Book Review: Jilted in January by Kate Pearce

Reviewed by Heather C

28254649Title: Jilted in January
Author: Kate Pearce
Series: A Year Without a Duke #1
Hero/Heroine: Colin Ford/Rose Leyton
Genre: MF Historical Romance
Length: 81 pages
Release Date: January 25, 2016
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: A Year Without a Duke

The duke has died. Long live the duke! The only problem is no one knows who the new Duke of Beckworth is. All of England wonders, but no one more so than the people who depend upon Beckworth for their livelihood. In 1816, a year so cold that the word “summer” is a cruel joke, that livelihood is even more uncertain. However, they are all about to find out, with the duke away, there is nothing more warming than scandal and love…

Jilted in January, book 1

Rose Leyton is stuck at the Duke of Beckworth’s country estate waiting for the return of her betrothed. If it wasn’t for the handsome assistant land agent, Mr. Colin Ford, she might believe she had ceased to exist at all. But when her intended arrives things aren’t quite how she expected.

As the youngest son of an impoverished peer, Colin is all too aware of how it feels to be ignored. His impulsive offer to save Miss Leyton from an unwanted marriage quickly becomes more serious than either of them anticipated. Can they both step out of the shadows and find a way to true independence and happiness?

When matrimonial matters don’t go quite as planned, can one jilted bride and an unlikely hero save the day?



Jilted in January is the first book in the new series A Year Without a Duke written by a handful of different authors.  The Duke of Beckworth has died and while the family is searching out the rightful heir, romance is in the air…

Kate Pearce starts it off with Rose and Colin’s story.

Assistant land agent Mr. Colin Ford suddenly finds himself as head agent of the estate after the previous land agent runs off after stealing available funds and leaving the books in a mess.  With the help of Miss Rose Leyton, they are able to get the books back in somewhat of an order and the two become fast, unexpected friends.

Rose has been left under the protection of the Duke of Beckworth while her betrothed is away in the military.  When her betrothed unexpectedly breaks their engagement, Rose knows her future is undermined until the rightful Duke can be discovered.  Considering herself “plain” and without money, Rose doesn’t expect to have a marriage of love.  When her brother shows up intending to marry Rose off as soon as possible before a scandal can arise, Colin steps in with a “fake” proposal to save her…but things don’t go quite as they expected.

I really enjoyed this little story.  It was sweet and Colin and Rose were both so adorable.  I loved how they were friends first and had a lot of respect for each other.  I did miss the erotism that I’m used to getting when reading a book by this author, but the two love scenes were sweet and the steaminess fit the rest of the story.

There was a lot happening here:  the unknown Duke, the missing land agent, the brother forcing his sister to marry, the thief…  But somehow it all seemed unimportant and not super urgent.  Even when Colin and Rose were about to be married, I didn’t feel any real concerns on their part.  Overall, it was a very light read without much, if any, angst.

My only real complaint would be the sudden ending.  I found myself wanting more of Rose and Colin!!

In the end, I think my favorite thing about this book was that both characters were untitled and not wealthy…common people finding love.

I’m looking forward to reading the second installment Forbidden in February by Suzanna Medeiros.

Overall Impression: I Liked It

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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