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Release Blitz: Goal Line by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Goal Line by RJ Scott & V.L. Locey

Fear and sadness mark Bryan’s life, can Gatlin show him that you have to trust before you can love?

Gatlin Pearce is creeping up on thirty-eight and is still single. It’s not that he wants to be alone, it’s just that he’s too damn old to be in clubs filled with glittery gay boys who can’t even tell him who the Rolling Stones are.

Better to just spend his evenings at Hard Score Ink – his tattoo and artwork shop – creating masterpieces on human flesh, listening to the Railers games, and nursing a cold beer.

His solitary life is about to end when Bryan Delaney, the new Railers backup goalie, shows up at his shop looking for new artwork for his helmet. There’s some sort of sad story in those beautiful eyes of Bryan’s, and Gatlin finds himself more than a little infatuated with the tender new goalie.

Bryan Delaney leaves home at fifteen to live with a billet family. He just wishes that he could have escaped his alcoholic father and strictly devout mother earlier. Drafted to the Arizona Raptors he finds a new family, and his first love affair even if that relationship is marked with violence.

Being traded to the Railers is a shock to the system but the team isn’t like any other he’s ever played on and they truly seem to care about him. It’s only when he meets artist Gatlin, with their shared love of music and hockey, that he realizes how hard it is to escape the past.

Available at: Amazon

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Author Q&A: Laurell K. Hamilton + Giveaway!

Interview Banner

How did the idea for the plot of SERPENTINE come to you?

From years of reading and loving the Greek and Roman myths, but as often happens when I decide to pick something I know a lot about as my fictional jumping off point, I learned far more than expected about a topic I thought I knew pretty well. The wedding and character interplay was from the characters themselves interweaving with the mystery.

When did you know you were going to set SERPENTINE in the Florida Keys?  Did you visit the setting in order to conduct research?

I thought Serpentine was going to be a very different book set on a distant tropical island, but when Edward’s wedding was being set there he, the character, nixed that idea, and after all it was his wedding not mine. The original plot didn’t have the new form of lycanthropy in it. It had a different mystery and a different supernatural element. No, I won’t tell you what they are, because you’ll be seeing them in a later book. Yes, I visited the Florida Keys before I set the book there. I haven’t written about any place that I haven’t visited at least once, and I try for more than just that. For me as a writer I find that I always learn more if I can walk the streets, look at the sights, hear, feel, taste, touch as much of a location as possible. I know that other writers seem to do great with just book and online research, but I’m not one of them.

Did anything you discovered in doing your research for this book surprise you?

What research surprised me most? That the Florida Keys where the majority of Serpentine is set was so damn beautiful. I had no idea we had any place in the United States that was truly a tropical paradise until I drove over that first bridge and saw it stretched out before me.

What did you find most challenging about writing SERPENTINE?

Honestly, the insecurities that can haunt all writers. I thought once you hit #1 and reached a certain career success that it would go away, but there’s something about sitting down to that blank white paper/screen that invites all your personal demons to visit. It calls your muse, too, but sometimes the muse has to fight their way through the inner demons, before you can hear them.

Who was your favorite character to write in SERPENTINE?

Anita Blake, she’s been my first person viewpoint from the beginning. If I didn’t love seeing the world through her eyes I don’t think we’d be talking about number 26. I enjoyed writing Bernardo Spotted-Horse in this book. He surprised me and Anita with some new depths of character. It was great to see Edward’s family on stage again, including both kids. Peter is nineteen now so legally an adult. I liked him being more grownup and then having the things he hasn’t learned come up to bite him. I remember nineteen, it’s confusing as hell.

What do you do to celebrate when you finish writing a book?

What do I do to celebrate when I finish writing a book? Nothing. I’ve never celebrated completion of a novel. I just get to go back to my life and spend time with my friends and family who haven’t seen much of me in months.

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Release Blitz: Blood Bathory: Be Not Proud by Ari McKay + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blood Bathory: Be Not Proud by Ari McKay

Death, be not proud…

The conclusion of the war between Elizabeth Bathory and the Guardians of Gaia draws closer, but the theriomorphs and their allies are caught between vampires loyal to Elizabeth Bathory’s daughter, Anna, and humans controlled by Elizabeth and her sire, Thrace. With the forces of evil now pressing on them from two sides, the theriomorphs need help, and they need it fast!

