Book Review: Desdemona Darkly: When Mickey Met Hugh by Mathew Ortiz

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: Desdemona Darkly
Author: Mathew Ortiz
Heroes: Mickey Sherwood/Hugh Brannough
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 155 Pages
Publisher: Mathew Ortiz
Release Date: January 23, 2015
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Are we rolling?”
“Yes Mr. Sherwood. Just say the lines as we rehearsed.”
“Got it.”
Mickey nodded and sucked in a lungful of air. Blowing it out, he began. “Welcome to Desdemona Darkly, your premier online site for adult toys and accessories. I’m here to introduce myself and tell you about our site and staff. My name is Mickey Sherwood Co-Founder and CEO of Desdemona Darkly. My staff and I are committed to providing you with only the highest quality intimate products and superb customer service. We have the online site to order from or if you wish, you can speak to one of our customer service team members, if you have questions with your order. You can also call us if you have any questions at all, regarding our products. Our phone lines are open twenty-four seven for your convenience. Making you happy and satisfied is our primary goal, here at Desdemona Darkly. Thank you again for choosing us, for your personal pleasuring needs.”
“And cut.”
Mickey grinned. “Was that good?”
“Excellent Mr. Sherwood.”
Mickey slid out of his chair, grinning. With this new commercial, he was hoping to increase sales for his company. So far everything was a success in his world, except his love life. Phfft, what else is new? Flicking on his phone he checked his messages. He had stopped by the studio to film the commercial before heading to the docks. A customs official, a Mr. Hugh Brannough, was cocking up the shipment of some of their badly needed merchandize. Well Mr. Brannough, I’m coming for you!
A shiver suddenly raced down Hugh’s spine, as he sat at his desk at the docks. I wonder what the hell that was about? Shrugging, he went back to work…


Review: I really fell in love with this story. I was a bit unsure at first of what direction it was taking, as the blurb doesn’t really tell you much. But, it didn’t take long for me to warm right up to it and settle in for the ride.

Desdemona Darkly is the successful on-line sex toy company owned by Mickey and his ex-partner of 8 years, Dag. Mickey has been a bit of a workaholic in the past, and while it played a big part in the demise of his and Dag’s relationship, it payed off where the company was concerned.

When a delay at the customs office brings Mickey into contact with the sexy kilt wearing Scotsman, Hugh, things really start to get moving. Hugh is the sexy, divorced, father of twin teenage boys. He moved from Scotland when he was fourteen so doesn’t really have an accent, but his brogue shines through here and there, just enough to really add to his allure.

After a rocky start, Hugh and Mickey hit it off and begin their relationship rather slowly, with a fabulous first date and quite a few dates as well before they take things to the next level. Mickey turns out to be not what he appeared. He is a bit nerdy, but is a feisty little guy able to hold his own when necessary. The tables are turned even further when it turns out Mickey is more of a top.

There are some issues with Dag, however. It seems he has basically been cockblocking Mickey for quite some time and is none too happy about the new developments with Hugh. I wasn’t much of a Dag fan throughout this story. He does his best to try and cause problems with Mickey and Hugh. Thankfully, with the help of Hugh’s ex and Mickey’s sister, the two prevail.

Hugh’s kids also add a few problems. They’re having a little trouble adjusting to their parents finding significant others, dealing with their own sexuality issues, and just being teenagers. Mickey has had some trouble adjusting to the insta-family as well. It was nice to see these problems and how they worked out. Everything with the kids is written in such a way that feels very realistic and ends up being quite enjoyable. I loved watching Hugh deal with his sons.

This is my favorite story by Mr. Ortiz to date. It is a smooth reading, engrossing story that I didn’t want to put down. It is funny, sexy and sweet, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I cannot wait to read more and really hope to see more of Mickey and Hugh.

Overall Impression: It was amazing

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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