Book Review: The First Morning After by Marie Lark

Reviewed by Susan65

ml_thefirstmorningafterTitle: The First Morning After
Author: Marie Lark
Heroes: Danny Rojas/Mitchel Finch
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 129 Pages
Publisher: Loose Id
Release Date: June 6, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: For as long as he can remember, Danny Rojas has wanted all-star first baseman Mitchel Finch. And he could swear that in high school, Mitchel was maybe interested, too. But the baseball team made Danny’s life a living hell back then, and the moment he was able, he got out. Five years later at a friend’s wedding, Danny finally has the chance, and more importantly, the courage, to act on his years-long crush.

Mitchel Finch used to have it so good–a brilliant athlete with lots of friends, a gorgeous girlfriend, and a place of importance in his home town. All he had to do was play it straight. But when an injury ends his baseball career, and his best friend’s wedding reminds him of everything he lost, Mitchel jumps at the opportunity Danny gives him–a night to be honest with himself. A night to finally feel wanted for exactly who he is.

The trouble is, neither of their circumstances has changed by morning. Mitchel is still closeted, and Danny is still the town pariah. Can a connection, building for years and forged in one night, survive the first morning after?


Review: Oh, this was a tough one for me. It’s a great story and I love the premise, it’s well written and a page turner, but boy oh boy did I believe Danny deserved a lot more than he got with Mitchell. I thought I was the forgiving type, but maybe even I have my limits. Just because I don’t love a guy’s actions doesn’t mean it’s not a good book, so don’t let that deter you.

Danny and Mitchell were raised in a small, narrow minded town where Danny was the “town gay” and Mitchell was the closeted “town jock”. Danny’s life was miserable; from his awful parents, to the constant bullying in high school. The best thing he ever did was leave. Mitchell never actually hurt him, but he never helped him either. I know they were just kids, but in my mind, you are the mirror image of your friends and if those friends are assholes, then guess what? So are you.

Mitchell was one seriously conflicted man. He secretly pined away for one man while he hooked up with other men in clubs. At the same time, he was maintaining his straight boy status, and hating himself for it. He was his own worst enemy but was too paralyzed by his own fears to make any changes. I had a hard time with Mitchell, even after he redeems himself in Danny’s eyes.

Danny and Mitchell restart their reunion off kind of rocky, well, honestly, it was actually kind of brutal. Mitchell is just so lost in so many ways, but Danny is no longer a scared kid and took it upon himself to teach Mitchell all he didn’t know that he didn’t know. Mitchell was also clueless about gay sex, even if he wasn’t a virgin, but I was glad to see he was willing to allow Danny to tutor him. See, Mitchell isn’t all bad.

There are many ways in which this book cannot be considered a romance, as the timeframe is just a couple days. But the reader is given their brief history in the blurb and the resultant actions that followed their reunion are the gist of this short story. It was not pretty, it was neither easy nor fair on either of the guys, but it ended on a high note and even though I am not as forgiving as Danny, Mitchell finally stepped up and that’s all that mattered in the end.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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