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Character Interview With the Parents from A Tangled Legacy by Mickie B. Ashling + Excerpt & Giveaway!

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Hi all! Mickie B. Ashling here. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to stop by and share an excerpt of my newest release, A Tangled Legacy. The idea for this novel started after I finished the prequel, Once Upon A Mattress, which was included in the Once Upon A Rainbow Anthology, Volume I. It was my first foray into the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre, and I had so much fun I decided to write a longer piece. Although A Tangled Legacy is technically a sequel, I consider it to be a spinoff, and it can definitely be read as a standalone. The good news for those who are interested in reading the short story is that my wonderful publisher has decided to include it as bonus content if you purchase the paperback of A Tangled Legacy.  

Now stick around with an interview with the parents – Errol, The Duke of Maitland, and His Royal Highness, Prince Sebastian (Bash)!


Mickie: Your highness, thank you taking the time to see me. How does it feel to be celebrating twenty-five years of marital bliss?

Bash: It seems like yesterday when Errol and I were walking down the aisle.

Errol: Bash, ye ken old people are the ones who start sentences with ‘It seems like yesterday.’

Bash: Aren’t you feeling your age when you see grownup Colin?

Errol: Aye, but I’m happy to be alive.

Bash: Well, there’s that, of course. And you wouldn’t be sitting here in the peak of health if I hadn’t insisted you quit smoking.

Errol: Rest on your laurels and stop the infernal bragging.

Bash: Do you mean nagging?

Errol: That goes without saying.

Bash: Sorry, Mickie. I didn’t mean to derail the conversation. Please proceed.

Mickie: I understand there have been some developments in Prince Colin’s personal life.

Errol: Our lad is getting married soon.

Bash: Not for another year, Errol. A lot can change in twelve months.

Mickie: Are you anticipating any problems, your highness?

Bash: Life is unpredictable. Just because Colin is next in line doesn’t mean he’s immune to the ups and downs of relationships.

Mickie: Surely he’s got better odds with such a distinguished fiancé. Alain de Gris has a stellar reputation, and I understand he’s extremely devoted to Prince Colin.

Errol: Aye, Alain is a good man. But there’s the operative word, ye ken. He’s unable to bear the requisite heir.

Mickie: I see.

Bash: I’m glad somebody does! Alain and Colin are convinced they’ll change the law of the land and have a child via surrogate.

Mickie: That seems to be a sensible plan.

Bash: It’s never been done before.

Errol: That doesn’t mean it can’t be done now.

Bash: As much as I love my son, and want him to have a shot at happiness, he has to face facts.

Errol: Colin has never met a challenge he can’t overcome.

Bash: You are aiding and abetting by encouraging him to dream.

Errol: Wasn’t it Ghandi who said “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Bash: Do you see what I’m up against, Mickie? The same stubborn streak that runs through the duke is firmly entrenched in Prince Colin. They’ll drive me to drink.

Errol: If you would stop thinking like establishment, and join Alain and Colin’s campaign for reform, you might be less miserable.

Bash: I am the establishment!

Errol: Precisely. Stuck in your ways like an octogenarian instead of a man in his prime.

Bash: How dare you!

Errol: I’m the only one who can talk any sense into you. Get on board or nurse your ulcer until you bleed out.

Mickie: It seems like I’ve brought up a sore subject. Why don’t we talk about something more entertaining like the upcoming masquerade ball?

Bash: Sounds like a good idea.

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