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Space Mac by Emma Jane: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Space Mac

by Emma Jane

Dust tickled his nostrils. He sneezed and woke himself up. Mac took a moment to realise he lay on his side in the dirt, that he was not in Martin’s bed, and that usually when you woke up from a dream you actually left the bloody thing. He scrabbled upright, heart pounding, and retreated to the back of the cage—cage, he was in a fucking cage!

Not a dream.

He was naked, again, the red coat gone. But his hands were free and there was fabric on the ground before him that he snatched up and, once he’d worked out where the arm holes were, put on. It was a white, scratchy, trouser-and-top number that made him feel like a criminal.

“I am not made for burlap!” he yelled, hoping someone somewhere was listening to him. “My skin will not take this shit!”

He hugged his arms around his waist and approached the front of the cage. Metal bars on three sides of him; cold stone wall at the back. The sky above was blue, and the sun beat down as if he was in the Sahara. He knew now though that he wasn’t even on Earth anymore. Aliens walked past the cages—he was in a row of them, most occupied—and nobody paid him a blind bit of attention.

A bang on the bars to his left made him jump out of his skin, and reluctantly, he looked over.

“You look kovan,” the creature said. “But you smell like an oosh dog from one of my planet’s moons. Possibly Steplar—the oosh dogs are particularly rancid on Steplar.”

Mac gazed at her. It was female. She had the body of a woman—light blue fabric draped over all the right curves—but her face was more angular, and she had two great, curved horns coming from her head like those of a ram.

“And you look like a goat,” he told her. “A particularly old goat, who’s all haggard and not even good for a curry.”

She grinned at him and leaned against the bars. “I like you, oosh dog. What are you here for?”

Mac scratched the back of his head and moved a bit closer. “To be honest, I’m not really sure. I don’t even know what’s going on or where I am.”

“Ah, you have been at the tonic? Your frame is small. You should drink less.”

“No, I’m not… I’m not drunk. There was this…thing, this pin…” He stopped and stared wide-eyed at the ground. The pin. He’d dropped the fucking pin! It was probably his key to getting home. For fuck’s sake.

“I see. I am Lenara.” She reached with her hand through the bars, her forefinger extended towards him. He wasn’t entirely sure what the gesture meant, but he had the feeling he’d offend her if he ignored it. Mac took hold of her finger and shook it.

“Mackenzie Jones,” he said, too befuddled to think up a lie. “Human, by the way.”

Lenara withdrew her hand and eyed her finger with a bemused smile on her face.

“Human,” she repeated. “I’ve not heard of your species, I am sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t know what you are either. I don’t know what any of these…people…are. I’m…my planet hasn’t ever really done space travel before. You know. Not to anywhere other than, like, Mars or something. Do you know Mars?”

Lenara shook her head, the horns making the movement slow and heavy. “No. My species, the veneks, are from a planet called Nevka. I do not think any of us have heard of Mars.”

“Nevka. Huh. I thought it’d be Venekasia or Veneksta or something. Although, I guess it’d make more sense if humans were from Humania.” Mac frowned to himself. Then he shook his head and looked at Lenara. “I’m from Earth.”

“Do not know it.”

“No.” Mac sighed. “Look. So, I’m in a heap of shit here, and I have no idea what to do or how to get myself out of it—”

“You want out?”

Mac frowned. The way Lenara said it made him instantly suspicious, as if she were about to do something incredibly dodgy or reckless or dangerous. Or all three.

“Yeah,” he said. “I can’t stay here.”

“Good.” She flashed her teeth at him—like human teeth but wider, flatter. “Then we get out. Little human, you watch and be ready.”

He didn’t really know why she called him ‘little,’ as they were pretty much the same height. She was a touch taller, perhaps, and muscled, but he sure as hell didn’t feel little in comparison. He watched as she moved to the front of her cage, plucked something from between her breasts, and threw it out into the crowd.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then came a clack clack call, like that of a magpie, shortly followed by another from across the way. A large animal sprung up from the crowd and flapped its great wings before descending on whatever it was Lenara had thrown. The other creature, which had echoed the first call, also leapt into the air and launched itself in an attack against the first. They reminded Mac of lizards with wings.

