Book Review: Hunted by Lourdes Skye

Reviewed by JustJen

25859088Title: Hunted
Author: Lourdes Skye
Heroes: Jace/Cobra
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 168 Pages
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Release Date: July 1, 2015
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Upon a dastardly escape from his sadistically abusive husband, Jace Vanderhuff embarks on a journey that’ll lead him into a dangerous realm of trafficking, murder, and unsuspecting love.

However, Jace has no choice but take the chance, for going back would be a fate worse than death. Hiding in plain sight brings Jace face to face with a cop who is sexy as sin.

Detective Cobra Stallone, while investigating a teen trafficking ring, stumbles upon a sweet, shy, blonde-haired guy who invades his thoughts and dreams. But there’s something there. Something that Jace is guarding. When the truth is revealed, can he melt past Jace’s defenses and fears and show him that love can be better the second time around?

With his husband and a crazed killer-for-hire hot on his trail, will the jungle known as New York City become ground zero, where the hidden has now become the hunted.


Review: There are two parts to this story that end up blending together towards the end.

First, we have Jace, a young man without any family who left a promising modeling career for his now crazy abusive bastard of a husband. We learn enough about Jace’s situation to rally us behind his escape and possible future on his own. His getaway is successful and he eventually makes it to NYC where he hopes to get lost as he sorts out his life. He is very lucky in that he meets a wonderful new “family” in the small bar where he finds work. He also meets Detective Cobra Stallone who takes a quick liking to him. Things move rather quickly for these guys, but once Jace reveals this marital status, things slow down a bit. Cobra jumps right into protective mode and tries to keep Jace safe.

The other part of this story is Cobra’s involvement in trying to take down the sex traffickers. After losing his sister to the same fate, he has made it his mission to solve the missing children mystery and take down the people in charge. When things heat up with this situation, Cobra is pulled undercover and away from Jace for a short time.

Meanwhile, Jace’s soon-to-be ex has called in the big guns to find his runaway husband and things get a little crazy. There’s a PI and a crazy mercenary involved and it all gets a bit messy. But Cobra, his partner and his team are there to try to keep Jace safe, until they can’t, and things take a few turns for the worse with everyone involved.

My biggest struggle with this story was the POV changes which happened frequently and without any notice or separation. It was difficult to follow who was being talked about or doing the talking which took me out of the story with the need to backtrack in order to follow along. Some of the storyline was a bit over the top for me at times as well, but I enjoyed other aspects, and it kept my interest. Jace was sweet, but showed backbone when needed, and the guys made a good couple. There are also some good side characters, such as Barney, Cobra’s partner.

Overall, this was a good story for a first-time author. I see a lot of potential in the writing and am already looking forward to reading Ms. Lourdes’ next book.

Overall Impression: It was good

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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