laughed. There was a hint of something cruel in, Dani would know, she’d practiced to slide in a dig before this girl had been born.

“Did he turn you down?”

Dani laughed. “Oh no, he was never my type. He looked thirty at fourteen with that hair,” she said. “I was the one who told him he was gay. Poor boy had no idea until I pointed it out for him.”

“I’m sure he appreciated that,” the companion drawled over a glass of wine. Dani glanced at him and he smiled back blandly.

“Well,” Dani said. “It’s not like he’s ever been particularly good at it. His mother has to find him his dates, or he takes his best friend’s leftovers.”

“But he’s so cute,” the young man protested. “I would. On Tuesdays.”

“You’re my date!” the cousin protested as she stuck her head through the curtain to glare.

“Not on Tuesdays.”

She huffed at him and came out in glossy, flapper style confection of peacock and feathers. Whatever face her friend — date — pulled made her turn on her feel and retreat immediately.

“Oh, he looks the part,” Dani said. “He’s just got ideas above his station. The Baronet was always kind to him — Nate was best friends with his son — and Nate got the idea he was…cut the same cloth. Nobody is good enough for him. He’s turned down every gay man on the island”

The cousin made a dismissive noise. Conversation had obviously strayed from her for as long as she was willing to tolerate.

“Oh, this is it,” she said as she spun out in a pale pink suede short and top. Continue reading

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Honorary Blogger Davidson King: Why I Wrote… Why I Still Do + Excerpt & Giveaway!


Why I Wrote… Why I Still Do

by Davidson King

I wrote Snow Falling because I dreamed I could. I was told I couldn’t, I was told I wasn’t smart enough, educated enough, I wasn’t capable. So, I wrote it. When I finished and published it, it felt like I was slapping down all the negative people who told me I couldn’t.

Then something happened. I realized I could do it. I was good enough. I had more to say. So, Hug It Out came to be. I loved introducing people to the characters in my head. When that released I held my breath. Was I fooling myself? I wasn’t. People actually liked reading my words. I admit to crying several times out of pure joy and relief. I felt like Sally Field saying, “You like me, you really like me.”

AND THEN something more happened. It became a need. I HAD to write. I had to tell the world about my universe. My characters started screaming, “ME. DO ME NEXT. MY TURN.” When I don’t write it feels like a pressure in my veins. When my fingers move over the keyboard it relieves it.

Writing was a dream I achieved and now I need it. Sometimes I sit and think, “How was I literally living half a life all this time?” At 38 almost 39 I am fulfilling my dream. I am all lit up and living it.

That is why I will write until the voices silence.

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Honorary Blogger Chris T. Kat: After the Hiatus + Excerpt!


After the Hiatus

by Chris T. Kat

Thanks so much to the Blogger Girls for having me on your blog. Dreamspinner Press published my new release, Alpha Unit One, New York, today. Alpha Unit One, New York is a shape-shifter story with a unique twist.

Alpha Unit One, New York is the first book I’ve written after a hiatus of over a year. Two years ago my last book came out, and I retired from writing. Well, that’s what I thought, anyway. I’d lost the fun I’d always found in writing, and health issues didn’t help either. So writing became a chore when before it had always been sort of my relaxation zone. I believed I’d burned out, but as much as it pained me in the beginning, I soon realized I’d find another hobby.

So I went back to doing sports, and eventually my health troubles lessened, and all of a sudden there was this desire to write again. At first I shoved it aside because I was actually afraid if I started writing again I’d overdo, and my body would not tolerate me working myself into the ground again.

But what to do when you have a complete story in your mind with one of the cutest characters you’ve ever invented? Right, I started writing again. At first, I was very careful about how much time I spent at the computer. But I soon realized I could write without overtaxing myself (although I only write sometimes and very little) and the joy in writing came back. I hope that shines through in Alpha Unit One, New York because I totally adore the baby animals in this story. And yep, the twist in this story is having baby creatures as the permanent form of human shifters.

In this story, I could indulge in writing my characters with their playful behavior. I could also describe their features in detail, like the baby fur, large eyes, etc. All in all, I smiled a lot while writing this book, and hope it’ll elicit a smile or two from you, the readers.