Dinosaurs, he thought, watching as they scrapped over the object, flapping and cawing and biting and clawing. People moved quickly aside, shouting and screaming.

Two guards—or police officers, since they wore the same red uniform as the man who’d arrested Mac—jumped into action, calling for order and waving batons.

Mac, distracted by the commotion, had momentarily forgotten about Lenara until the cages shook. When he looked, she lowered her head and rammed the bars between their two cages again and again until the metal buckled and bent, and she squeezed herself into Mac’s space. Before he could say or do anything, she turned and butted the front of his cage until the bars warped enough for her to squeeze herself through. She reached for his hand and pulled him after her.

“Run now,” she told him. “Follow me.”


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Book Review: In the Blood by Hailey Turner

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: In the Blood
Author: Hailey Turner
Series: Metahuman Files #4
Heroes: Jamie Callahan/Alexei Dvorkin
Genre: MM Sci-Fi
Length: 303 Pages
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: December 18, 2017
Available at:  Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Running out of time.

Captain Jamie Callahan is frustrated with his team constantly being at the mercy of the enemy in order to further the MDF’s goals. To make matters worse, his father’s political campaign is ramping up and Jamie’s every move is being watched by the media. He is acutely aware of all the eyes trained on him, his team, and Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan in particular. Meanwhile, Kyle would give anything to stay in the shadows, but he refuses to leave Jamie’s side, no matter the scrutiny. Staying out of the spotlight becomes impossible when their families are threatened and vital choices about their future together can no longer be ignored.

Desperate measures.

Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin and Agent Sean Delaney are enjoying their time together as a couple when Sean’s past catches up with him. As Alpha Team’s long-running mission gets derailed in the worst way possible, Alexei discovers the enemy is playing for keeps, and neither he nor Sean are in any position to beat the odds and win the game. As for Sean, he’s worried that even if they make it out alive, Alexei may never forgive him for giving into the enemy’s demands.

Stand your ground.

Manipulation is the name of the game, but Jamie is done playing by everybody else’s rules. So is the rest of Alpha Team, because if there’s one thing Jamie’s team knows? It’s that they’re a family—and you don’t mess with family unless you want to get hurt.
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Author Q&A: Pat Henshaw + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Interview Banner

Please welcome Pat Henshaw to The Blogger Girls!

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I’m an avid reader. I own a Kindle with a few thousand books and have the device with me always. I read anywhere and everywhere. These days I only read gay romances although I have ventured out into gay fantasy, so my favorite authors reflect the genre. Some of my comfort reads—the books I go to when I’m upset or down—are by Parker Williams, Kim Fielding, A. M. Arthur, Cardeno C., Annabeth Albert, N. R. Walker, and so many others. It’s difficult in this genre to pick out only a few of the great authors who are writing these days.

For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

I love my Kindle. In fact, I’m currently on my fifth Kindle. I bought one when they first came out and have never looked back. Like music, I’ve ended up buying some of my favorite paperback books in eBook format just so that I’ll always have them with me. The Kindle fits in my purse, so in those times when I’m waiting in line or am a passenger in the car, especially on long trips, the Kindle is my refuge. I like to think that I’m saving trees for the next generation.

What book/s are you reading at present?

I’m currently reading Kim Fielding’s Ante Up and just finished reading Jay Northcote’s The Law of Attraction. What’s funny about the last book is that it’s been sitting on my paperback to be read pile since I got the copy at GRL in 2016. But since it’s a trade paperback and too large to fit in my purse and too heavy to read in bed, it’s stayed on the pile for over a year. I finally broke down and bought the eBook and happily read it over the weekend.

Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

Yes, and yes. Or should I say both? I constantly reread and edit my work in progress. Then when I’m satisfied that I’ve done the best I could on the story, I give it to my husband to proofread and edit. He’s a great editor who not only finds all the mechanical errors but also ferrets out the anomalies and inconsistencies in the story. I also have my daughters and one of my nieces read my books as beta readers. Each one picks out something different that bothers her, so I get a good cross-check from different viewpoints.

