Book Review: Code Name Jack Rabbit by Elizabeth Noble

Reviewed by Nikyta

code-name-jack-rabbitTitle: Code Name Jack Rabbit
Author: Elizabeth Noble
Series: The Vampire Guard #1 (spin-off from The Sleepless City)
Heroes: Forge/Blair & Declan/Lucas
Genre: M/M Paranormal
Length: 200 pages
Publisher: Publications
Release Date: July 12, 2016
Available at: DSP PublicationsAmazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Meet the newest members of the Vampire Guard, where legend and myth meet science and technology.

Jonas Forge, vampire. Once a spy and soldier, now a cop, Forge enjoys the life he’s built with his friends in Flint, Ohio.

Blair Turner, PhD. Blair, a vampire and computer hacker with exceptional skills, shares a powerful empathic bond with Forge, his soul mate.

Declan, vampire, ex-pirate, ex-fur trapper, thief, and con man. Declan is Forge’s former lover and soul mate to Lucas Coate.

Lucas Coate, MD, Flint’s medical examiner. A werewolf living among vampires, Lucas is also one of Forge’s best friends.

Their lives become complicated when an impending Presidential visit throws them headlong into a world of high-tech vampire spies and espionage. Recruited into the Vampire Guard by the secret society of the Akhkharu Nasaru, they uncover a werewolf terrorist organization known as the Qiguan.

Together they must thwart a murder attempt on the open waters of Lake Superior while tracking a previously unknown biological weapon controlled by the Qiquan—a weapon which may very well mean death for one of them.

****Please be aware this story contains spoilers. Proceed with caution****



Before I got into my review, I feel the need to let readers know this is a spin-off series from The Sleepless City series with Anne Barwell. If you haven’t read that series first, be aware that you might struggle a bit with this book in the beginning because it deals heavily with Forge/Blair & Declan/Lucas, which had their backstories portrayed in The Sleepless City series.

With that said, this was a great spin off. I was hoping we would get more of these guys because they were my favorites so when I saw this coming out I was both intrigued and excited. I mean, I can’t see Forge as anything other than a police officer and I can’t see Lucas as anything other than a medical examiner but now I definitely can see these guys as more than they were in their original books! I won’t go into much detail because I feel like this story needs to be discovered as you read it. The blurb and the cover do a pretty good job of showing what the story will be about. But it also contains a ton of action and suspense and a good amount of mystery that kept me intrigued. Add to that, Ms. Noble created a very alluring world that deals with secret agencies, unique vampires/werewolves and mythical creatures.

I loved being able to see Forge and Blair again. It was great to see how far they’ve come as a couple and seeing that they still have a bit of things to work out such as Forge’s jealous and Blair’s fears. Lucas and Blair are definitely my favorite couple so getting to see how they are now was interesting. Specifically that Lucas and Declan still have things to learn about each other and their mission definitely opened up the paths to some areas of one another they didn’t necessarily know before.

My biggest problem with this one, though, is the timeline. There were certain parts that would end and then jump to days later that I was a little disappointed in. I wanted to see those days pass by such as when Declan and Lucas were on the island what happened right after that. Aside from that, there were a few questions I still had about the creature such as how it was even possible to get transmitters on them without them killing someone or what exactly the creatures are called (aside from being named after the lakes). But I’m hoping we’ll get to learn more about them as the series progresses.

Overall, this was an amazing spin-off. I loved where the author took these characters and where they will be going next. Getting to see the guys again was a total blast and I’m so glad there will be more of them! I can’t wait to see what type of missions they go on and how they get to save the world! Definitely give this a go if you’ve enjoyed The Sleepless City series and liked this author’s writing!!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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