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Honorary Blogger Jessie Pinkham: Pursuing Happiness + Excerpt!


Pursuing Happiness

by Jessie Pinkham

Mr. P and I lived in Philadelphia for a year, long enough to learn he hated it and I didn’t love city life either. I like quiet to facilitate writing. Anyway, one day he wanted to go for a walk. I had a headache, so he went out solo, and he came back with an amusing anecdote.

For context, he doesn’t wear a wedding ring because it drives him nuts, so he’s lacking that indicator of being taken. And I am biased, but I think he’s a good-looking man. 😉

He’d gone up to City Hall and decided to take a different way home. Eventually, he noticed none of the women he passed were paying him any attention whatsoever. The men, on the other hand, were being unusually friendly.

Then he looked up and saw a rainbow street sign, and all became clear. He was in the Gayborhood.

Sorry, fellas, I know he’s a catch, but he’s spoken for! (And straight.)

When writing Pursuing Happiness, my goal was complete realism. I wanted to engage with the challenges that inevitably result from an unhealthy childhood of religious abuse and isolation, and to support the effort, I decided to set the story in Philadelphia. Because I work in Philly and visit often for non-work reasons, I’m familiar with the city. In my own humble opinion this is conducive to creating a setting which rings true and supports my ultimate aim of realism.

A lot of the local flavor comes in the form of small comments, such Matt wishing he had enough money to live in the Gayborhood. Philadelphia truly has an area known officially as the Gayborhood, complete with rainbow street signs and crosswalks. It’s not a cheap area to live, so it’s out of Matt’s budget, but it’s a good place for LGBT folks to find romantic and/or sexual partners. More often than not, men in the Gayborhood are assumed to be into other men, as Mr. P’s experience shows.

Philly is, on the whole, a place where LGBT folks are accepted and valued, so it’s a supportive home for Matt and Levi as they learn to embrace their sexuality. I imagine they pick up their free weekly copies of Philadelphia Gay News, a detail which didn’t make it into the story. As Levi describes the city, “I like the diversity. People with neon hair, guys holding hands, dogs wearing clothes, and nobody stares.”

This is the city where Thomas Jefferson wrote that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights. We’ve come a long way toward making that a reality, though we still have further to go. I think it makes Philadelphia a perfect setting for Matt’s story of leaving his repressive and toxic family in order to make a fulfilling life for himself.

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Honorary Blogger Wulf Francu Godgluck: Tidbits about Wulfy + Excerpt & Giveaway!


Tidbits about Wulfy

by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Hell-o, Everyone!

I’m Wulf Francu Godgluck or Wulfy for short.

I want to thank the Blogger Girls for the opportunity to do a guest b post. Often times we authors use these spot to sell ourselves to potential new readers. Either by doing a post about ourselves, our writing or one of our books, though, I feel only readers can sell books to follow reader, hence why asked the readers who favoured my work, why they like my stuff and what draws them to my writing? Though, it would be completely unfair to ask, only what they like, and though, I did ask what they dislike, I didn’t get too many response on that, but I did get some.   

Of course, I won’t post every single thing each reader stated but I would like to share a few with the Blogger Girls’ readership.

“Starting one of your books almost feels like buckling yourself onto a rollercoaster in the dark. You have no idea what’s going to happen. But it moves fast and you get such an adrenaline rush. Sometimes it drops and your stomach falls – and you are always wondering what’s coming next.” 

“You put it all out there and I love it. You are also one of the best that I love/hate. Never know where you are going to go with the stories.”

It’s very true, I love to keep readers on their toes, never knowing what to except or where the story will go.  One thing I hate while reading is predictability, even in romance, despite the fact that most romance ends on HEA, I still want an author to make me feel as if it’s not going to.

“I love the emotions and feeling you invoke with your words and that you don’t follow the norm.”

I strive for this, I work very hard to accomplish this because once you have your readers emotionally invested, it’s hard for them to let go, but I don’t just want my reader to feel the emotions, I want them to be able to taste them. Let me tell you, doing this is not easy, even during an action scene I want my readers to feel.

