Pirates Week Review: Falling for the Pirate by Amber Lin

Reviewed by Heather C

22494012Title:  Falling for the Pirate
Author: Amber Lin
Series: Men of Fortune #2
Hero/Heroine: Nate Bowen/Juliana Hargate
Genre: MF Historical Romance
Length: 189 Pages
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: July 21, 2014
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Vengeance is a dish best served in bed…

London, 1812

After the deaths of his parents and a dark, troubled childhood, Captain Nate Bowen vowed he would have his revenge. But he never expected to have the tool of his revenge dropped so neatly into his lap. Juliana Hargate is not only the daughter of his enemy, but is destitute, very much alone—and exquisitely desirable.

And now that Nate has saved her life, she’s at his complete mercy…

Captive. All Juliana wanted was to clear her father’s name. Instead, she’s been struck with amnesia—unable to recall even her name—and imprisoned by a tall, imposing, and entirely unscrupulous pirate.A pirate whose eyes seem to look past her skirts and many petticoats, and whose touch sends delicious ripples of desire through her. With every passing day, she finds herself tempted to give him the very thing he’s determined to take…



It’s London 1820 (I know! That doesn’t match the blurb), Juliana Hargate has lost everything: her father, her home, and even her reputation.  All she has left is the well made dress she is wearing.  But she has a plan!  A plan to prove her father’s innocence and regain all she has lost.  First, she has to break into her father’s former shipping office and steal the documents she expects will exonerate him. But her plan is thwarted by Captain Nathan Bowen when he catches her red-handed.  The twist? When Juliana runs from Nate, an accident occurs and Nate finds himself with a thieving amnesiac who just happens to be they daughter of he most hated enemy… 

This story was a lot of fun!  The beginning started off so great…diving right into the perpetration of Juliana’s crime and getting caught by a drunken Nate.  Oh, man I was hooked!  I loved the amnesia idea and Nate’s plan to get revenge on Juliana’s father by “ravishing” his only daughter.  There was some good sexual tension there for a while, and Juliana has a surprising sexual history!

There was a good bit of humor and suspense…and the few smexy scenes were quite sexy.  Nate could be my pirate any time!  I will say that I liked “Julia” more than Juliana.  Julia was much less reserved and didn’t cry during sex…of course she did think that she might have been a thieving prostitute, but still!!

It did start to drag there for a bit in the middle.  I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t any pirating and ship battles, but Nate is no longer a pirate:  he’s the legitimate captain of the Nightingale, a ship who takes in orphaned boys and teaches them a trade.  So the ship stayed docked throughout the entire story, but there is plenty of on board lovin’. 

I didn’t realize this when I started the book, but this is actually the second book of the Men of Fortune series.  I’ve since done a little research, and Letters at Christmas is the first book and tells the story of Nate’s business partner Captain Hale Martin.  Hale is mentioned here in Falling for the Pirate, but I do not remember him making an appearance. Anyway, I feel that I can safely say Falling for the Pirate can be read as a standalone, although I definitely plan to go back and read the first one…and will keep a look out for the rest of the books in this series. 


Overall Impression: I Liked It

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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