Book Review: The Fire King by Kay Ellis

Reviewed by Nikyta

FireKing[The]Title: The Fire King
Author: Kay Ellis
Series: Evolin #3
Heroes: Sully/Okhela
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Length: 118 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: February 17, 2016
Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Sully is summoned back to Maestraad by the entity who took control of Tylan’s body when Tylan perished. This Fire King—now calling himself Okhela—offers Sully a bargain he cannot refuse: if, after six months, Sully fails to fall in love with him, Okhela will return Tylan. The trouble is, as much as Sully wants to hate Okhela, the Fire King rules with wisdom and generosity… and Sully cannot resist the attraction he feels toward the handsome king. Though his heart will always belong to Tylan, Sully gives in to his body’s demands.

But can Sully trust Okhela to keep his word? With assassins on the loose, can Sully keep the Fire King alive long enough to find out? With the future of the kingdom—as well as his heart—at stake, Sully must call upon old friends and new to protect the Fire King, who might hold the keys to both.




Tylan’s been gone for a few months now and Sully feels as empty and angry as ever. So when Okhela, the Fire King, shows up asking Sully to come back to the castle, Sully’s furious. But then Okhela dangles a tempting offer in front of Sully – Sully comes back for six months and if Okhela can’t get Sully to fall in love with him, then he’ll bring Tylan back. Things back at the castle are not as they seem, though, especially when someone’s trying to assassinate the Fire King and every time he learns something new about Tylan, he finds out someone is lying to him.

As with The Fallen, I’m unsure on how I feel about this one. I really enjoyed the storyline with Okhela trying to win over Sully and the constant assassination attempts. I liked that Okhela, while a being made of fire, still had such strong feelings. I fell in love with him and was saddened that the one man he ‘thinks’ he loves is a man he can’t technically have. I loved that he made things better for the kingdom and he was trying his hardest to change things.
The things that I struggle with this story is my feelings for Sully and ultimately the ending. I still hate Sully. He’s just an extremely unlikeable character, IMO. I can’t see how Sully can profess his undying love with Tylan… but then sleep with Okhela. Apparently, his love wasn’t as ‘undying’ as he wanted everyone to think when it was so easy for him to bed another.
The ending was the worst, IMO. I loved Gannon and the way that was handled made me extremely angry. Tylan comes back and Gannon dies? Are you kidding me? I’d rather Tylan die forever than Gannon had died because I was honestly hoping that Okhela and Gannon would end up together. I couldn’t care less about Tylan and Sully. I know that makes me sound horrible but I just didn’t like these two. Tylan is such a spoiled brat and Sully is such an abusive asshole, IMO. So I was extremely disappointed with the way things end up because I LOVE Okhela and he needs a happily ever after! But then there’s Amoria… the way she was handled was just as disappointing.
In the end, I’m glad but a little worried this is the end of this series because while I don’t exactly like Tylan/Sully, I adore Okhela and hope that he finds someone for himself (although to learn it’d be Gannon would be AMAZING). I loved the suspense within the story when it came to Okhela and the assassination attempts but still dislike the main couple in this series. If you’ve been following the series then you’ll definitely enjoy this one, though!

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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