“I love how raw your characters are. No holds barred and nothing held back.”

Another thing I try very hard to do, is not tell my readers how badass a character is or how alpha male, possessive etc, they are, but to show my reader. So often I come across stories where the authors tells you repeatedly how badass/mean/cruel/deadly/dark a character is, but it won’t carry any weight until that character is tested, and more often than not, some authors tend to fail in that opportunity to show the readers just how badass/mean/cruel/deadly/dark a character can be.

“Pulling you one way then smashing you into the wall with one heart stopping sentence. You invite…no you drag your readers kicking and screaming into your book and hold them there for one hell of a ride. You’re not for the faint hearted, no buttercream topping just raw meat, blood and guts. Then you flip and show your readers tender heart breaking love and joy. You paint a passionate world that’s not easy to read sometime but one you don’t want to leave …”

I really do, do this, I guess, but the lines I want to draw attention to here are those in bold.  You can’t show your readers just darkness, you need to show them the vulnerability, the tender moments, the humanity still struggling to survive within the monster,  because I believe it brings a sense of realness to your characters, no matter how dark they are.

“I love the way you use your words, sometimes it’s a bit crazy, but it just makes you more aware of every word you read.”

I do this on purpose for the very same reason as stated above, I want my reader to pay attention to what they are reading, not just because sometimes we read a line or a sentence and our brain completes it before we read the last word, but there are under tones in my writing. Hidden meanings that sometimes forewarns readers as to what’s to come, or have a reflection on the world and current events, and I truly want my reader to be aware of what’s going on,  on the page.

“You sir have a way with words it’s like jumping down the rabbit hole to wonderland only to get spat out the other end all emotionally bruised and battered, your characters are what cat-nip is to cats they’re addictive, dark, take no prisoners and they’re totally batshit crazy!!”

Totally, I love the villain, the antiheros, the deeply disturbed and crazy ones, even as a young child I was more interested in the story of the villain than I was about anything else, because damn, some of them villains are hot, and well, who’s to say, just because they slaughtered the whole summer camp, that they haven’t loved, or can’t fall in love. Yes, I write criminals, killers, psychopaths and sociopaths. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is mine

“Your writing is unapologetic. There’s this ‘you don’t like it? There’s the &$^%king door’ attitude in all of your books.”

Now hang on, lol, before readers think I’m arrogant, I’m not, but I do write my characters this way, they are who they are, and they won’t change for you, for me, or anyone else. (Okay maybe in some causes they’ll change for the one(s) they love.) But my point here is, I write hard characters, not always for the readers to fall in love with them or even sympathize with them, but to understand them, maybe to relate in one or a few of their aspects, I write for the journey they take you on, why are they the way they are, what happened, what changed and how will this play out in the end.  I am a big believer in every action has a consequence, the butterfly effect, it’s not so much the destination, but the journey and the ones you meet and things you learn on the way.

“In 100% honest truth… since you asked… I like your books because they’re different. They aren’t your everyday hearts and rainbows, fluffy, cookie cutter shit that I hate. I like the imagination. The unique plots. The covers are all $#%king awesome! Seriously amazeballs. The only critique I would give is that sometimes they can be harder to follow because they bounce around some, ideas wise/flow.”

Yes that last line is one of my biggest flaws, I do tend to jump around, presenting an idea or explanation to readers before I get to the actual point. To some it can be confusing, even frustrating. It’s just how my brain’s thought patterns work, I process information extremely fast, confronting and dismissing pros and cons or possible contradictions, I also tend to have multiple POV within a manuscript. I don’t write purely romance, I lean more towards fiction, with romance as a sub plot. My sorties are also complex in plot. Again, it comes back to how my creative though proses is wired. I’ve tried and tried hard to write a sweet and simplistic romance, and damn it’s freaking hard for me, my brain always have to butt in and over complicate things. I take my hat off to authors who can keep their stories sweet and tender with uncomplicated romance.