Tell us about the cover and how it came about.

AngstyG (Sam), a wonderful graphic designer, has created all the Foothills Pride series covers. For What’s in a Name? we hashed out everything from the palette to the motorcycle, the guys, and the bar. By the time we got to book number six, Frank at Heart, I filled out the cover spec sheet that Dreamspinner provides to give the artists the background they need, and we were so in synch that she sent me a cover which I approved without any changes. The cover for Short Order, the current book, went through a few changes, but not many. You can see other covers Sam has designed at .

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Unexpected Christmas by Nell Iris: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Unexpected Christmas

by Nell Iris

The door creaked open an inch before I had time to reply, and he hunched down. “Hey. See. It’s me. You recognize my ugly mug, right, Honey-Bee?” A giggle drifted out from inside and Axel opened the door enough for us to get in. As soon as we were inside in the heat, he shrugged off his jacket and lifted the tiny black-haired fairy in his arms.

“It’s okay. I’ve got you now.” She threw her thin arms around his neck—so massive she could barely reach around—and gave me a quick once-over before she hid her face in his cheek. She whispered something in his ear, but I couldn’t make out the words.

“He’s a friend of mine. His name is Daniel. Daniel, this is Beatrice. She’s my best girl.” She twisted her head and looked at me. She was fair-skinned with black eyes, a little heart-shaped mouth the same color as her uncle’s, and a curious look on her face. She was adorable.

“Hi Beatrice, call me Danny.” Axel snorted, but I ignored him. “I love your jammies.” They were bright yellow and covered in bees.

She studied me closely with a gaze that was much older than her four years. “They’re honey-bees,” she whispered.

“I can tell. They look just like you.” I smiled at her and when her mouth turned up in the tiniest of smiles, I felt like I was king of the world.

Axel tilted his head inward and I stomped the snow off my shoes and walked after them.

Bea cocked her head and gazed at Axel. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“No, honey. Just a regular friend.”

I stumbled on something invisible on the floor.

Axel the Hulking Giant was gay?

In a trance, I followed them into the kitchen and sat. They chitchatted, but I didn’t register anything they said because I was too busy staring at Axel as he shrugged out of his jacket.

He wore a tight T-shirt that looked painted on and revealed every ridge and groove of his body. He had unusual tattoos with big stretches of his skin completely black as if someone had painted on him with a Sharpie. The abstract motif was created by the blank spaces in between all the black and it was mesmerizing. But if I’d seen them when he wasn’t holding a cute little Honey-Bee in his arms, I would have run screaming in the other direction.

He was scary as fuck and hotter than hell and my dick stirred in my pants. I sat on my hands so I wouldn’t thump myself in front of the child.

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Author Q&A: Kat Bellamy + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Interview Banner

Please welcome Kat Bellamy to The Blogger Girls! Tell us a little about yourself, what got you into writing?

I’ve always loved reading, especially horror, romance and science fiction, so writing was a natural way to get all the characters and stories in my head onto paper. That and I really wanted to see stories about other lgbt folks in the genres I loved.
What made you decide to write about ghouls instead of the more common paranormal species?
I’ve always been interested in the more obscure creatures of folklore and legend, and the grotesque nature of ghouls intrigued me. I love vampires and werewolves, but to me, ghouls embody the most unnerving aspects of both species, and there’s nothing inherently romantic about them. Which, of course, made me want to make them sexy.
If there was one thing about the writing/release process you could change, what would it be?
All the second-guessing that goes on during the writing itself. It’s so easy to get hung up on perfection before the editing even begins, and I’d say that’s the biggest thing that hinders me as a writer, even though I’m getting better about it.
Describe your main characters in 5 words or less.
The 5 words I’d use to describe Colt are devoted, ballsy, humble, romantic and…dude. Dude is definitely an adjective when it comes to him.
In three sentences or less, give readers a reason why they should pick up Ghoulish (and no taking from the blurb lol).
It’s an MM love story wrapped in an urban fantasy with a dash of horror thrown in. Nothing says romantic tension like trying to resist the constant temptation to eat your best friend when he’s finally decided to give dating a try. Plus, there’s a corgi and everyone loves corgis. 😉
And one last question, what would you consider your spirit animal to be?
I’d like to say my familiar would be something majestic, like a cat or a raven, but it’s probably honestly a seal.

