Audio Book Review: The Thief by J.R. Ward

Reviewed by Susan65

Title: The Thief
Author: J.R. Ward
Narrator: Jim Frangione
Series: Black Dagger Brotherhood #16
Heroes/Heroines: Assail, Sola and Vovo, and V and Jane
Genre: MF Paranormal
Length: 14 Hours, 25 Minutes
Publisher: Random House
Release Date: April 10, 2018
Available at:  Amazon and Audible
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Having allied themselves with the Band of Bastards, the Brotherhood is committed now more than ever to eradicating the Lessening Society. Recovering from their most recent battle against the last of the lessers, the Brotherhood comes to realize that the fight against their enemies is far from over.

Throe, Xcor’s former second in command, is using an ancient tome to summon a new army engineered by a force more dangerous and evil than the Omega.

And now the brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood will be tested both at home and on the battlefield.


Review – Book: I sometimes wonder how far this series will go, and then I find that I am not a fan of certain characters and think that my interest will wane…and then something unexpected happens and I’m pulled right back in and start salivating for the next book. FINALLY, a Murhder sighting…well, a Murhder hearing, more like, but still…he wants to speak to Wrath and I can’t wait to see where this crazy man will fit in with the Brothers he’d left so long ago. I am really excited for the next book, but alas, this one was about Assail, Sola and Vovo, and V and Jane.

I’d read many reviews before I started this audio and was expecting some big moment of V doing something unforgivable…and it never happened. Sometimes I wonder if people confuse their own lives with the book characters and struggle to separate the two…and in the process miss an excellent storyline. V does not cheat…he doesn’t even touch another person, but…he thinks about it, he plans on it, but the cruel, diamond-eyed Brother catches himself before it’s too late…and comes to realize that Jane is all he needs. Now, Jane is not at fault for her mate’s actions, but she needed the wake up call, too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy….remember The Shining, people. This was, in my opinion, a huge level-setting for V and Jane, and a chance to finally learn to put each other first.

Strangely, a book about V had more sightings of Butch’s ex-partner, Jose De La Cruz, than Butch…I missed him. But, I really want Jose and Butch to reconnect, that poor man is still haunted by the loss if his friend.

I put off the Assail and Sola parts because, one, I was not really looking forward to them, and two, I am still unsure about how I feel. On the one side, I ended up really liking Assail and his cousins interactions with Sola’s Vovo…but Sola just didn’t grow on me like I’d hoped. I know we can’t love everyone equally, and I am glad they didn’t move into the mansion, too, but her extreme independence was a little off-putting at times. On the plus side, no Layla sightings in this book.

Impression -Book: I liked it!

Review – Audio: Since this was an audio I would be remiss in not actually reviewing the narrator, Jim Frangione. It is not a surprise, to anyone who has read my other BDB audio reviews, how much I love this man’s voice. It resonates within me and he spellbounds me with his precise pronunciation and clear articulation. I can almost envisage that he is from the olde country and is a vampire himself. He is, and always will be, the voice of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Impression – Audio: I loved it!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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