Book Review: Snow in Montana by R.J. Scott

Reviewed by Susan65

31112255Title: Snow in Montana
Author: R.J. Scott
Series: Montana #4
Heroes: Jordan Darby/Ryan Carter
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 160 Pages
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Release Date: December 7, 2016
Available at:  Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: An actor in the closet, a sheriff in love, and memories that won’t stay hidden.

Jordan Darby is known as the King of Christmas. The star of eight made-for-TV Christmas movies, the leading man who always gets his girl. Filming at Crooked Tree Ranch in Montana, in the ice and snow, Jordan is fighting to make a go of his new company and dealing with fears of exposure over one huge secret. After all, who the hell would buy into him being a romantic straight lead if rumors about him being gay were proven to be true?

Sheriff Ryan Carter is advising on the new movie being made at Crooked Tree. He hoped this would be one day of work and nothing more. Until, that is, he meets the hero. But while Jordan is sexy, he’s also very much stuck in the closet—everything that Ryan doesn’t need in his life. And then lust becomes part of the equation, and Ryan’s quiet life is thrown into turmoil.

Their story unfolds against the chaos that overtakes the ranch, with Adam regaining memories that terrify him and make him look at Justin differently, and Justin leaving the ranch to make things right. Only through trusting in love and friendship can Justin and Adam learn to look to the future instead of letting the past destroy everything. But will they ever see clearly enough to do that?


Review: The struggle is real. This book, though written well, and followed the story line from the previous books, was hard for me. I had a hard time jumping from Justin and Adam’s “issues” to the budding romance of “Jordan and Ryan”. Maybe because the names Jordan and Justin were too similar? I don’t know, I just know that I had to keep looking up to figure out who was speaking with those two. Blame it on the reviewer, because I love the Crooked Tree world, and was annoyed that I kept getting thrown out of the story over something so inane as a name.

What I did love was the easiness of Ryan and Jordan. They are so different but easily fall into step with one another. It wasn’t always that way, and with Jordan being a B list actor, and closeted, it was no walk in the park trying to have a love life while being a public figure. Ryan is just a great guy. I wanted to be his best friend. Who wouldn’t want a six and half foot tall teddy bear for a bestie?

Justin and Adam just drove me crazy with all the tip toeing around Adam and his memories. I also wanted to knock Ethan upside his head. Ethan’s entire book was focused around the premise of spending his life finding his missing brother, Justin, but now that he has Adam, I felt that Justin became collateral damage. I don’t know what I wanted, but Justin being made the bad guy (even in his own head) after knowing what the two of them went through, and knowing they were victims, just didn’t sit too well with me. I wanted to beat whiny Adam in the head, I wanted to kick Ethan’s ass, and I wanted Justin to just get over himself and his self sacrificing ways. Ugh, I’m getting frustrated just thinking about him. And that is a good thing people…it means the story resonated with me…that I cared. That is the sign of a good story teller.

I just wish that Ryan and Jordan were the only stars. I am not fan of multiple story lines running simultaneously and this was a case where that needed to happen, but I don’t like it. Yet, their stories needed to be told. I just hope if there is another one that the focus is one couple only. So yeah, I love the Crooked Tree world, but this story wasn’t my favorite.

Overall Impression: I liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*


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