Book Review: The Loft by Elizabeth Lister

Reviewed by JustJen

29936370Title: The Loft
Author: Elizabeth Lister
Series: The Loft Trilogy #1
Heroes: James/Tate/Sebastian
Genre: MMM Contemporary BDSM
Length: 91 Pages
Publisher: MLR Press
Release Date: July 8, 2016
Available at: Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  When a former acquaintance of James’ becomes involved with a shady character and James’ efforts to help him backfire, Tate decides it is up to him to save the day even if it means putting himself in danger. (Featuring the characters from Elizabeth Lister’s The James Lucas Trilogy)


Review: I highly recommend you read The James Lucas Trilogy before reading this, as it is the whole story of how these three got to this point. I fell in love with James from the very start and love him even more with Tate and Sebastian. They are now in a pretty comfortable triad, though Tate and Sebastian are living together with James still maintaining his own place, though they all spend much of their time together at both places. The loft is located at James’ place, and is their version of a dungeon.

This short story was so incredibly enjoyable. It contains all of the elements of a full story condensed into a shorter one but without any feeling of something missing. The pacing is good and never feels rushed or that details are skipped over which I find often occurs in shorter stories. This was basically a glimpse of a time in the middle of their relationship which showed they are normal guys with normal feelings and relationship woes. Tate is having some jealousy issues that arise when one of James’ old students wants to resume their sessions.

Even though we get so see a more vulnerable James this time around, when that student runs into trouble after James turned him down, he is always the ever-in-control James that I came to love. He is honest with Tate and Sebastian about their relationship and his commitment to it and remains adamant about not allowing jealousy to interfere. Tate tests things in the name of trying to help James, which almost causes a lot of problems but ends up putting these three right again.

I loved seeing these three again and was so excited to see this little spinoff trilogy. I’m really looking forward to the next two installments and hope they are as well written and fleshed out as this one. These three are in a BDSM relationship, but it is much more than that and not very heavy on the structured side of things. James is an amazing dom, and it shows every time he interacts with Tate and Sebastian. I have definitely enjoyed and recommend that series and now this one as well.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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