Early Review: The Oracle’s Golem by Mell Eight

Reviewed by Nikyta

23461233Title: The Oracle’s Golem
Author: Mell Eight
Series: The Oracle #3
Heroes: Golem & Marl
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Length: 20k words
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Available at: Less Than Three Press & Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Golem has never known anything but pain. He exists solely to serve the Oracle’s whims and needs. Determined to escape a life of abuse and servitude, he runs away and finds refuge in a cave.

Then one day a child falls asleep in his lap…

Marl isn’t anyone special. He’s low in the Earth Caste, set to watch over the Caste’s problem child, Lichen. In search of the errant Lichen one day, he unexpectedly comes across Golem hiding deep in the mountains. Even more surprising is the reason that Golem is hiding, a reason that forces Marl to make a choice: Oracle or Golem.



Two decades ago, Golem did something that changed his life forever and when he found out he was manipulated into doing it, he was devastated and retreated into the mountain. When Marl is forced to find his young charge, Lichen, he goes deep into the mountain finding Lichen on Golem’s lap, where he’s made himself part of the mountain. With the help of Lichen and Marl, Golem slowly starts to regain his humanity but he can’t forget what he once did. But when Marl’s life is put in danger, Golem has to make a choice: continue to wallow in pity or fight the man he’s come to love.

*sigh* I’m such a sucker for emotionally damaged men in fantasy stories, especially when they have such vast power. Even more than that, I loved that this one had the ‘strong’ and ‘weak’ dynamic when it came to Golem and Marl’s magic. It made things interesting especially since Golem respected Marl’s power and the way he controlled it while maximizing his limited abilities. As characters, I loved seeing Golem slowly melt to Marl and Lichen and just couldn’t help but smile at the way Lichen had Marl and Golem wrapped around his finger. Even Marl was an endearing character because of the way others treat him but also because that didn’t stop him from being compassionate and understanding.

I really adored this book but I wanted it to be so much longer! I wanted to see more of Golem and Marl but I also wanted to see how everyone reacted to finding out who Golem was and how they treated him when he came back. Not to mention, I wanted to see the shock from everyone who ever treated Marl like he was nothing when they realized he’s now SOMETHING.

In the end, though, this was still a fabulous short story to add to the series. I’m loving these novellas because they always seem to pack a lot of emotional turmoil considering the length isn’t all that long. Not to mention, the characters are always so lovable! I can’t wait to see what comes next for this series!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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