Book Review: A Taste of Copper by Elin Gregory

Reviewed by Heather C

1Title:  A Taste of Copper
Author: Elin Gregory
Hero: Olivier
Genre: MM Historical Romance
Length: 71 Pages
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Release Date: September 26, 2014
Available at: Love Lane Books and Amazon
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Blurb: Your master has the field for today, but his name, whatever it might be, is without honour.

Olivier the squire worships the Black Knight and takes a fierce joy in his prowess as he defends a bridge against all comers. Olivier only wishes that his master loved him as much in return instead of treating him as a servant and occasional plaything.

Then word comes that the King desires to cross the bridge. With an army approaching, a bright eyed archer enticing him to desert and the first cracks beginning to show in the Black Knight’s gruff demeanour, Olivier is left wondering if his honour is worth more than a chance for happiness.



A Taste of Copper is my second experience with Elin Gregory’s writing; the first being On a Lee Shore which happens to be one of my favorite books I read during 2014.  (I’m still waiting for the sequel to that one by the way!

Anyway, instead of pirating , A Taste of Copper goes a bit farther back to the medieval times where a knight’s duty and honor means more than his life.  Not at all what I was expecting from the blurb…honestly, the blurb is so vague I really had no idea what to expect.

Squire Olivier has been secretly in love with his master Sir Maheris Schade, the Black Knight who has promised to protect and guard the bridge from any of those wishing to cross.  Day after day Olivier assists Maheris in his challenges, and then tends to his wounds and desires between the victories.  Olivier longs to see any evidence of want and love for him in the eyes of his master.  When an opposing King challenges Maheris to an honorable competition to gain access to the bridge, the King’s head archer shows Olivier that he deserves to be desired in return.  But will Olivier fall for the temptations of the enemy, or stay true to his love and duty to his master?

I really liked this little story.  At first, I wasn’t expecting it to be so passionate for such a quick read.  But this author has a way of making the characters feels so real, even the foes, to where I can’t help getting attached to them all.

There was A LOT of medieval terminology and I did find myself using my Kindle dictionary numerous times, but I felt like I actually learned something here.  I don’t recall ever reading anything similar to this and it definitely stands out in it’s own way.  I loved the competition bits once I figured out what was going on and how it all worked.

I don’t want to spoil how the story goes, but it totally left me with a huge small on my face.  Very sweet and I loved the few little twists at the end.  I kinda didn’t want it to end!!

Overall Impression: I Really Liked It

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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