Book Review: Vipers Run by Stephanie Tyler

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: Vipers Run
Author: Stephanie Tyler
Series: Skulls Creek #1
Hero/Heroine: Cage/Calla
Genre: M/F Contemporary Romance
Length: 384 Pages
Publisher: Signet
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Available at: Penguin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  The Vipers Motorcycle Club has strict rules for their brotherhood and the women who enter it. Now one Viper is about to find out how much trouble one woman can be……

Former Army Ranger Christian Cage Owens joined the Vipers Motorcycle Club for its sense of brotherhood. In return, he pledged to live outside the law, protecting club members and their families, as well as keeping other MCs out of Skulls Creek. But when Cage discovers that a rival MC—one Cage has an all too familiar past with—plans to push meth into his town, he calls an old Army buddy turned private investigator who’s helped the Vipers in the past. By doing so, Cage endangers both his friend and Calla, a woman who works in the PI’s office. Now he’s made it his mission to track Calla down and do whatever it takes to protect her.

Thanks to the phone call with Cage, Calla knows she’s formed a deep connection to a dangerous man. She quickly discovers that although he may live by a different set of rules, Cage is an honorable man who wants to be more than her protector—if only she can accept his dangerous lifestyle. But Calla comes to Skulls Creek with her own set of secrets…secrets that threaten to tear her and Cage—and the Vipers MC—apart. As they put their newfound love to the ultimate test, Cage will risk everything he cares about to save her……



This starts off really strong with a lot of excitement. Calla meets Cage when she picks up her boss’ phone. They have a 10 minute conversaton, at the end of which, Calla thinks Cage is dead. Then, all hell breaks loose and her boss sends her to a destination unknown (she is to follow the car’s GPS) where she will be safe.

Upon arrival, she meets Tenn, an old military buddy of her boss, who runs a gay porn business in addition to being affiliated with a motorcycle club (MC) by way of his brother who is a member. Tenn basically takes care of Calla while they await word about Cage. Meanwhile, thinking Cage is dead, Calla grieves and tries to think about what she will do with her life. I did think it a bit odd that she seemed more upset about Cage dying than her boss, whom she has known for years, which is one of the things that didn’t quite sit right with me.

When Cage shows up, there is posturing and arguing and crying, etc. But they eventually team up to deal with the various situations at hand. They, or Calla, is immersed very quickly into MC life. There are quite a few things going on here, but the main story surrounds Calla and her family, or her father anyway, who is a pretty wealthy man she has been estranged from for some time thanks to her mother. Then there is her brother, who is also involved with the guy who hurt Calla many years ago. There is also quite a bit going on with the rival MC’s.  All of this makes for some unique twists and turns and quite a bit of action along the way.

There were a few elements here I found to be a bit unbelievable, such as the insta-love after a 10 minute dying telephone call (upon which their whole relationship is premised), but I really enjoyed the overall story. I don’t often read M/F romance these days, mainly because I find the female characters lacking in too many areas. Here, Calla had some of those traits, but was pretty strong for the most part. I’m not a fan of some of the terms used for female parts, such as “her sex,” but they only distracted me momentarily before the story moved on. There were quite a few really sexy scenes which did not disappoint.

This first book of the series was very promising. It brings you into a world of MC’s with many aspects I know to be true. I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, but I imagine it to be somewhat similar to that with a little bit more romance thrown in. If you’re in the mood for hot, sexy, dangerous bikers, be sure to check this story out.

This author is highly successful in the M/M Romance genre as S.E. Jakes, and if you find you have the same issues as me, then I urge you to give her a try. In addition to the series she has that are a bit further along, there is a new series set in this same MC world that I highly recommend you try – Running Wild (Havoc #1).

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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