And soonest our best men with thee do go…

It has been five hundred years since Antonio de Barajas, one of the oldest surviving theriomorphs, lost his mate at the hands of his worst enemy. But Gaia never revealed the whole truth about Raphael’s fate, and Antonio is shocked when Raphael arrives to train Evan St. John and Adam Carson as true Dark Guardians. Yet the man who returns after so long is not the same man Antonio once loved. The hard and lonely life as Gaia’s hunter has changed Raphael almost as much as his lost memories of Antonio and the love they once shared.

Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men…

Antonio must work with the stranger who wears his lover’s face, and while Raphael is welcomed by most of the team, one member sees his return as a threat to his own place in Antonio’s life. But Thrace has allied himself with terrorists who possess a weapon of mass destruction. Now the theriomorphs and Dark Guardians must work together in a race against time to discover Thrace’s plan. Even as Antonio and Raphael are irresistibly drawn to one another, Antonio risks losing far more than his heart this time. If he and his team fail in their mission, millions will die, for Thrace will stop at nothing to destroy Gaia once and for all.

Available at: Amazon

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Book Review: Rainbow Rodeo by B.A. Tortuga

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: Rainbow Rodeo
Author: B.A. Tortuga
Heroes: Dalton & Tank
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 220 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: August 7, 2018
Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: As a teenager, Dalton Jakoby made Tank an offer—one Tank turned down gently. It was still embarrassing as hell, so when Tank returns to the Jakoby Rodeo Company after a big-time bull riding tour, Dalton decides polite but distant is the best course of action.

Tank is hurting from some tough injuries and ready for a lighter workload. He’s also ready to admit Dalton is an adult now, one he wants to get to know much better. While Dalton’s past makes him suspicious of Tank’s attention, he can’t stay standoffish for long… not with Tank.

The new romance burns hot, but problems inside and outside the arena threaten what Tank and Dalton might have together. Continue reading

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Be Still My Heart by Charlie Cochet: Exclusive Excerpt & Giveaway!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from Be Still My Heart

by Charlie Cochet

Red’s playful poking had Laz squirming, and when Red slid his fingers under Laz’s T-shirt as they walked, Laz couldn’t stop his snort-giggle. Normally he didn’t like anyone tickling him, but Red was just so damned adorable that not only didn’t he mind it, but Laz welcomed his touch.

“Oh my God, quit it.”

Red let out a mock gasp. “Are you ticklish, Lazarus?”

“What gave me away?”

“Ooh, you’re just full of sass, aren’t you?”

They reached the kitchen, and Laz turned to face Red, stood on his toes, and nipped at Red’s bottom lip. “I’d much rather be full of something else.”

Jeez, what had gotten into him? Well, he knew what he wanted to get into him. He really needed to get ahold of himself, but being around Red made him feel kind of giddy, and now that he’d tasted Red, he wanted more. Something about Red made him feel so bold and confident. Was it because he felt safe with Red? Because he knew that Red would never purposefully hurt him or make him feel bad about himself?

Red groaned and made a grab for Laz, but Laz slipped from his grasp with a laugh, walking backward into the kitchen.

“Nice try, Russell.”

“Little smart aleck.”

“Sit that fine butt down while I whip us up some eggs Benedict. Do you like avocado?”

Red took a seat at the counter. “You kidding? Lucky would disown me if I didn’t eat avocado. His mom serves it at every meal; I kid you not.”

“His family’s in Miami, right? Along with Ace’s?”

“Yeah, they have a cousin who lives down there too. He’s a SWAT officer. Actually, he’s getting married in a few months. Maybe if you’re not doing anything around that time you’d like to come?”

Laz paused halfway through opening the fridge door, his heart skipping a beat. “That depends.”


“Whether I’ll be going as a friend or your date.” Laz glanced at Red, holding back a smile at the way Red toyed with the fruit bowl in front of him, his cheeks flushed. Unlike Laz’s skin that was a natural tan thanks to his Greek roots, Red’s skin was exceptionally fair, which meant when he blushed, it was very evident, and gorgeous.

“I was, um, hoping you’d like to go as my date. If you want. No pressure. I don’t want you to think you have to just because, um…. Crap. My God, could I be any more awkward?”

He really was too sweet. Laz smiled wickedly. “You mean because we got each other off?”

“Yeah, that,” Red replied with a cough.



Laz closed the fridge door, and Red swiveled his chair as Laz rounded the counter. He visibly braced himself as Laz put his hands on Red’s knees and spread them before stepping in between his legs. He loved the man’s strength, but mostly he loved how despite Red’s impressive physique, he was gentle and often uncertain, like he wasn’t aware of how amazing he was.

“Were you under the impression I was all sweet and innocent?” Laz asked, slowly running his hands up Red’s thighs. Red swallowed hard, and Laz slid his hands up and under Red’s T-shirt.

