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Honorary Blogger Zoe Lee: Why Will You Fall In Love With Asher and Lucas? + Excerpt & Giveaway!


Why Will You Fall In Love With Asher and Lucas?

by Zoe Lee

I’ve never fallen in love with my characters as hard and fast as I did writing Asher and Lucas! I usually have to write the first quarter of the book to figure out who my main characters really are, what makes them tick and what makes them hot. Once I know, I go back to the beginning to flesh them out and then continue writing, falling in love slowly as I go.

But not with these two. I loved how the fact that they belong together is so obvious for me and the audience, but they’re not so quick to see it, even if they’re both smart guys!

Asher seems like a no-brainer to love—he’s handsome and muscled, he’s smart and talented, he has great relationships with his parents, his sister, and his friends. But he’s also grumpy, which I have to admit is one of my favorite qualities in a character because I love to find out all the ways they’re gooey on the inside. For a lot of band practices, he cooks homemade meals for his bandmates. And of course, he doesn’t like things to change—and how on earth could he find his happily ever after if nothing changes? I had so much fun pushing him to grow and change.

Lucas starts out an awkward nerd with extraordinary musical abilities. He talks too much and is never really confident that he’s saying the right things. He’s also immature and his hangups about his talents and awkwardness make people impatient with him. It seems like that’s negative, but what I love about him is that he’s genuinely trying to figure things out and doesn’t have any ill intentions, he just needs to get his shit together.

So you’ll love how they clash, how they complement each other, and how they help each other become better men. You’ll love the songs they sing together, and I hope you love those songs too, because I had so much fun finding the perfect songs for their soundtrack. I also love how much fun I imagine the rest of their lives will be once they have their happily ever after—keep an eye out for cameos from their cute butts in the rest of this series!

Thank you to The Blogger Girls for having me today. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below.

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