Book Review: The Dangerous Seduction by A.N. Bond

Reviewed by Susan65

3Title: The Dangerous Seduction
Author: A.N. Bond
Heroes: Ryan/Joseph
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 200 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: February 28, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: With a beautiful, doting fiancée and a dream job at one of New York City’s top law firms, life is going well for ambitious but inexperienced attorney, Ryan Paullson. Handpicked by his new boss, Joseph Van Aardt, to work on the firm’s biggest case, Ryan soon finds himself out of his depth and struggling with a dangerous and irresistible attraction to the charismatic and ruthless Van Aardt—an attraction that seems mutual.

Ryan and Joseph begin a secret affair as they work to build their case against controversial billionaire Jack McNeil. As their affair heats up, Ryan starts to fear how far Joseph is willing to go to win the case, and when two critical witnesses die under suspicious circumstances, Ryan doesn’t know whether to suspect McNeil or his lover. He wants to be with Joseph; he just doesn’t know how far he’ll have to go–or how far he’ll have to fall–to hold onto him.



WOW!!! I’m completely blown away by this unexpected, but thrilling drama. It’s one of those stories where you think you know everything, but you absolutely know nothing at all. Joseph is magnetic, powerful, rich, and beautiful; Ryan is his polar opposite on the power and wealth scale, plus he is straight…and engaged…to a woman. These two men are drawn to each other, but together they are just wrong, they are so very wrong in every way; but neither can stay away for very long and the intensity of their forbidden relationship is potent.

This drama will not be for everyone. Ryan cheats on his fiancé; and Joseph is lying and hiding important facts pertaining to both his relationship with Ryan and the lawsuit that they are both working on together. You are fed just enough to keep you on your toes…and to mislead you.

All I can say, without giving anything away, is that the ending blew my mind. I had no idea where to compartmentalize that epilogue and it changed everything I had read previously. There is no way there cannot be a sequel. I need to see how this plays out for both Ryan and Joseph. Wow, what a ride.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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