Audio Review: The Game Changer by Kay Simone

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: The Game Changer
Author: Kay Simone
Narrator: Greg Tremblay
Heroes: Malcome Rodgers/Vance Coberly
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 10 Hours, 18 Minutes
Publisher: Kay Simone
Release Date: March 17, 2017
Available at: Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: A straight quarterback. A gay physical therapist. Love is out of bounds… Right?

Malcolm Rodgers loses everything in one week.

The quarterback is benched with an injury the same week his fiancée breaks off their engagement. Lost, hurting, and stuck on the sidelines, Malcolm must spend his days in physical therapy with the one person who refuses to let him get back in the game: cocky Vance Coberly.

Vance is out and proud in the macho world of pro football. As the top physical therapist in his field, flirting with football players is strictly out of bounds.

But the rules of play all change when Vance meets Malcolm.

Malcolm can’t deny what he feels for Vance — but Vance won’t be someone’s one-time fling. Can a Hail Mary gesture save the deepest love Malcolm has ever felt?


Review: I freaking loved this audiobook. Seriously, I think this narrator is absolutely dazzling, he has this smooth voice, and his character performances are top notch . His portrayal of Malcolm and Vance were stellar and I just didn’t want it to end. Kay Simone is a new author to me, but I’ve listened to this narrator before…and since I love sports, I figured I would give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever.

Malcolm is a famous quarterback, believes he’s straight, and recently dumped by his female fiance. Vance is the team’s physical therapists, knows he’s gay, and can’t find a man worth dating twice. They have worked together forever but rarely chat, and are friendly but not friends. Both remain professional and leave it at that, until Malcolm is injured and becomes Vances priority for the next six weeks. Then the friendship blossoms.

I was so happy that this was not an instant love affair, but more an attraction that occurs after they become good friends. They both have a history, but it is Malcolm that had much to gain and too much to lose. Malcolm became the responsible male figure as a teenager when his dad died unexpectedly. His entire focus was get to college, be the best QB in football, get to the pro’s and maintain the financial security that came from football. So, he had no chance to be a teenager and didn’t even think he had to figure his sexuality out. He was attracted to females and had no problems with gays, so needless to say, it was shocking to realize that he was attracted to Vance, and was most definitely bi-sexual. Again, I loved the way this played out. I loved that Mal didn’t freak out, and I loved the friendship between them almost as much as I loved their blossoming relationship.

Honestly, 90% of this book was so up my alley it was as it was written and being performed just for me. It was a full five star performance and story until it got to the constant lack of communication at the end. That kinda dragged on a bit and my high was a little deflated. Both guys are wondering why the other didn’t call when all during the first half of the book they didn’t have that insecurity. Vance was a bitch, he knew it and Malcolm loved him for it anyway. But, Vance was really a pain in the ass at the end, and I wanted to whack him…hard. Malcolm, in my opinion, had much to lose but Vance made it all about him. Ugh, I loved Vance, still do, but for a couple chapters he almost lost his friend card with me.

Honestly, this is an amazing story performed by an even more amazing narrator. I will not hesitate to pick up another book by this author, and if it’s an audio narrated by Greg Tremblay then it’s almost a guarantee I will pick it up. You can’t go wrong with this audiobook, and if it wasn’t obvious from the words above, then let me spell it out….Highly Recommended.

Overall Impression: I loved it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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