Book Review: Stay With Me by S.E. Harmon

Reviewed by Susan65

1Title: Stay With Me
Author: S.E. Harmon
Heroes: Mackenzie William/Jordan Channing
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 290 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 28, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Private investigator Mackenzie Williams’s newest client is everything he’s looking for in a guy—charming, beautiful, intelligent, and successful. There’s only one itty bitty problem—the guy’s not exactly gay. In fact, Jordan Channing is looking for a PI to follow his fiancée. The smart thing would be to thank Jordan for his time, turn Mr. Perfect away (don’t let the door hit you on the rump, thank you very much), and forget he exists.

Of course, Mackenzie has never been accused of doing the smart thing. Being smart aleck is more his MO. Relationships aren’t up his alley, never have been. So why’s he so inexplicably drawn to his new client?

Jordan has always been the high achiever, a man who lives in a focused, controlled, and carefully constructed manner. But for the first time in his life, he has to admit the impossible—another man is getting his engine running on all cylinders. Despite Jordan’s denial, it’s not long before he can no longer resist the strong undercurrents pulling them together. Now Jordan must decide if he can go against everything he’s ever known to have the only love he’s ever wanted.


Review: There is a lot going on in this story and a lot of people to get to know. However, it was all very necessary in order to get the whole picture and understand the world belonging to Mackenzie (Mac, Apple) and Jordan.

Mac is a private investigator and a recent medically retired police officer, partnered with Drew, who is ex-military. Together the banter and whit between them is amazing. I loved how they cut each other to pieces, but the entire time it obvious that they loved each other…but only in a friend’s way.

Jordan is engaged to a woman in his law firm, but fears she may be cheating on him, so he hires Mac and Drew to watch her. What follows is almost like a comedy skit. Mac and his beat up truck is no match for Rachel and her sports car. But during this investigation we are also privy to Mac’s obsession with getting his dog back from his ex-boyfriend Trevor, who decided he was now going to be straight. And, also Mac, finding himself extremely attracted to Jordan, who is obviously straight since he is engaged to a woman, right?

Jordan is one confuzzled man. He has been straight his entire life, has never been attracted to men in the least, but finds that he is obsessively drawn to Mac. He sends off confusing signals because his mouth says one thing but his body language says another. Poor Mac, always attracted to the unattainable, always ending up with a man who is destined to use him and leave him…like his mother.

And now we have another storyline…Mac’s family dynamics. Mac’s brother, Robby, is also a cop, and very good to Mac, even though Mac feels he is always one step behind Robby in everything. Robby obviously loves his brother so I chalked that up to typical and normal sibling rivalry. We also have their dad, who is still pining for his wife who left them all for another man. Her abandonment is the catalyst for the bad choices Mac has made with men.

And another man in that long line of bad choices is Nick, his ex boyfriend. I liked Nick a lot and felt bad that Nick knew that Mac didn’t love him the same way, but stayed with him because of his medical issues. Nick was a good man, and I was really glad to read his story had a happy ending.

But the main storyline is Jordan’s issues with coming to terms with his sexual attraction to Mac. He is fighting an internal battle in whether he is bi-sexual or just gay for Mackenzie. But sadly, he hurts Mac a lot, unintentionally, and Mac brought some on himself as well, but nonetheless Jordan could have handled things a little differently. His investigating whether his fiancé was cheating kinda lost some oomph when he was the one spending time learning about gay sex with Mac.

HOWEVER, they were HOT together. Jordan went all out learning the “ins and outs” of gay sex and was a star pupil. Shocked the heck out of me with the amount of rimming and sucking and fucking those two got up to, but it was definitely a steam-fest.

So yeah, this was a really good story, a complete story, and one that I think many people will love…as long as they realize that the infidelity was NOT the cause of Jordan and Rachel breaking up. I won’t spoil the ending but fear not worry-warts, this does end on a high note.

Overall Impression:  I really Liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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