Book Review: Home Run by Willa Okati

Reviewed by Heather C

1Title:  Home Run
Author: Willa Okati
Series: Mighty Casey #2
Heroes: Casey/Nate
Genre: MM Contemporary Romance
Length: 111 Pages
Publisher: Loose ID
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Available at: Loose ID, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: If opposites attract—and in this case, they do—then Casey and Nate fit like puzzle pieces. Though married for a year and still rocking the honeymoon lifestyle, Casey’s starting to feel like it’s time for the next big challenge.

Casey’s never been interested in having kids, but knows Nate would love a family of their own and would be a fantastic father. He thinks he’s ready to put aside past prejudices, but he knows it’s not the kind of decision you make on a whim. Nate only wants to have a family with Casey if Casey wants it just as much. Neither would accept anything less.

The annual Rule family reunion is the perfect time and place for Casey to take his hopes for a test drive and inform his choice. He’ll have plenty of chances to practice—with Nate’s ménage-a-parents and seven sisters, there’s a smorgasbord of family to observe and a half-dozen babies to test his limits.

(And a few games to play. This is Nate, after all!)

Is Casey ready to grant Nate his wish to become a dad and wind up the pitch for a proper “home” run?



I’m always quick to say how I’m not a fan of stories featuring established couples, but earlier this year I read Mighty Casey on a whim and it ended up being a lot of crazy fun.  So when I saw the sequel, Home Run, was coming out, I immediately added it to my TBR list.  BUT…since it is an established couple book, I let it sit there unread for a few months.  Silly me!

Home Run picks up Casey and Nate’s story about a year after Mighty Casey.  They’ve been living the happy married life but both men realize something might be missing.  Now it’s that time of year for Nate’s big family reunion and he’s not looking forward to seeing all the happy little families his sisters have created.  But Casey just might have the perfect surprise for Nate’s reunion gift.

Okay, I admit, this story was just as adorable as the first one.  There is no angst between Casey and Nate’s relationship, just sweet, sexy fun.

He pressed a kiss to the underside of Nate’s jaw.  “Thank you.”
Nate cocked his head, curious.  “For what?”
“If I had time, love, I’d make a list.”  Casey looked up at Nate, watching the lights in his eyes as he’d watched the stars in the sky.  “But mostly just for being you.”

The first book featured a day at the ball field, this story takes us to Nate’s family home where we find out that he had a very interesting childhood.  Of course the whole story was equally outrageous, but it kept a smile on my face through the entire book.  Nate’s family was HILARIOUS, along with his mom and two dads.  And Swayze was a bit of a creeper.

I found myself VERY interested in Eamon…a prospective in-law.  I would LOVE to read his and Zeke’s story…if it ever existed.

In the end, this a wonderful followup to Nate and Casey’s HEA…and the beautiful ending left me a little teary eyed.

Overall Impression: I Really Liked It

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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