A few things readers did not mention that I personally feel is some of my writing flaws, I can be over flowery with adjectives, and make use of very vivid (sometimes overtop) descriptions, I can be very dramatic in my writing, stretching things to their extreme, I also tend to be poetic in my writing. Some reader are okay with this, others are not. I also over show with my writing, but I would rather over show than tell. English is not my first langue, this is both good and not so good, for one, it has given me a unique voice among my writing peers, but this also handers me in the way I express things in writing.  

And there you have it, a few thoughts and comments from readers and me about my writing.


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Honorary Blogger E.M. Hamill: The Idea Behind Nectar and Ambrosia + Excerpt & Giveaway!


The Idea Behind Nectar and Ambrosia

by E.M. Hamill

Nectar and Ambrosia is a bar and hotel that straddles dimensions, a threshold between our world and the dimension from which the Amaranthine originate. The (alas) fictional pub is located in my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri, smack in the middle of downtown in the popular Power and Light District.

The idea for this story actually came from a dream I had. There was a guy behind the bar that everyone knew was the “go-to” guy if you needed something from the gods: blessings, favors, interventions. People would go and talk to him and he would be the one to decide whether or not you’d get to go upstairs or in the back room and talk to the gods personally.

I was compelled to write about this man immediately after the dream, and although he ended up a very different person in Nectar and Ambrosia,  Florian became the main character of a really bad short story, pieces of which  ultimately ended up in a couple of different chapters of the book. One scene I did not use involved Florian reminding Hades and Satan his back room was a non-smoking section.

The ideas behind organized religion, mythology, and celebrity are admittedly cynical and snarky, but I had a good time rewriting the origins of my favorite mythological characters to reflect the alternate reality I was building. Having all these different pantheons, legends and philosophies in one place was challenging and not only required research, but a careful dash of creative license. I’ve tried to remain respectful while still putting all of them behind the same sarcastic filter.

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Honorary Blogger Morgan Brice: Sexing Up Real Settings and History + Excerpt & Giveaway!


Sexing Up Real Settings and History

by Morgan Brice

My new romance novel, Badlands, is set in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Witchbane, the first book in my other new romance series, is set in Richmond, but will move from city to city throughout the series. And in the books I’ve written under my Gail Z. Martin name, I’ve set all kinds of adventures in Charleston, Pittsburgh, the wilds of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Ever wonder how writers use real places and real history? It’s more fun—and maybe a little harder—than you might think!

So here’s the gist of my brand-new Badlands, which is the first book in its series: Medium and clairvoyant Simon Kincaide owns a Myrtle Beach boardwalk shop where he runs ghost tours, holds seances, and offers private psychic readings, making a fresh start after his abilities cost him his lover and his job as a folklore professor. Jaded cop Vic D’Amato saw something supernatural he couldn’t explain during a shootout several years ago in Pittsburgh and relocated to Myrtle Beach to leave the past behind, still skeptical about the paranormal.  But when the search for a serial killer hits a dead end, Vic battles his skepticism to ask Simon for help. As the body count rises, Simon’s involvement makes him a target, and a suspect. But Simon can’t say no, even if it costs him his life and heart

When I set a book in a real-world location, I want the setting to become a character, giving the story such a sense of personality unique to that city that it couldn’t happen in the same way anywhere else. I also know that other people actually live in that location, so I want to make sure that I get my details right, because I don’t want to throw anyone out of the story. That means I do a lot of research online with maps, photographs and history sites (and in my case, sites about ghost hunting and hauntings). If possible, I visit the city and check out the locations in person, but sometimes I end up adding in a location after the visit, in which case online photos and Google Street View are fantastic!

It helps to have lived in a location (as with Pittsburgh and Richmond) or to have visited frequently (as with Myrtle Beach and Charleston—and the other cities yet to come in the Witchbane series). That’s not always possible, but it definitely lends some street cred to getting the vibe right.

Since my books have some supernatural element to them—magic, hauntings, cursed objects, monsters, psychic abilities—I also try to take into account local legends and lore. When I can weave in local ghost stories, urban legends, and spooky history like ship wrecks, famous disappearances or unsolved mysteries, the book feels a lot more authentic to the location. This is one of the most fun parts of writing, because I love these kinds of tales!

