Book Review: Kyle by R.J. Scott

Reviewed by Morgan 

26156423Title: Kyle
Author: R.J. Scott
Series: Legacy Ranch #1
Heroes: Kyle Braden/Jason Smith
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 193 Pages
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Release Date: August 31, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
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Blurb:  Two men destroyed by the past learn to live—and love—again.

Kyle Braden has nowhere else to go. With no money and no prospects, he turns to the only man who promises him help. Jack Campbell-Hayes wants to show Kyle that he can be more than he ever thought.

Kyle begins to see how far he’s come from being the scarred man who shut everyone out, when the first person through the doors of Legacy Ranch is Jason; a young man with nightmares that follow him when he’s awake.

Lost in the system and with three years on the streets marking every inch of his body, Jason Smith is scared. His life is an evil mess of hate and despair, and even the offer of a fresh start and a clean bed isn’t enough for him feel safe. Until Kyle comes into his life and shows him that it’s okay not to be in control.

For these broken men, Legacy Ranch offers more than a place to live and work.

It offers hope.

A new story set in the world of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes and the Double D Ranch, Texas.


Review: This is a standalone, but it’s a spinoff of R.J. Scott’s Texas series. Jack and Riley were the stars in that series and now they own a center for “rehabilitating” lost souls through their horse ranch and hard work.

I think the story of both Kyle and Jason – as individuals – was a good one. They had dark, horrible pasts and the book really showed them moving through their pain and into a place where they could have faith in humanity again. I liked how it wasn’t through big, unrealistic epiphanies, but rather through slow, more subtle shifts that these guys found their trust returning.

I also liked the slow burn romance between them. They’ve both had awful things happen to them, sexually, so it would be weird if they just jumped the other one, without a care. I really liked the pace of the physical relationship for Kyle and Jason. Even by the end, we aren’t seeing them madly having penetrative sex like it was no big deal. They’re still moving slowly through their physical intimacy and personal demons.

There were a couple of things that bothered me, though. First, if these guys are designing a place where “lost souls” can come to heal, planning individual spaces, giving thought to safety and feelings of security for their new occupants, wouldn’t having someone around trained in helping them- mentally – be a number one top priority. It felt noticeably absent that neither Kyle nor Jason received any therapy on the ranch til it was mentioned, like an afterthought, in the epilogue. I think that both men would have needed the care of a therapist to get to the point that they’d consider a physical relationship. Though the story did a good job showing how they got to a point where they could trust the other, I think a therapist was really needed.

The second thing that I didn’t feel ever got explained or discussed was Jack and Riley’s motivation for the center and what it’s exact plan was. I know we’ll see more of this, but I was wondering – even having read the Texas series – why they chose to go about making this center in the first place. What makes them think they have the skills needed to rehab these types of people – especially with no psychological training or staff trained in therapy.

Overall, I was pleased to see Jack and Riley and their smexy times again. I thought Kyle and Jason were wonderful together and I look forward to more in this series.

Overall Impression: I loved it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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