Book Review: Two of a Kind by BA Tortuga

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: Two of a Kind
Author: BA Tortuga
Series: Dreamspun Desires #65
Heroes: Ap & Trey
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: September 4, 2018
Available at: Dreamspinner Press & Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: Working on a full house.

Once upon a time, Trey Williamson and Ap McIntosh had quite the whirlwind romance—but that was before family tragedy left them the guardians of five kids. Their lives have changed quite a bit over the last six years, but Ap is still on the rodeo circuit, doing what he does best in an attempt to feed all those extra mouths.

That leaves Trey back on the ranch, isolated and overworked as the kids’ sole caregiver. Something has to give, and when Ap comes home, they’re reminded how hot they burned once upon a time. But is it a love that can withstand wrangling over time, money, and the future? They have to decide what kind of family they want to be… and whether what they share can stand the test of time.



When I first started this one, I thought Ap was a total douche bag because of my confusion between the blurb and how this one starts (more of that in a bit). So I was very prepared to hate him for the entire book but once that confusion was cleared up, I realized how much I actually loved Ap. He’s a bit naive but it was adorable the way he thought he was the sole breadwinner in the family. As for Trey, I adored him from the start. Poor man was overworked and needed a break and I felt really bad for him. He managed to raise five kids that weren’t too bratty but were actually very respectful and understood responsibility even when they complained about it. I loved that! Sure, Ap wasn’t gone all the time but he only came home for maybe a month total a year and that, to me, isn’t raising kids. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that Ap tried so hard in the rodeo was because of the kids was very admirable but Trey had the hardest job of all and was doing it all alone.

What I loved, though, was that Trey has been carrying a torch for Ap for years now. He did everything he could to stay on top of Ap’s career and he made it so the kids knew that Ap was there for them and all that whenever they needed hime. When Ap comes home and helps out more and Trey and him actually take things to the physical again, I cheered for joy because it was about time by that point. I also really liked that the kids weren’t angry or disgusted with Trey and Ap being together… it really showed that Trey was raising them right.

I really, really enjoyed this one! My only issue was that the beginning was very confusing if you read the blurb first. The blurb, to me, alludes to Trey and Ap having a current romantic relationship, as in they’ve been together for years but since taking in the kids their relationship has been strained to the point of not having sex. So, at first, I felt super angry that Ap was considering cheating on Trey. And then you find out that Ap really has no idea what’s going on with the kids and that he never really saw how taking care of five kids could wear a person down and I hated Ap because of that. I mean, what a shitty boyfriend/father! BUT then a few chapters in, you get clarification that Ap and Trey HAD a few nights together, over six years ago, but since then their relationship has been platonic. After things became cleared, I started really getting into the story.

All in all, I really liked this one. I loved Trey and Ap as individual characters but adored them as a couple. I loved all the kids, even when they were being brats, and I really adored seeing Ap and Trey build a romantic relationship around having to take care of all the children. This one isn’t too sweet and not over the top, it’s just the perfect cowboy love story, IMO.

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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