Book Review: When Worlds Collide by Maggie Walsh

Reviewed by Susan65

11057246_1024067694272859_4064101403755728328_nTitle: When Worlds Collide
Author: Maggie Walsh
Series:  Beyond the Angel Pack #3
Heroes: Ryland/Phenex
Genre: MM Paranormal
Length: 192 Pages
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Release Date: July 29, 2015
Available at:  Siren Bookstrand
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: King Ryland and Phenex, Commander of the Underworld’s elite police, had a happy mating for over two hundred years. They were blessed with a child, a son, and the pair couldn’t be happier. Until one day their world was ripped apart by deceit and betrayal.

A threat to their son’s life caused Ryland to send him away into hiding, in hopes that he would be safe. When Phenex arrived home to find his mate in the arms of another man he was hurt and angry, but when he found that his mate had taken his son from him, he was enraged. Phenex turned his back on his mate and walked away from their mating.

Twenty six years later, they have found their son, but the horrors he suffered his whole life cause Ryland great pain and guilt. To ensure that their son Jesse has his full powers, these two strong leaders must find a way back to each other.


Review: I would have to say that ever since Ryland and Phenex were introduced into this series, I was hooked, and then when it was disclosed that they were Jesse’s fathers, I was dying to read their story. Knowing how integral mates are to each other, it was heartbreaking to see these two alpha men split up and living apart for over 26 years. I can’t imagine how they were able to survive, but I understood why Phenex did what he did. Ryland was really a major victim here even though for so long he was seen as a villain. Their story is devastating, but fortunately they have Micah to thank for setting them back in line.

I love Jesse. I’ve loved him since he was introduced in the first book, but for someone normally so forgiving of others, he really needed his head bopped in this installment. I completely understood why he was upset over his fate, I know his life was horrific, but he treated Ryland horribly and I had a hard time with that…especially since he treated Phenex like he was precious and had no fault in how things played out. Yes, Phenex was played, just like Ryland was played, but had these two LEADERS put their collective heads together and COMMUNICATED they just might have saved their family from decades of despair and kept their relationship intact.

I was so happy to see Ryland vindicated. I was even more happy to see the love and attraction that was so obvious between him and Phenex brought back to life. If ever two men needed their HEA given back to them, it was Ryland and Phenex; and if ever a man needed his father’s reunited it was Jesse. So, yay, I got I was looking for, and I highly recommend this series, and especially this story. Enjoy.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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