Book Review: Vegas Hustle by Ethan Stone

Reviewed by JustJen

22402725Title: Vegas Hustle
Author: Ethan Stone
Heroes: Adam Brand/Javier Campos
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 66 Pages
Publisher: Totally Bound
Release Date: July 4, 2014
Available at: Totally Bound, Amazon, All Romance eBooks and Kobo
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  A business trip to Las Vegas becomes a life or death situation for a comic book fan.

Comic book geek Adam Brand is young, good-looking and wealthy. He’s also a virgin because he’s not skilled at picking up guys. While in Vegas with his friend Dean to finalize a real estate deal, he throws caution to the wind and hires a professional. Hustler Javier Campos is just Adam’s type and his first time is perfect.

Things go very wrong when Dean and Adam have a run-in with two corrupt cops and Dean ends up dead. Adam must go into hiding with Javier where they realise their attraction is more than just a business arrangement.


Review: An awful lot happens in this short story. It starts out with Adam looking to lose his virginity. He lucks out when he meets hustler Javier, who ends up being very sweet and giving Adam a really good first experience.

Then, things go terribly wrong when Adam and Dean are hustled by the wrong guys leaving them stranded without ID, phones or money. Things then get even worse when they run into the bad cops. Lucky for Adam, he runs into Javier again, who saves and takes care of him until his father can arrive.

There were things I liked about this story, such as the caring sweet moments with Adam and Javier. But, then things that didn’t work, such as the event and ensuing issues with the bad cops. Adam is very young, at eighteen, yet his father sends him and his friend to Vegas on their own to run some business errands. There were these little contradictions throughout that kept me from really connecting with this story.  But I really liked Adam and Javier together, and that carried through.

The writing was smooth and the style quite enjoyable. It’s a quick read, so there isn’t really enough to sink your teeth into given the other issues I had. But, overall, it was enjoyable. Everything wraps up nicely, but I wish it were a bit more fleshed out.

Overall Impression:  I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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