Book Review: Ruin by Daya Daniels

Reviewed by JustJen

Title: Ruin
Author: Daya Daniels
Series: N/A
Heroes: Ryker/Griffon
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 271 Pages
Publisher: Sayad Books
Release Date: September 21, 2018
Available at: Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Ryker

They all think they know me…

I’m just a kid who has no direction and a bunch of problems. I decided long ago that the world can piss off. I’m the only one I need. I keep myself safe. If you don’t rely on anyone, no one can disappoint you. Right?


I’m not easily liked.

No, let me be honest. Most people hate me. I’m the a-hole. The boy-man who lives and breathes sarcasm. I have no friends. I barely have any family. And the new people I meet are always charmed, at first, but eventually they steer clear of me too.

Except for the guy sitting across from me.

The one who has bigger problems than you could ever imagine.

Who knew eventually he’d be a problem, for me, and…

One that I want.


Review: This is one of those stories where the characters and style of writing just suck me in. They had such a story to tell, and I was on board from the get go when Ryker and Griffon meet in rehab. They don’t just hit it off right away or have any kind of instalust or love either. They end up realizing they sort of get each other in ways others don’t. Or that they understand the circumstances that lead to their addictions, even if they don’t know all of the details. So, they clicked, opposites attracted in more ways than one, until they end up replacing their current addictions with their addiction to each other. The whole time I kept thinking this was such an unhealthy way to go, using their relationship and feelings for each other as a replacement for their other addictions. What happens if/when things go south? Will they fall back into the same old patterns?

Much of this story was fleshing out these two wonderfully flawed characters. It has a gritty realistic feel to it that just rang true for me. I loved the way it was told and how it made me feel and care about them. I wanted them to succeed and find happiness on their own and with each other. Life doesn’t just get easier for them once they return to it, and there are a number of setbacks, but that all made it more interesting to me.

Sometimes, I start a book, and within a few pages or so, I can just feel it is a five-star book. This most definitely had that feeling when the story began. It continued throughout most of the story, but, unfortunately, about 3/4 of the way through, things happened that just didn’t make sense or left too much off the page for that feeling to last. We were so involved for most of the story, and then, in the end, it felt as though details were left out or events skimmed over leaving a sense of longing for a different outcome.

However, I love a book that leaves me with a book hangover where I can’t get the characters out of my head and where I really don’t want to let them go. That was for sure the case here. I will definitely be looking for more books by this author and hope to make the same connection with the writing style and gripping characters in the future.

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*



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