Book Review: The Holiday Hoax by Skylar M. Cates

Reviewed by Nikyta

1Title: The Holiday Hoax
Author: Skylar M. Cates
Heroes: Evan Goodman/JD Laurens
Genre: M/M Contemporary/Holiday
Length: 83 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: December 12, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press and Amazon
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Blurb: I’m Evan Goodman, budding actor, future star, college freshman. Oh, and let’s not forget—recently dumped. If only my family wasn’t expecting to meet my new boyfriend over the holiday break. Enter JD Laurens—a sweet and quiet science major who mostly keeps to himself. When he gathers the courage to come out, poor JD gets abandoned by his only family right in front of me, and now he has nowhere to go for Christmas. But I have a proposition for him: pretend to be my boyfriend for the holidays so I can take him home. It’s a win-win. What could go wrong?



The night before he’s going to leave for his parents house, Evan steps into a coffee shop that’s almost deserted. The only customer is a fellow student, JD, that Evan doesn’t know much about. But when he sees JD come out to his brother and it end disastrously, Evan feels horrible. He can’t just leave JD all alone during winter break when he has nowhere to go. Thankfully, Evan has a plan, convince JD to be the boyfriend he just got dumped by and JD can spend the holiday with his family. Can’t go wrong with that right? But before Evan realizes it, JD’s managed to worm his way into Evan’s damaged heart. Will their little hoax turn into something much more or will it all end before they return to school?

Gah! It’s stories like these that have me giddy during the holiday season. I love the whole ‘pretend to be my boyfriend’ ruse because it always (or at least should!) end with two unlikely people falling in love. *swoon* This one was great because Evan had blabbed to his family about how AMAZING his boyfriend was (who ending up dumping him just before winter break) so he was left facing his parents with his heartbreak or bringing home someone to PLAY his great boyfriend. Unfortunately, or fortunately, JD was that man and I loved that he was SUCH a geek, the complete opposite of Evan’s supposedly artistic boyfriend. It was hilarious to see JD stumble trying to keep up with musicals and the like. At the same time, I loved that Evan’s family gave JD something nice to remember Christmas by and even more so when all the traditions melted both Evan and JD and brought them together.

This was a very cute story but I wished it had been longer! After the whole ‘reveal’ I wanted to see more of Evan and JD as, well, Evan and ‘JD’. Plus, I would have liked to see them after they got back to school and how their lives changed or how they were settling into their new-found relationship.

Still, in the end, I found this story just so adorable that it left me with a goofy smile. I loved that Evan was a bit dramatic and that he felt sad for JD but played it off like JD was helping him out instead. I wish it had been MUCH longer because I would have loved to see them at school instead of a brief glimpse a year from Christmas. Even still, I’m hoping we’ll one day get more of these boys because I can’t be the only one wanting more!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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