Book Review: Revealing the Beast by Summer Devon

Reviewed by Nikyta

21891327Title: Revealing the Beast
Author: Summer Devon
Series: Solitary Shifters #2
Heroes: Colt Easton/Jasper Glen
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 250 Pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Available at: Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks and Kobo
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Blurb: Desire that runs deeper than blood.

Colt Easton is easygoing, fun loving, good with little kids and he occasionally turns into a beast capable of ripping out a man’s throat. It’s a family secret he’d be more than happy to keep if there wasn’t a little boy’s life at stake.

A deathbed confession revealed the child could carry Easton blood. The only way Colt can monitor the boy is with a job at his day-care center. The problem? New laws decree that all shifters be tagged. No blood test, no job.

Dr. Jasper Glen is instantly drawn to the outgoing Colt and is certain any child would be safe in the handsome shifter’s care. He ought to know he’s been studying shifters for years, even invented the blood test that now, to his shame, the government is using against them.

All it takes is a quick vial switch. Except Jasper’s good deed blows the lid off a secret he didn’t even know he was keeping. And triggers a chain of events that makes them all moving targets.

Warning: Contains hot shifter seduction, government goons, and a mad scientist.



Please be aware, this review contains spoilers.

To get close to his possible nephew, Colt applies for a job at the boy’s day-care. To get the job, he needs to take a blood test to verify he’s not a deadly shifter. Unfortunately, Colt is the deadliest shifter man has ever seen but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the job, even if it means paying someone to change the blood test results. That leads Colt to Dr. Jasper Glen, who refuses to help Colt even if the two have intense chemistry. But when Glen has a change of heart and uses his own blood in place of Colt’s, a shocking discovery puts in motion a series of events that puts both Colt and Glen in serious danger.

Oh my, I really, really, really, loved these characters! It took me about a chapter to realize that Glen was Dr. G, the vet, from Taming the Bander. Yes, I was a little slow on the uptake but once I made the connection, I was extremely happy that the shifter-obsessed vet would be getting his own story.

Sadly, since the previous book, much has happened to Glen to make his enthusiasm as a translator scientist dim. He hates his new life, his job and how inhumanely shifters are being treated. I loved Glen in this book because he has such compassion for shifters but he’s also sweet, caring and realizes he needs to make a change soon. Unfortunately, Glen is no longer the constant talker and charmer that he once was BUT Colt more than makes up for that! Ironically, Colt is more of a talker than Glen and that makes things pretty funny considering how much sexual innuendo Colt used on Glen. But Colt is also very charming, understanding and has a really big heart. Plus, he loves kids, which is very rare among shifters. I really loved these two together. They were just ‘right’ for one another and I loved that they had such great chemistry. Glen was fascinated by Colt’s translation and Colt was fascinated by Glen. It worked out great! LOL

I was really loving this story until the big ‘climax’ scene, then I got a little annoyed how it was played out. *****SPOILER ALERT***** Considering there were three guys as hostages, one of which was a big bad SSU agent and one a badass shifter, and only one gunman, I couldn’t understand why they all just went along with the kidnapping. There were multiple opportunities for them to gang up on the gunman. In fact when Colt did take the gunman by surprise, the SSU agent could have helped. Instead, the SSU agent just sat there causing Colt to get shot and Glen to get injured. That scene really got my heated in all the wrong ways. Then again, it was obvious the scene was purposely supposed to be played out like that so the story could have the chaos and resulting conflict that it had. Unfortunately, it was very obvious that it was a set up for the rest of the book and that dampened my enjoyment a bit.

In the end, though, I still really liked the story. It starts off a little disconcerting because this book is set in a world where shifters are well-known and an agency has been created to ‘monitor’ them, which is vastly different than how the previous book, Taming the Bander, was set where shifters was just a rumor. Still, I really loved these characters and what they end up going through. This is a really fascinating series that I’m hoping the author continues because I’d really love to read more, especially if it’s about Carroll finding his own shifter!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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