Book Review: Double Heat by Lynn Kelling

Reviewed by Susan65

25742461Title: Double Heat
Author: Lynn Kelling
Series: Twin Ties #3
Heroes: Evan/Brennan/Alek/Luka
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 299 Pages
Publisher: Forbidden Fiction
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Available at:  Amazon
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Blurb: When Evan and Brennan moved in with their boyfriends, Alek and Luka, they knew things would be complicated, but as their privacy gets eroded, and people around them begin to notice the tangled nature of the four-way relationship, coping becomes a struggle. After Brennan leaves on a brief trip home, and Evan remains behind to enjoy the full attention of both Alek and Luka, the careful balance of things gets thrown off.

Ex-boyfriends surface, haunting Evan and Brennan in similar ways as regret for poor choices threatens their happiness, and the sexual freedom displayed earlier in their lives draws predators willing to use violence, coercion, mind-games and force to take what they want. Though Luka and Alek struggle to protect those they love, it soon becomes clear that the dangers surrounding them will find ways to rush in, trying to take what belongs to them.


Review: I love this series. Who knew I could not only read a double taboo book, but actually freaking love it? Maybe it had more to do with the realism the author brings to the story, and the many, many feels, but I love this series and highly recommend it to everyone, even those who normally steer clear of taboo or twincest.

Book three has the twins, Evan and Brennan, and Alek and Luka, living together as a committed and loving foursome. Those important to the guys all know the truth of their relationship, but Evan is struggling heavily with anyone else finding out. His fears are legit as he was the one almost killed in book two. Knowing that there are homophobic assholes just looking to cause trouble, Evan does his best to keep the truth hidden. Too bad the rest aren’t on the same page.

Brennan needs closure to his old life, and he wants to fulfill a promise to his deceased mother. Sadly, this requires him to take a road trip back to Louisiana on his own. He would love for Evan to come, but Evan is not yet ready to visit the grave of the mother who gave him away. So Brennan takes off on his own. Here is where the first of the major life events comes to fruition. Too bad it’s not a good one.

Alek and Luka, being the older twins, feel intensely compelled to protect the younger twins at all costs. Evan and Brennan need the protection but they balk at being restricted. They understand the situation, but human nature also comes into play. This leads to a horrific ordeal for Evan…one with repercussions for the all the guys.

There is no way to bring up any of the “situations’ or “events” without giving the story away. But trust me when I say that what you’ve read in the first two books is child’s play compared to this one. Many topics are touched on in a graphic way that made it uncomfortable to read, but they were necessary for the guys to move forward in their lives and relationship.

So, if you are reading this then I am assuming that taboo is not a hard limit for you. That being the case, prepare yourself for more violence, dubious content, and non-consensual sex. These boys go through hell before they can get to heaven.

Overall Impression: It was amazing

*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*


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