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Character Interview Derek and Scott from Wrestling With Hope by DH Starr + Excerpt!

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I’m gonna try something new for you and have my two characters talk to you about themselves and about me rather than spewing stuff about myself. Hope you get to know these two awesome guys a bit through the process.


Interview With Derek and Scott

Beck Schultz (Derek’s best friend): Derek, you sweet-assed lollipop. Come give mama a kiss. You too, Scott, I wanna be the filling in a hot man-sandwich.

Derek: Beck, we’re here to interview, can’t you tone it down for even one second?

Beck (pouts): I swear, Derek, I oughtta…

Scott: Yeah, yeah. We all know how much you love to threaten the male anatomy. What will it be this time? It’s not summer so skewers and barbeques are out of the question. It isn’t quite winter yet, so roasting them like chestnuts on an open fire seams unseasonable. What is a good autumn threat?

Beck: You…I…whatever. Let’s sit and get to business. (Takes out a notepad) Why don’t we start by telling me who this DH Starr character is?

Derek: Doug? He’s a good guy. Kind of quiet and keeps to himself too much, but he’s working on that. He’s a teacher and has this zany personality. I bet I would have loved school if he’d been around to make life fun. He’s also got this awesome positive energy about him. You know, expects the best in people. Like he gets disappointed when people let him down, but he doesn’t let it get in his way of remaining optimistic and hoping for the best.

Scott: I’d have to agree. He once told me that he’s crazy and I was like, whaaaaaatttt? It’s kind of a weird thing to say about yourself. But the more I got to know him, the more I understood what he meant. There’s nothing bland about the guy. Like, he once told me his students love the song Baby Shark and he made up some whacked-out dance that gets the kids giggling and dancing, and then they are all energized to learn. That’s kinda cool.

Beck: Sounds like my kind of guy. Maybe you should introduce us.

Derek: Sorry, Beck, he plays for our team.

Beck: Boo. All the good ones do. Oh well, let’s move on. How are you doing, Scotty? This was a tough year for you with your dad and all.

Scott: Yeah. I’m holding up. It wasn’t easy reconnecting with Dad, but I’m glad I did. I mean, you saw what he was like before, back in high school, when he nearly broke me and Derek up. And then he took off and ditched me and Mom. I wasn’t prepared to open up to him. But in the end, it was the right choice and I feel much better now because of it.

Derek: Scott is underplaying his courage. (Turns to Scott). You really are my hero. I mean, the way you kept pushing yourself when everything inside you wanted to run. No one would have blamed you for telling the guy to screw off and leave you alone forever, but you wouldn’t cave. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about how amazing you are.

Scott: (Kisses Derek’s cheek). You sure those goosebumps aren’t from what we did in the dressing room before this interview.

Beck: Oh, do tell!

Derek: Scott! Let’s keep it PG for at least five minutes.

Beck: I knew there was a reason I called you Downer Derek growing up.

Derek: What? You never called me…whatever, you want to hear about what happened, fine. Go for it, Scott.

Scott: (Snapping his gaze back and forth between Derek and Beck) Uh, how about you ask your next question, Beck.

Beck: Fine. But you better spill once this interview is over. Derek, why don’t you tell me what you love about Scott. And Babe, keep it to two minutes or less.

Derek: (Scowls, then smiles) Scott comes off as low-key and controlled to the outside world, but deep down he’s filled with passion and fiercely defends the people who matter most to him. Being with him makes me feel like I’m the most special person in the world. I mean, right from the beginning, it felt like he could see right into my soul. Like he knew how much I needed to finally come out as who I am for the world to see. As much as he didn’t want to at first, he never stood in my way. His unwavering support is one of the things I love about him. Then there’s the everyday stuff. He’s constantly touching me, giving me private glances when we’re around other people, texting me with goofy messages. You know, just constantly showing me that he’s thinking about me. 

Scott: Derek gives me too much credit. Everything he’s just said isn’t even an effort for me. Being there for him. Thinking about him. Standing behind him with whatever he needs. It’s as easy as breathing. Before I met him, I didn’t know what it meant to count on anything. I moved around, as you know, because Dad had to transfer so much. And Dad was always hard, holding me to unreachable expectations and withholding emotions of any kind. Basically, I felt like I was floating through life until Derek anchored me. And his way with people, how he can’t resist helping others in need, I fall in love with him all over again every day just by watching the amazing things he does.

Beck: (Wiping a tear from her eye) Aw, you two are so damn cute. So, this new book about you, Wrestling With Hope, why is it called that? I mean, I get the other three Wrestling With Desire, Wrestling With Love, and Wrestling With Passion. I mean look at you two. You can’t keep your pants on long enough to get ready for an interview. Why is this one focused on hope?

Scott: Well, one thing that stuck with me from spending all this time with Dad is that hope has power. It’s scary to hope, because when you do, there’s a chance you won’t get what you want and that can be crushing. But if you never wish for something, hope for it, yearn for it, then are you really living? Life is all about taking chances. Hell, Derek took one hell of a chance by tying himself to someone like me.

Derek: Quit it, Scott.

Scott: Kidding. Jeez, so serious.

Beck: Don’t worry, I’ll kick him in his nuts later.

Derek: All right. All right. Go on.

Scott: Anyways, like I was saying, I had very low expectations about seeing my dad again. But the more time I spent with him, I discovered a light beginning to grow inside me. This piece of myself which always felt like I was unlovable because Dad never showed me love, was like an empty hole in my heart. Derek filled most of the empty space, but nothing can completely erase a lifetime of rejection from a person who is supposed to love you unconditionally. And as that light grew, I began to realize that the emptiness had shrunk and I began to believe I could heal from the damage of growing up if I managed to get past my own resentment and let Dad in. Wrestling With Hope seems like a perfect title for this one, because that’s exactly what I did. Without it, I never would have given Dad a chance.

Beck: Oh, Scotty. I love you so much and am so happy you finally realize how amazing you are.

Derek: (Snuggling closer to Scott) Me too.

Beck: So, let’s get back to the sexy stuff. Derek, what’s Scott like in bed. I mean we’ve all seen that huge package he can’t hide no matter how baggy his shorts are.

Derek: Well, you know I’m not gonna answer that here, but if you read the first chapter of the new book, Scott kinda ravages me right away. I’m sure you’ll find your answer there.

Beck: Oh boo. I guess I’ll have to purchase my copy right now. That’s all the time we have. (Puts down notepad). Now, about what happened in the dressing room. 

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