Book Review: A King and a Pawn by Liv Olteano

Reviewed by Nikyta

a-king-and-a-pawnTitle: A King and a Pawn
Author: Liv Olteano
Series: Leader Murders #3
Heroes: Bert & Will
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 234 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Available at: Dreamspinner PressAmazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Bert Cooper’s life used to be great, until his sister turned out to be a traitor. Now Bert feels the whole pack looks on him with doubt and suspicion. To prove his loyalty, he volunteers to be the first ambassador at Fey Court, gathering information to finally solve the Leader Murders and punish those plotting against the Council and community. At least, that was the plan….

When Bert meets Sir William Matthew Sims, Court Interrogator, and one hell of a sexy man, life becomes a balancing act. And when the Fey King is assassinated, things become really messy.

Pack politics, fey politics, treason, suspicions of treason…. Bert has to choose between being ruled by his fears or standing up for what—and who—he believes in. And it might just break his heart.



To gain information on solving the Leader Murders, Bert must act as ambassador in the Fey Court. Unfortunately, Bert didn’t expect his life to spin so out of control and before he knows it, he’s intrigued the Court Interrogator, Sir William Sims. Except, Will isn’t all he appears and might just be on Bert’s side but when the Fey King is assassinated, Will has an outrageous plan that might just cost them both their lives.

I’ve loved Bert since he first showed up in this series. He was so adorable and I loved his playfulness so I was so excited to finally get his story. I really liked Will as a character because of how much he loved his children. The two of them together were simultaneously hilarious and adorable. I loved that Bert was so confused about Will and I especially loved that Will was so intrigued by Bert and so intense when it came to him. One of the best things about this book was Will’s children, especially Susannah!

I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting to see more of the fey side and finally see how everything came to a close. I will say, though, that this book in particular was pretty repetitive. Aside from that, I found Bert’s constant back and fourth on his feelings with Will to be a bit tiring. The first time or two I could understand but after the 5th time, I was over it. Add to that, while I loved Will, I was a little disappointed in him as a fey. He seemed more like a wolf than a fey and not just because he should have been cold hearted.

In the end, I still enjoyed this one. I loved where the Leader Murders ended up and the journey to finding out how/why it all happened. It was interesting to see Bert and Will together, though, and how Bert got along with Will’s kids. I know the mystery is over but I wouldn’t mind seeing these characters again! And seeing how everyone turns out in a few months or years. Definitely give this a go if you’ve enjoyed this series so far!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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