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Protecting His Omega by Giovanna Reaves: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Protecting His Omega

by Giovanna Reaves

Phoenix hoped he was changing society’s views when it came to omegas. That was one of the things he loved about Maxwell. Maxwell never saw him as just an omega but as a person. He’d cursed his parents for their close-mindedness when it came to him. He had been on the streets for only a few weeks when he had a bit of luck, in his opinion. He sniggered thinking how silly he was trying to steal someone’s wallet. A pretty wealthy guy’s wallet as a matter of fact.

There was a knock at his office door, pulling him from his thoughts. “Come in,” he answered, turning his chair around.

Joyce entered and walked over to him with a coffee cup in her hand. “You looked like you could use a pick-me-up.”

“Bless you,” he said with a smile, taking the cup from her and swallowing a large sip. “Please tell me I don’t have a packed day.”

She gave him the “are you kidding” look. “When have your days been anything but packed?”

“Just tell me I get to leave in time to pick up Jasmine.”

“Don’t I always take care of you, sir?” Joyce asked. “I’ve been taking care of you since I worked for Max.”

“You know I hate when you call me sir,” he told her. Joyce had started working with Phoenix English a year or two before him. She was Maxwell’s executive assistant before she became his.

“I’m well aware, but it is office etiquette,” she told him with her glasses sitting down by the tip of her nose. “Why must we go through this every day?”

“Because you refuse to call me Phoenix.” She stared at him and made it clear she wasn’t going to change her mind. “Fine, let me hear how my day will go, at least tell me I have time for a lunch break.”

She scanned down her list and then looked back up at him. “I scheduled a lunch break for two minutes around one.”

“Oh wow, a whole two minutes, thank you, Your Majesty,” he said with a smile, and he got her to chuckle. “Okay, lay it on me.”

“At noon, you have a lunch meeting with Brook Shafter from. . . ”

Phoenix leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee. While he listened to Joyce, his mind started to wander off again. Thinking back, he couldn’t believe how tempted he was to return home and beg his parents to forgive him for being an omega. At least at home he would have been safe from any alpha that caught a whiff of his pheromones. And have had a decent meal, since he’d resorted to begging for change just to get something to eat. Phoenix lived on the streets for two months. It might not have been a long time, but it was enough for him to realize how sheltered his life was when he saw how many omegas were living on the streets. The only thing that kept Phoenix sane were his suppressant pills. Omegas were required to take their suppressant pills weekly to help mask their pheromones to alphas and prevent pregnancies.

He knew what some of the omegas did when they were going through their mating cycles was demoralizing. But he couldn’t fault them. They did what they had to do for survival. They disappeared for days, hiding in abandoned buildings, hoping their heat would pass before they gave in to any alphas that approached them. Some sold their bodies to earn the money they needed to buy their suppressants and to survive. Phoenix couldn’t believe that a society that prided itself on caring for its people would turn a blind eye to omegas suffering in pain.

Phoenix knew sooner or later that if he had stayed out on the streets he would have resorted to the same tricks. Which was why he worked tirelessly to have the laws changed. Until about three years ago, it was illegal for omegas under the age of eighteen to receive their suppressants without parental permission. With his wealth and influence, Phoenix was able to get that, and a few other laws, changed. Thank the gods he didn’t have to sleep with anyone to get what he wanted. No matter what people thought about him, he was not a slut. All he had to do was kiss a few asses and pretend he cared about other minor issues to get his foot in the door. Coughing to suppress a snort over some of the other influences he had employed, Phoenix turned his attention back to Joyce.

“I’m sorry, sir, did you say something?” Joyce asked him.

“Um . . . no,” he said, clearing his throat and sitting up in his chair while pretending that he heard everything she said. “Joyce, can you get me another cup of coffee?”

