Book Review: Black Magic by Megan Derr

Reviewed by Nikyta

Title: Black Magic
Author: Megan Derr
Series: Black Magic #1
Heroes: Sorin & Koray (and a few others)
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Length: 90,000 words
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Available at: Less Than Three Press, Amazon, All Romance eBooks & Barnes and Noble
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Blurb: When High Paladin Sorin discovers the brutally dismembered body of his cousin Alfrey, a much loved priest in the royal palace, he is left baffled as to who would do so terrible a thing to so good a man. But to find the answer to that question, he must cooperate with one of the highly despised necromancers, men who practice black magic, sleep in graveyards and feed upon souls…

The necromancer Koray, however, is far from what he expected. He is beautiful, stubborn, and possessed of a tongue sharp enough to cut down even the High Paladin himself. Koray is also possessed of a strength like nothing Sorin has ever encountered, and the power of the Goddess herself.

It does not take them long to realize that solving a murder is the easiest challenge they must face, and in order to save a kingdom they must first unravel centuries of lies and misunderstandings.


I’m going to be completely honest here. Last year, I tried to read this one and just couldn’t get into it so I set it aside for when I was in the right mood. Then a few days ago, I found it on my kindle and thought, “Oh, a Derr book? Perfect!” and dived right into the story, so engrossed in it that I barely stopped to sleep.

Ms. Derr tells a tale where there are many types of creatures that inhabit the world: Paladins, Necromancers, Demons, Priests, Warlocks and Alchemists. In this world, paladins and priests fight often against demons and necromancers and a different part of the country enslaves alchemists because they’re so ‘dangerous’ they can’t be trusted without a master. The story is complicated and, honestly, goes into several different directions, with twists and turns, harsh moments and sweet moments, and even has a few anxious and funny parts. I don’t want to go into detail because it’s hard to cover everything. What I will say is that this world starts off with every creature being divided and hated or feared. As the story progresses, lies are uncovered, feelings are developed and by the end, powerful forces bond together to make something that revitalized not only the people but the world. This probably sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo but it was an AMAZING book and had so much depth and uniqueness that I couldn’t help but love it!

The novel really features only one main couple – Sorin and Koray – and how the two are opposites but have a connection they can’t break. As Sorin is the High Paladin, he’s been engrained to hate and kill  necromancers, which is what Koray is. Where Sorin is light and warmth with a sunny smile, Koray is dark and cold, quick to give a sneer. Between them, there’s something deeper than just attraction but there are misunderstandings they can’t seem to work past and confusion that causes them some strain.

There are other characters that make a big impact on the story, though, such as Cerant & Neikirk and Brekk & Emel. While their stories aren’t as deep as Sorin and Koray, readers should be aware that there are multiple couples and POV switches throughout the book to accommodate their parts in the story. The novel takes the reader on a journey where the Goddess is guiding all these characters into saving her people. It was interesting to see how old history was uncovered and how it ended up linking all these people together.

I absolutely loved this story. It was fascinating, captivating and I honestly did not want it to end. Megan Derr has been a favorite author of mine for years now and that hasn’t changed at all. This story was just as great as her other stories I’ve read. If you’re a fantasy lover who likes some action and suspense with a dash of romance, give this one a try because I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Overall Impression: It was amazing!

*I purchased my own, personal copy of this book for review.*

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