“Well… not gonna lie, it kinda crossed my mind.”

“Sweet, yes.” Laz leaned in to brush his lips over Red’s. “Innocent, not so much. Are you disappointed?”

“Disappointed?” Red’s eyes darkened with want, and he slipped his fingers into Laz’s hair, grabbing a fistful of it, his other hand taking hold of Laz’s right hand and moving it over to the hard cock tenting his pants. “Does that feel like disappointment to you?”

Laz groaned. It most certainly did not. He loved how Red seemed incapable of not touching him, particularly his hair. “You know, at this rate we’re never going to get anything done.”

“Yeah, but on the other hand, sexy times.”

“You make a very solid”—Laz stroked him through his pants, making Red release a growl that went straight to Laz’s groin—“point.” He pulled away and smiled at the little whimper Red let out.

“That’s just mean.”

“Aw, your pout is so adorable.”

“And yet….” Red motioned to his groin before swiveling back toward the front.

“Sorry-not-sorry.” Laz laughed. “And yes. I would love to go with you to the wedding as your date.”

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The Selkie Prince’s Fated Mate by J.J. Masters: Exclusive Excerpt!

Blogger_Exclusive Excerpt

Exclusive Excerpt from The Selkie Prince’s Fated Mate

by J.J. Masters

Kai cupped Luca’s cheeks for a moment then forced himself to move away once again, berating himself for being so weak.

He never hated being a prince more than at that moment. If they had been Selkies of the common kind, just any alpha and omega, they would have had the bonding ceremony immediately and mated already. No fuss, no muss.

He glanced at his watch and groaned silently. After Vin had escorted Luca back to Kai’s quarters, Douglass had rushed into the dining hall announcing that everything was set for the bonding ceremony which would begin promptly at eight.


It was only seven-thirty and Kai didn’t know how he would be able to resist his leaking omega for another thirty minutes. Maybe he should leave and go walk around the compound. Inhale some fresh sea air. Take a quick dip in the frigid November surf.

But he couldn’t leave. He couldn’t. Something pulled at him to remain by his omega’s side, to protect him, to make sure Luca was not left alone near any other alphas, including his brothers, until he was fully marked and claimed.

“Why can’t I…” Kai frowned. “Quit you?”

Luca made a noise that sounded like a laugh and cocked a brow in Kai’s direction. “Why can’t you quit me?”

His omega laughed at him, which made Kai’s frown deepen. He hadn’t meant for that question to slip out, but his mind had turned to mush.

“Is that a Brokeback Mountain reference?”

Kai sighed and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “Maybe.”

Luca grinned. “Did that movie make you cry, too?”

“Mmm,” Kai murmured.

Luca’s laughter sounded like music to Kai’s ears. Curse the sea gods, he was truly becoming infatuated with the male.

“Wow. Who would have thought that my alpha bull would be such a softie?”

Kai pinned his gaze on Luca. “That doesn’t leave this room,” he growled.

“And if it does? Then what?”

“Then your ‘bull’ will see red and your ass will match it.” Bloody hell, he hadn’t meant for that to slip out either.

“Hmm. Tempting.” Luca grinned again. “So, it’s nice to hear even royalty watches movies like us common folk. Do you have a Redbox in some corner of this kingdom?”

“No. It’s called Netflix.”

Ah. Even better. Like to Netflix and chill, my bull?”

My bull. The male before him was certainly insolent. Kai raised his brows. “Do you?”

Luca lifted one shoulder lazily as he answered, “Never had a mate before.”

Of course not. But that didn’t mean he was a virgin. “But you’ve had lovers.” Kai didn’t make that a question on purpose. But he definitely wanted an answer.

“Have you?”


Kai tilted his head and studied his fated mate. “Mmm. Yes.”

“Other omegas?”

Kai did not need to answer any of Luca’s questions. He was the alpha here. He was a prince. But he did have to live with him for the rest of his life. Technically. So it wouldn’t hurt to “bond” with him more than sexually, especially before the ceremony. “No, never other omegas. I couldn’t risk sending an omega into heat.”

“Fearful of whelping a bastard pup? Or two?”

“No. Fearful of being stuck with someone who wasn’t the one.”

Luca’s eyebrows rose in question. “The one?”

Yes, the one who smells as sweet and alluring as you.“My mate.”

“Me,” Luca stated.

“Yes, you,” Kai confirmed.

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Release Blitz: Ghost Hunted by BL Maxwell + Giveaway!