“Sure,” she said, getting up and taking his empty cup from him. She stopped and looked at him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You seem to be far away today,” she told him.

“It’s the holidays, it always makes me think about Max,” he told her.

“Ah . . .” she said in understanding. “I’ll get you another cup.” Then Joyce turned and walked out of the room, leaving him to his thoughts.

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Masked Heart by Calli Hall: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Masked Heart

by Calli Hall

There was no more family, and she had never had true friends. The few people she had thought she could rely on had betrayed her in the worst way one could imagine.

Despite that, she had not been opposed to the beginning of a friendship with the aristocrat, only to then be left once more.

She, or rather he, was simply lonely. Under all of the layers of make-up and clothing the young man behind the masquerade longed for someone.

A person could survive alone, but not really live. He knew that. The reason for his displeasure likely laid with the Duke. Up to now he had constantly been at the side of Madame P.. He was not amicable or even well-disposed, but he was there.

That alone had been enough for her. She had been noticed.

How pathetic! She smiled cynically at herself. She was jealous because the Duke hadn’t offered her a snide remark as usual. Maybe he had been hiding in women’s clothes for too long if he was reacting to Lexerton with such feelings.

This was not only ridiculous, but also dangerous. If the Duke were ever to find out the truth about Madame P., or rather him, the hangman would be redundant— the Duke himself would tie the knots for the noose. Continue reading

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Author Q&A: L.C. Davis + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Interview Banner

Please welcome L.C. Davis to The Blogger Girls!

Tell readers a little about His Taken Omega…. in three sentences or less!

Avery is an omega spokesman for the Futurus matchmaking program and the fiancé of a rising star in shifter politics, and Nicholas is an Alpha who can’t stand to be in the same room with an unmated omega for long. When Avery is sent to Nicholas’ small-town pack to recover from his kidnapping, the rivalry between them turns into an unexpected bond that throws a wrench in…pretty much everything.   

How did you come up with the names for your characters?

The first names just come with the characters, and the surnames are usually nods to classic horror or Sci-Fi, because I’m a total nerd. Avery’s name is a reference to Father Callahan from Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” and “Wolves of the Calla.” Nicholas Meyer is a nod to, well, Stephenie Meyer, since he has a fondness for vampire romance. Metcalf comes from a cheesy 90s Sci-Fi parody and so on. 😉  

How would you describe those characters?

Avery and Nicholas are both headstrong perfectionists who spend way too much time worrying about their reputations at the beginning of the story. They differ in the sense that Avery is much more optimistic, but Nicholas comes around…eventually.

Was it hard for you to write this book or did it flow easily for you?

It flowed pretty easily! I knew from the moment Avery showed up in “Alpha, Beta, Omega” that his story would be next, and I’m lucky that he kept talking! Lol

Do you tend to leave little clues in your books that reference other books, movies or shows that are not commonly known except to certain fans (such as TARDIS from Doctor Who, sparkly vampires from Twilight, etc.)? If not, have you ever thought of it?

There is definitely a bit of a nod to “Twilight” and “The Vampire Diaries” with the book Nicholas is reading in “His Taken Omega.” 😉

What do you hope readers will take from His Taken Omega?

I hope they take away the idea that no matter what you’ve been through in the past, and no matter how “less than enough” you feel, everyone is the perfect person for someone.  

And a silly question, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’m Native and Appalachian, so I think some of the cultural foods I grew up with would seem unusual to other people. Pickled pig’s feet in a can is a childhood memory that comes to mind.

Awesome, thank you so much for stopping by! Check out below for more info on His Taken Omega!

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Release Day Blitz: The Mistletoe Kiss by Ruby Moone + Giveaway!

The Mistletoe Kiss by Ruby Moone

By 1816, widowed bookseller Lawrence Fenton has spent a lonely lifetime hiding who he is. He has convinced himself his feelings for his far too young, gorgeous, but troubled assistant Christy Shaw are nothing more than pride in his protégé and concern for his plight.

Christy’s life involves walking fine lines: one between his mother and his abusive stepfather, one where he must keep his needs hidden, and hardest of all, one where he must keep his feelings for his serious employer to himself.

