Book Review: For a Reason by Jessie G.

Reviewed by Nikyta

ddTitle: For a Reason
Author: Jessie G.
Series: The Sizzling Miami #2
Heroes: Bull Connor/Ian “Red” Jones
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 297 Pages
Publisher: Jessie G. Books
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Available at: Jessie G. Books and Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Former Marine and full time big brother, Bull Connor spends his days helping those in need of a second chance and his nights fighting the inner demons that won’t let go. During a routine tow he comes face to face with the only person who refuses to need him and the one man he wishes would.

As a throw away, Ian Jones is used to being alternately overlooked or ridiculed but hasn’t given up on the idea that with just one chance he could turn it all around. Rescued by the one person who neither overlooks nor ridicules him, he longs to be seen as more than just a man in need.

Ian isn’t pining for the family he’s never known but when they descend, unwanted and uninvited, Bull must prove that he’s the man who will protect Ian’s long neglected heart by sharing the demons that torment his wounded soul.



Ian moved to South Florida to start his life over but six months later, he’s still looking for a job that’ll let him do that. When his car breaks down on the way to an interview, Ian is beyond frustrated but when a tow-truck driver comes to his rescue, his luck just might be turning around. Bull never intended to bring Ian home but when he sees where Ian is staying, his conscious won’t let him leave him at the crappy motel. Giving Ian a place to stay and work while he gets back on his feet is the least Bull will do and no matter what Ian thinks, Bull is just grateful to have someone to sort through the mess of the garage’s paperwork. But while Ian only intends to stick around until he gets a job, that doesn’t mean the attraction between them will go away or stop either of them from wanting something more.

Aw, man! I ADORED this book! It’s not often that I get sucked into a contemporary. To be honest, contemps are always hard for me to read and usually takes three or four attempts to actually get into the story. With For a Reason, I started the book and couldn’t put it down. I loved both Red and Bull. Red, or Ian, is stubborn and refuses to take charity. He hates pity and will do everything he can to pull his weight even if it means getting a job he won’t necessarily love or staying late to show his worth but he’s also insecure and self-deprecating. With Bull, though, he comes out of his shell, so to speak, and starts to live his life the way he wants and with who he wants to live with.

Bull, on the other hand, is calmer and more of a gentle giant. While he made it impossible for Ian to say no when he moved him out of the motel, he let Ian decide on what they would or wouldn’t do and what type of relationship they had. I loved that he was so giving and caring. For someone as big as him, he never uses his size to intimidate (unless it’s against a person threatening someone he loves) and always puts others before himself. He thought that everyone else’s life was more important than his so he didn’t care how far he stretched himself as long as he was giving all the help he could to whoever needed it.

As a couple, Bull and Red even each other out. Where Bull makes it his mission to make Red feel worthy and wanted, Red makes it his mission to give Bull back some of his life and show him that he’s important too and that he needs to be taken care of too. I just loved them!! Then there’s the secondary characters: Bull’s family, his friends, the guys at work, even Red’s biological family! They all gave something special to the story and I loved that everyone accepted Red so easily but also that they were jealous or envious over what Bull and Red had together.

My biggest issue with this one (and this really only applied to the beginning) was that I felt like some of the Miami references and such were inaccurate. As a Floridian, I know that it doesn’t take two hours to get from Fort Lauderdale to Miami (even with traffic) and that calling any day in the summer a nice day is a big stretch. It’s Florida, so it’s hot and being outside all day without actually being in some type of water is far from pleasant (although I suppose that could be up for interpretation) but even so, I can’t imagine any Doctor recommending a pregnant woman to go for a walk in the Florida heat so it was hard for someone like me, who’s lived in South Florida my whole life, to not pick up on those details. Beyond that, there were a few scenes where it went from an intense situation to a sappy one that sort of threw me for a loop.

All in all, though, I still really loved this book. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the novel and considering I never read the first one, I was worried that I’d miss out on some part of the story. Thankfully, this can be read as a standalone (although there are references to some stuff that happen in the first book) and once I started the story, I was instantly drawn in. I loved Bull and Red and their real and makeshift family. The teasing and banter that’s throughout the novel made for some amusing and light moments.

I’m already looking forward to seeing what other characters get their stories (although I see the next one is a ménage so that makes me extremely sad since I don’t read those) and can’t wait to see who their love interests are! Although I’ve got an idea for most of them ^_^ If you’re looking for a story that flows nicely and has a great set of characters, give this one a go!

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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