Ghost Hunted by BL Maxwell

Jason Thomas had always been obsessed with the ghost stories he’d watched on television from the time he was a kid. He’d always dreamed of visiting those haunted places, and playing amateur ghost hunters with his best friend Wade. As they grew older, Jason’s fascination with ghosts grew as well, and he’d drag Wade along to different haunted houses or hotels, always hoping to see an actual ghost.

Wade Rivers loved spending time with Jason, even if it meant he’d have to endure another creepy, supposedly haunted location. Friends since they were kids, and always inseparable, Wade’s feelings for Jason deepened from friendship into something more. Unfortunately, so did his fear of the places Jason wanted to explore.

The chance to spend a weekend alone in a famous haunted house was too much for Jason to resist, and almost too much for Wade to endure. He knew going to the deserted house was everything Jason had ever dreamed of, so Wade tried to put his fears aside. But when paranormal things start to happen, admitting to Jason how he feels suddenly isn’t the scariest thing Wade will encounter.

Available at: Amazon

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Book Review: Written in Scars by Thom Collins

Guest Reviewed by ReadsLate

Title: Written in Scars
Author: Thom Collins
Heroes: Sam Radcliffe and Logan Crawford
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 67 pages
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: April 23, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Pain fades but the scars remain.

When Logan Crawford, a former war correspondent turned best-selling author, appears on TV to promote his latest thriller, he is knocked out by his fellow guest, Sam Radcliffe. Logan’s travels around the world have opened his eyes to many things, but nothing as attractive as the man he meets that night. Sam was the victim of a vicious stabbing in his youth and is now an active campaigner against knife crime and violence. He is perfect in everyway but one: the wedding band he wears. That’s a complication Logan doesn’t need.

Sam’s life is far from happy. His husband is addicted to hard-drugs and casual sex: a devastating combination. Johan was once the shining light in Sam’s life. Now he brings nothing but darkness. But Sam respects the vows they made. For better or for worse. The attraction Logan feels for him is mutual. Ruggedly handsome and engagingly smart, Logan is hard to resist. Sam will need to overcome the anguish of his past and barriers of his present if he’s to stand a chance with Logan. Continue reading

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Book Blitz: The Music of Love by Sandine Tomas + Giveaway!

The Music of Love by Sandine Tomas

Sometimes the music of love skips a beat….

Paralegal by day, musician by night, Julian has an expiration date stamped on his forehead when it comes to love. No relationship has made it past a year, so Julian avoids romance like the plague and concentrates on his music instead.

Which works fine until gorgeous, smart, and funny Zachary joins Julian’s firm. One look at the man and Julian knows he’s dangerous. No matter what, he can’t fall for Zachary. He has to spare Zachary the pain of dumping Julian at the one-year mark. His brilliant plan? Ask a straight friend to pose as his significant other to keep Zachary away. Not surprisingly, his scheme does little to dampen the attraction—on either side.

When Zachary gives Julian a second chance despite his deception, Julian thinks his curse might be broken. But then he’s faced with the impossible choice between a life with Zachary and living his dream of touring with the band….

Available at: Amazon

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Release Blitz: Won’t Feel A Thing by CF White + Excerpt & Giveaway!

Won’t Feel A Thing by CF White

It takes more than a doctor to mend a broken heart.

Ollie Warne is fresh out of nursing school and working his dream job as a pediatric cardiology nurse at St. Cross Children’s Hospital. Wanting to start the year fresh from personal heartache and his track record of falling for the wrong man, Ollie’s New Year’s resolution is to rid himself of emotional baggage and live a life of carefree liaisons.

But before the resolution can even begin, Ollie is called to care for eight-year-old Daisy Monroe, who’s struggling after heart surgery. Her father, Jacob Monroe, never leaves her side, apart from the times her mother comes to visit.

The tempestuous and somewhat estranged relationship of her parents is cause for concern enough, but the father’s brooding nature has Ollie investing far more time than usual in his Room One patient. Striking up a friendship of sneaking takeaways into the ward, card playing until dawn and the occasional breaking up of domestic fights, Ollie finds himself drawn to Jacob and becomes a friendly ear for the man who’s harboring more guilt and past demons than even Ollie, which is saying something.

The growing attraction makes it hard for Ollie to keep his distance, though he has to—not only do the ethics of his profession demand it, but Ollie is still somewhat involved with another man. One who has a huge stake in Ollie’s life, both personal and professional.

Ollie is risking more than just his job by getting involved with a patient’s father—much more even than the success of his New Year’s resolution, something that was supposed to ensure that, this time, he won’t feel a thing.

Available at: Amazon

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