Lame since birth, Lawrence cannot imagine anyone wanting him, least of all Christy. But when Christy’s life threatens to spiral out of control, Lawrence steps in. Then Christy’s emotions spill over into a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas. Will Lawrence be able to face the long-buried truth about himself and keep Christy by his side?

Available at: Amazon Continue reading

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Author Q&A: SJ Himes + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Interview Banner

Please welcome SJ Himes to The Blogger Girls!

Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing and what made you start writing?

I have been writing for most of my life, but doing so on a professional basis for the last three years. I love to read, I adore books and storytellers and I can get lost in a fictional world so easily. I made no conscious decision to start writing; I just did, needing a way to expense the daydreams and fantasies that lived in my head. Looking back at my younger years, I was living proof of my favorite saying for authors: Write what you want to read. I started writing and then publishing because I was at the point in my life when my day job was killing my soul, making me a bitter person, and my dreams were nothing but dust. So, I made the choice to try. I took that leap, and I have not regretted it since.

What book of yours would you recommend a new-to-you-reader to start with?

Depends on what the person in question likes. For urban fantasy, The Necromancer’s Dance. Angel is the main character, with a sharp wit and a big heart scarred by tragedy. Vampire, fae, demons, and the supernatural world living side by side with humanity. A werewolf with a smartphone, etc.
For someone fond of shifters, I would suggest my Wolfkin Saga, starting with Wolves of Black Pine. It is aptly named; the books are long, complicated, with ensemble casts supporting the main characters. It remains one of the hardest series I have ever written.
For sweeping, fantasy romance, I would suggest this new book, The Solstice Prince. It is entirely epic fantasy with a main Love Story.  I have an mpreg series, Bred For Love, written as my nom de plume of Revella Hawthorne. That too has princes, and it set in an alternate reality of Earth, slightly futuristic.  

What makes you want to write in the genres you write in?

Easiest question I’ve ever gotten! Simple: I write what I want to read. I write what I love. I don’t write to market or to the expectations of others. My books are solely for myself, and when I know they’re ready, I set them out into the wider world for other people to love them too. I am a huge scifi, fantasy, and paranormal reader, and very few books I read are contemporary. I write and read to escape this world we live in, so writing stories in this world is harder for me. The less grounded in reality a book is, the easier it is to write.

How many half-finished books do you currently have? Or do you prefer to finish one before you start another?

I actually write in a system I call clusters. What is a writing cluster, you may ask?
A writing cluster is a collection of WIPs (Work in Progress, aka manuscripts, titles, etc) that I work on, with no discernible preference or priority. I have learned in the last year, while working through RL and personal issues, that putting pressure on myself makes me shut down. I stop writing. No pressure means more words down on paper.

So, I write in clusters. Between 2-5 titles that I consistently (or not) work on every day or week. To avoid burnout, I’ll jump between titles and add a bit there, here, some little bits or whole word dumps.

Whichever WIP is getting closer to being done is usually the book I focus in on the most and stick with until it is done. Then I switch to the remaining WIPs in the cluster, and repeat the process until another book is done. And so forth. It has been a success so far and saw me finish and release two books in six months.

I have a To Write List a mile long. Working on them a handful at a time may be slower, but each book is seeing steady progress, and once a cluster book is done, I add in a title from the To Write List. To answer your question, I have right now 4 books in the cluster that are all hovering between just started to nearly done, and a list of To Write Books at about 27 titles.

And some fun questions! What would you consider your spirit animal to be?

Two answers to this one. A dragon and a red fox. The dragon to represent my love of the fantastical and my fondness for factual knowledge. The red fox because of its shyness, the quiet way it moves through life, but also for its absolutely frightening ability to go from shy woodland creature to dangerous, formidable hunter with seamless ease. Foxes have evolved in the ultimate survivalist.

Boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs….for your characters!

Most of them either go commando, or wear boxer-briefs. I say only about 25% of them wear any underwear at all.

What was the last thing you googled?

This one is making me laugh. The last thing I googled was “Wow Addon for Rare Hunter Pets NPCscan overlay.” Continue reading

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