The location determines a lot of aspects of the story, from what the weather is like during different seasons to what kinds of natural disasters pose a threat. That helps me decide what ‘tools’ I have in my writing toolbox to bedevil my characters and cause problems for them or put them in danger. Plus, different cities and regions have very different cultures, whether it’s formal or laid-back, suspicious of strangers or welcoming, open to new things or secretive with a lot of baggage. That’s going to shape the characters and the people around them, and determines how they react and what kinds of obstacles they might encounter.

I really love getting to know new places or digging deeper into favorite locations! That’s why all my books are set in cities where I’m happy to have many reasons for a return visit. I hope you’ll do some ‘arm chair tourism’ through my stories, and maybe even decide you want to go visit the places I’ve mentioned yourself!

I’ll be a Hosting Author at RomCon and a Supporting Author at Gay Romantic Lit Retreat in October, so please look me up and say hello!

Badlands is available in ebook on Kindle, Kobo and Nook and in print. We’re working on audiobook. Please also check out Witchbane, the first in my other urban fantasy MM paranormal romance series!

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Honorary Blogger SJ Himes: The Necromancer of Beacon Hill + Excerpt & Giveaway!


The Necromancer of Beacon Hill

by SJ Himes

Beacon Hill is a 105-acre neighborhood in Boston that is one of the oldest continually-inhabited areas in the United States. Steeped in history and covered in steep cobblestone streets, narrow brick alleys lined with ivy, Federal-style and Victorian era brownstones, and proximity to the famous Commons, Beacon Hill is a tony part of the city that draws the imagination and heart.

It is the perfect place for a necromancer and his eclectic family to call home.

Angel Salvatore is a necromancer, a sorcerer with an affinity for death magics, the dead and dying, and the means and ways of death. His affinity is rare, so seldom seen that more myths and legends circulate the world than fact and truth. Angel is a juxtaposition of over the top power and a strict moral code that doesn’t necessarily align with that of the government. He will do the right thing even if it is against the law. He will break all the rules if it means saving lives.

In a town that helped birth a revolution, it is the perfect place for a rebel to live.

Once upon a time, the Blood Wars raged across Boston. A blood feud that involved several magical clans and held Boston in its grip for centuries, the Blood Wars ended when a then 20yr old Angel cast a spell so devastating it decimated an undead army. With his enemies dead, incarcerated, or on the run, the Salvatores claimed victory, but at such a cost that it was hollow. The Salvatore Massacre claimed the lives of Angel’s entire family save for his little brother, Isaac.

After the Massacre, Angel shuttered the ancestral Salvatore home, and took his little brother with him to Beacon Hill. There they blended as best they could into the heavy practitioner population, and they tried to find some semblance of a new life.

Things didn’t go quite to plan, and ten years later sees the beginning of The Necromancer’s Dance. Angel meets a vampire, a 400-year-old Elder of Boston’s only bloodclan. Irish, sexy, and lethal in a suit, Simeon complements Angel in way that is unexpected and powerful.

Hijinks ensue, and two books later finds us at the threshold of The Necromancer’s Reckoning. Angel’s choices and actions have led to a place of reckoning, and the world is watching. Angel can either let his world be torn apart, or he can stand and fight.

What better place to fight against a corrupt government than Beacon Hill and Boston? The city knows down to its bones the rallying cry of rebellion, the ghosts of conflicts past sleeping and waiting. A necromancer lives in one of the most haunted cities on earth, and Angel has never backed down from a fight.

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Honorary Blogger Sadie Rose Bermingham: If A Picture Paints (80) Thousand Words… + Excerpt & Giveaway!


If A Picture Paints (80) Thousand Words…

by Sadie Rose Bermingham

A couple of years ago, in between novels, while we were both obsessed with tales of urban fae, ruined buildings and faded industrial environments, Bellora sent me a photograph of a run down looking building that could have existed in any post-industrial city in the western world. The building had been an auto-parts store and the sign out front had been dismantled and graffiti-ed over so that instead of AutoParts, it read Utopia. A less likely utopia, neither of us could imagine.

