Book Review: Forgiving Thayne by J.R. Loveless

Reviewed by Nikyta

1Title: Forgiving Thayne
Author: J.R. Loveless
Series: True Mates #2
Heroes: Nicholas Cartwright/Thayne Whitedove
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 290 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Nicholas Cartwright has done everything in his power to forget that night six months ago in Senaka, when his true mate rejected him, leaving him shattered and disillusioned. Burying himself in his work, he pushes himself to the point of exhaustion while finding the touch of another unbearable. Suddenly his mate needs his help, and he may be asking for more than Nicholas can find it in himself to give.

Thayne Whitedove has always been a wanderer, spending his days on the road and his nights wrapped in the arms of whatever random hookup he meets, until a fateful mistake sends him rushing for the comforts of home. To his utter dismay, the only way to correct his error in judgment is to accept the one thing he’s never wanted… his mate. Thayne must decide whether to keep running or to stay and fight for Nick’s forgiveness.



It’s been six months since the day when Thayne rejected Nicholas as his mate. Six long, lonely, depressing months where Nicholas is a barely functioning human being. But when Seth calls him for help, Nicholas doesn’t hesitate to go back to the very town his life ended in. Thayne’s been running for months from more than just his mate and when it comes to the point where he can no longer run, he heads home for help, which means he’ll have to confront the very person he refuses to be his mate. Nicholas can’t deny Thayne, no matter how much he wants to and the only way he can handle being so close but so far from his mate is to keep contact at a minimum. But when the thing stalking Thayne becomes even more of a threat, can these two get together long enough to finally put Thayne’s past to rest?

In the previous book, Chasing Seth, I was immediately intrigued by Nicholas and immediately hated Thayne. I loved that Nicholas was so vibrant and it just about gutted me when Thayne rejected Nicholas because Nicholas turned into a shell of himself and just full of misery. For a majority of the story, it was hard for me to understand why Thayne didn’t want Nicholas. His reasoning just seemed so ridiculous but as the story progressed, I started to realize the promise he made his best friend when they were kids meant the world to him and he couldn’t break that promise. Still, that didn’t stop me from hating Thayne for a little while, especially because he seemed to be a little too immature for someone at that age. I mean, his response to just about everything was drink alcohol and punch walls instead of dealing with whatever it was. Thankfully, Thayne comes to realize he needs to grow up and take responsibility for things and actually started to address problems instead of running from them, which in turn made Nicholas happy because, YAY! Thayne accepted Nicholas! Woohoo!

I really liked this one but I had one big major issue. I always felt like Thayne liked/loved Matt more than Nicholas. Oh, there was plenty of lust and yearning for Nicholas because he was Thayne’s mate but the only feelings of “love” and “adoration” were towards Matt. So, for a majority of the book, I questioned his feelings in general. It wasn’t until the very end when he started to even consider Nicholas as someone to like, let alone love. Which made me a little sad but was expected seeing as Thayne did everything in his power to deny Nicholas of anything mate- or feeling-related.

In the end, I enjoyed the story. There was definite sexual tension between Thayne and Nicholas and I really loved that there was such a huge connection but Thayne fought it so hard and couldn’t resist the urge to be with his mate for long. The whole conflict with the Created One made for some good action and I loved learning just a bit more on what those creatures are. If you enjoyed Chasing Seth then you’ll definitely enjoy this one!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Forgiving Thayne by J.R. Loveless

  1. waxapplelover

    yay! thanks for reminding me that this has been released. i absolutely LOVED Chasing Seth. it’s still one of my most frequent re-reads. thanks to your great review, i’m really looking forward to this story. i was like you and immediately hated Thayne in the last book, so i’m really looking forward to his redemption.

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