Vampire Week Review: The Vampire’s Wolf by Jenna Kernan

Reviewed by Nikyta

1Title: The Vampire’s Wolf
Author: Jenna Kernan
Heroine/Hero: Brianna Vittori/Travis MacConnelly
Genre: M/F Paranormal
Length: 304 Pages
Publisher: Harlequin
Release Date: July 1, 2014
Available at: Harlequin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks and Kobo
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: As a werewolf and a marine, he’s duty-bound to protect his enemy

Brianna Vittori is running from vampires. After receiving a mysterious warning, Bri has no choice but to seek refuge with an enemy she never thought she’d run to: werewolves. They’re the only ones who can save her…if they don’t kill her first.

As a werewolf, marine captain Travis MacConnelly should be immune to the deadly attraction of female vampires. But Bri ignites his most primal desires. When Mac realizes that his beautiful prisoner doesn’t even know what she is, it’s up to him to provide her with answers as well as protection. As the bond between them grows, so does the danger they’re in….



Bri gets the shock of her life when a female vampire shows up at a hospital and tells Bri to run. Knowing something dangerous is chasing her, Bri takes the advice and leaves town heading towards the only creatures she thinks can protect her – werewolves. Unfortunately, werewolves are taught to kill vampires on site but the two werewolves she meets – Mac and Johnny – are an odd pair and with mixed feelings, they try to protect her as much as they can. But when their commanding officer discovers Bri’s existence, not only is Bri’s life in danger but Mac and Johnny’s as well. Can these three not only destroy the vampires chasing Bri but also get the military attention away from Bri?

I had a lot of issues with this one. While I liked the concept of the book, I found that I didn’t enjoy the execution of it. First off, I found the heroine, Bri, very weak. Instead of taking the bull by the horns, she mostly just wallowed in not being able to live a normal life now. Besides that, I found the book to be extremely repetitive to the point that I felt like half the story could have been cut out because of the repetition in words, action, meaning, etc. Sadly, there’s only so many times I can hear how Bri and Mac’s lives are forever changed before I get aggravated not to mention the constant head-hopping that was throughout the story, making it hard to keep up with who’s POV it was.

Beyond that, I felt like this book was very anticlimactic. Well, let me rephrase that, the beginning and end are filled with action but between maybe 15%-80% it’s very… bland. With that, I mean Mac and Johnny keep Bri safe but it’s basically all about hiding Bri, moving her, protecting her, having sex with her, etc. There were a lot of constant mentions of how they just wanted to be normal (repetition again) and I felt like the supposed love between Mac and Bri was… shallow. I mean, they maybe had two deep conversations and the rest was just sex but yet, they somehow fell in love. Usually I don’t mind the insta-love based off lust aspect but I just couldn’t connect with either of the characters because, one, I felt like Bri was a very weak heroine who had no backbone unless it involved hurting Mac, and two, I felt like Mac was ruled by his cock.

With that said, I found the ending to be out of left field. It didn’t fit with the rest of the story to me in pacing or style because it felt rushed and chaotic almost as if the author didn’t know how to change things so she made them as easy to fix as possible while still throwing in one last conflict to spice things up. A conflict I found to be ridiculous and, honestly, Bri should have thought about this before Mac and Johnny threw their lives away to save her. I mean, seriously!

To be honest, the only real thing I liked about this story besides the overall concept was Johnny. The werewolf stuck as, well, a werewolf. He cannot switch between his beast form and human form and it was sad. I loved him right from the start with his growly attitude and temper and then fell even more in love with him as the book progressed. He’s definitely a character I wouldn’t mind getting his own book.

In the end, this was a hard story for me to like. There were just too many things I didn’t like about it and not enough factors to make up for those problems. I honestly felt like the premise of the story was intriguing, which is why I decided to read it, but the execution and overall hero and heroine were not appealing to me at all to the point where I didn’t care about them and grew frustrated more then a few times with how they were acting or handling situations. However, I do think readers should decide for themselves whether this book would work for them or not so if you like vampire/werewolf pairings especially when they’re enemies, give it a try anyway.

Overall Impression: It was okay, but not good

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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