It sowed the seed of an idea though. Bellora is originally from the Detroit area of Michigan, and it was Detroit that began our fascination with the wrecked and the run-down, the echoes of fading splendour in the magnificent civic buildings of that city, now gone to rack and ruin. Out of that seed grew the story of Demon Familiar. The idea was to create a kind of dystopian, post-fossil fuel Detroit, but given our track record it was never going to be a faithful recreation of a normal human city. We’d both been interested in writing a kind of warped fairytale. The fae in Or d’Roit are living on the edges of society, in a world shared with humans and demons. Magic is a form of currency in our fictional city and our central characters’ lives have both been colored by it.

Malachai is the son of of an English alchemist and an Irish leprechaun baron, the disinherited scion of a very long line of powerful fairy folk. A former racing driver, he finds himself stuck in Or d’Roit once the gas and oil dried up. Mal is employed by Mercurio Geiger, a grouchy gremlin mechanic with a heart of gold, to use his alchemical ability to make valuable and elusive petroleum,

Neil’s father is a notorious demonic sorcerer, who has made his fortune killing other people with magic. When a group of assassins called Bone Men show up at Neil’s home and murder his mother in front of his eyes, Neil is forced to go on the run. With no idea whether the killers were looking for his father or sent for some other reason, he literally has nowhere to turn.

They both wind up in an unlikely Utopia, which just happens to be the name of Mercurio’s chopshop in the decaying downtown area of the city, inspired by that initial photograph. Together with the aid of some unlikely allies, also scraping together their livelihoods in the shells of some of downtown’s formerly magnificent theatres, hotels and stately homes, they make a stand against whoever is hunting for Neil.

As we began to assemble their story, the city itself became a pivotal character for us. We wanted to explore its depths and celebrate its past glories. The ruined buildings become virtual fortresses for those who inhabit them, a protection against the violent, unpredictable world outside. The streets and buildings in Demon Familiar became as important to us as the people. So much so that the city gets its own dedication in this first volume of  the Wanted series. We hope that you enjoy exploring Or d’Roit as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Honorary Blogger Michael War: What To Know About Under Five + Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!


What To Know About Under Five

by Michael War

Thank you to The Blogger Girls for having me today and allowing me to talk about my upcoming release, Under Five, with you. Let’s get to it, shall we.

Here are four things that you should know about it:

  1. Yes, it does deal with cock size (can I say that here?) When I read a romance story you always get descriptions of these beautiful, long and thick appendages that have the uncanny ability to pleasure everyone in sight. I know because I write about those too. So when I was writing this (which actually started a long time ago), I wondered what would happen if some youngish stud was worried about whether or not his was big enough to please someone else. Feeling inadequate is something I think a lot people can identify with on some level.
  2. It looks at this from a comedic angle. While I guess the subject does have some angst to it, I didn’t want it to be too heavy on the whole “am I big enough” thing and decided to use it as the springboard for something outrageous to happen. Everyone wants their questions answered, but they aren’t always prepared for how it occurs. Mike, the MC, uses a spell to gain insight. Anyone who has ever seen a movie or read a book based on similar concepts know that this never goes as planned. I’m hoping that the twist is a surprise; one that people really don’t see coming.
  3. It’s set in Chicago, but I don’t think I ever say it by name. I do reference driving by the lake (which represents going along Lakeshore Drive) and being in awe of tall buildings. I love Chicago and have made it my home the past few years, which baffles me why I didn’t actually say it by name. Perhaps a part of me was afraid of getting some terminology wrong, or inaccurate locations. That’s something I regret now, though I think in my next book I will actually say it.
  4. I tried to infuse a bit of my Mexican culture in it. One thing that I have felt my books lacked in the past was a connection to my heritage. I have main characters who are Latinx, but other than their names and a few words of Spanish, I don’t think it’s ever referenced again. This time I wanted to dive a little deeper and explore some situations and ideas that reflected that part of me. I really think it helped deepen the story and I am looking forward to doing that in future stories.

Well, that is it. I really hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I honestly did have a lot of fun writing it. I think the magical aspect helped, since it allowed me to stretch the idea a bit without too much constraint. Yet, somehow I think Under Five still contains a sort of realism to it, one that some people can see themselves in. Happy reading! Continue reading

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