Book Review: Turnbull House by Jess Faraday

Reviewed by Heather C

BSB-TurnbullHouseTitle: Turnbull House
Author: Jess Faraday
Series: Sequel to The Affair of the Porcelain Dog
Hero: Ira Adler
Genre: M/M Historical Fiction, Mystery
Length: 88,744 words
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Release Date: February 2014
Available at: Bold Strokes Books,  Amazon & Barnes and Noble
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Blurb: London 1891. Former criminal Ira Adler has built a respectable, if dull, life for himself as a confidential secretary. He even sits on the board of a youth shelter. When the shelter’s landlord threatens to sell the building out from under them, Ira turns to his ex-lover, crime lord Cain Goddard, for a loan. But the loan comes with strings, and before he knows it, Ira is tangled up in them and tumbling back into the life of crime he worked so hard to escape. Two old flames come back into Ira’s life, along with a new young man who reminds Ira of his former self. Will Ira hold fast to his principles, or will he succumb to the temptations of easy riches and lost pleasures?


Review:  *Spoilers for The Affair of the Porcelain Dog*

What a wonderful followup to The Affair of the Porcelain Dog; another gripping mystery and poignant love story.

Ira Adler made his choice:  saving his moral soul over living the posh life with drug lord Cain Goddard.  Now, its a few years later and Ira’s life hasn’t been glamorous, but its been his own.  He’s been supporting himself through secretary work, but unfortunately his latest employer has skipped town without paying him his dues.  Plus, his joint venture with Lazarus, Turnbull House, has come into some financial strains.  Before he knows it, Ira finds himself making a deal with the devil AKA the Duke of Dorset Street…  You know? The one and only Cain Goddard!  Soon, Ira is nearly back into the same situation he pulled himself out of almost three years ago.

Ira has grown up… A LOT!  No, it hasn’t been easy…he’s lonely and broke and still very vulnerable to Goddard’s attentions.  Yes, yes, I know this story is meant to be a mystery, but it was the power struggle between Ira and Goddard that drove this story for me.  So while it isn’t a romance, it is most definitely a love story…a love story that is not yet finished being told.  I BELIEVE Goddard loves Ira  and that its not just an obsession or a lost challenge to him, but Goddard still needs to learn to love Ira in the way Ira deserves to be loved.  Both still have some growing to do…but they are getting closer.

“You crossed a line.  I’m not your employee.  I’m not your possession.  I may not be your social equal, but I deserve your respect.” ~ Ira

The mystery here in Turnbull House wasn’t as strong as the one in the first book.  It didn’t have the same danger and urgency, therefore the pace of the book seemed a bit slower to me to the point that I really wasn’t much concerned about who the killer was…I cared more about the characters and their stories…

Speaking of the characters, we get to see some old friends and some new faces…even a few cameos from some famous classic authors.  My favorite newbie was Jack Flip…and his secret was the best twist of the entire book!  But honestly,  ALL the characters are so real and believable that I feel like I’ve stepped back in time to Ira’s world…yes, definitely as vivid as The Affair of the Porcelain Dog.

In the end, Turnbull House is nearly perfect.  No details left out, no loose ends left hanging…yes, the love story is open ended, but thats just how its meant to be…

I will be right there ready for when the third book releases…Ira Adler is an easy addiction for me.

Overall Impression: I Loved It!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

Check out Heather’s 5 Star review for The Affair of the Porcelain Dog here.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Turnbull House by Jess Faraday

  1. Aimee

    Okay, I’m buying the first book now. 😀 Great review!

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