Book Review: Song of the Lonesome Cowboy

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: Song of the Lonesome Cowboy
Author: Lynn Kelling
Series: Society of Masters
Heroes: Tucker Reynolds/Jess Grayville
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 270 Pages
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Tucker Reynolds is a rising star in country music. The people from his record label tell him he’s destined to be one of the greats—but only if he fits the “good ol’ boy” image country fans expect from him. The trouble is, that’s not the kind of man’s man Tucker really wants to be. Forced into an unsavory relationship with a record executive and frustrated by his regrettably platonic relationship with his best friend and guitarist, Mags Palmer, Tucker turns to kinky sex with male prostitutes for release. Things hit Tucker’s limit when one of Tucker’s bandmates, Jess Grayville, begins to suspect what’s going on, and puts himself in danger to protect Tucker. Desperate for a way out of his troubles, Tucker realizes only honesty, love, and a true song can save himself and the man who stands by him.


Review: Every time I have needed a fluff break, needed something to sink my teeth into, something that makes me feel, and I have opened a Lynn Kelling book, I have gotten exactly what I needed and have yet to be disappointed.

I feel kind of ridiculous feeling like I need to say heed the warnings, but seriously, people, heed the warnings. They are there for a reason – either to warn you off, or, in my case, lure me in.

Poor Tucker is a success, but that is what you see on the outside. Even his best friend doesn’t ever see beyond the happy country rock star façade. But, we get to see in full color detail. It takes a while for the whole picture to be shown, but we do get it, though it was a frustrating wait at times. Tucker essentially took one for the team, many times, in a big and extremely detrimental to himself way. He seems to have things together now, until he receives little reminders that bring everything back in his mind. He was taken great advantage of and has suffered horrible abuse, but beyond that, he is suffering from his own self-hate and guilt, and he punishes himself in different ways because of it.

Added to these troubles is the fact that he has basically been forced into the closet. His fear of losing it all if anyone finds out, let alone if anyone finds out about the other stuff, just about drives him down a road of no return. He has feelings for his best friend and band mate, Mags, but suffers through countless threesomes with women as his only way of being close to Mags in that way. Eventually, he is unable to do even that.

Mags doesn’t see any of this, however, his other band mate, Jess, does. He knows something deep is bothering Tucker, but try as he might, he cannot get Tucker to confide in him. But he does the next best thing and makes sure he is there for him and never gives up in his quest to help and get Tucker to talk to him.

This story has ups and downs, but it is very well written. Just when you think you know all of the details, more are told. You will want to wrap Tucker up in a big comforting hug and not let go until all of his demons are vanquished and he is mentally and physically healed. You will want him to finally find peace and happiness, and you will want him to find that with Jess. I know I did, and while it was a hard road to get there, it was worth the journey for me.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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