Book Review: Lost and Found by Blaine D. Arden

Guest Reviewed by Trish

The Forester II: Lost and Found (The Forester Trilogy #2)Title: The Forester II: Lost and Found
Author: Blaine D. Arden
Series: The Forester Trilogy #2
Heroes: Kelnaht/Ianys/Taruif
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Length: 88 Pages
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Available at: Storm Moon Press & Amazon
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Blurb: “The Guide mentioned puddles, but I envisioned lakes, deep treacherous lakes, and I was drowning.”

One turn has passed, another Solstice is just around the corner, and having an illicit affair with not one but two lovers—smith Ianys and shunned Forester Taruif—is taking its toll on Truth Seeker Kelnaht.

If it isn’t sneaking around to find some quality time with his lovers, it’s heavy rainfall hiding traces of a missing stripling, or waiting for the elders to decide whether or not to set Taruif free.

And if that’s not enough, Kelnaht fears that in gaining one lover, he might be losing another, as Ianys seems to be pulling away from them, and it looks like someone is, once again, trying to frame Taruif.


There is something about this world that I fell in love with. Maybe it’s the setting, the characters or the flawless writing? I think it may be all three. This story takes place in the same fantasy world but has moved forward in time. The Triad has continued to grow in their relationship but the sneaking around for Kelnaht, Ianys and Taruif is starting to weigh on Kelnaht. However, he battles through while investigating a missing stripling, aka young one, called Ustion.

This part of the trilogy is driven more by the investigation which takes a bit longer solving this go round. As the details of the missing stripling start to unravel, it becomes clear the connection to Taruif is pretty strong. The pacing of the story is quick, as it would need to be since it is on the short side, but it does not feel rushed. This is where I feel the author does an amazing job. She writes a short fantasy story with a side of mystery all evolving around a secret ménage relationship, and at no point did I feel short changed with the world building or depth of the main characters or even details of the missing stripling. Kudos.

We are introduced to a few new characters, one of which is specifically tied to Taruif. Won’t go into details, but there was some endearing and well deserved moments for Taruif. The Guide is very much involved again as he helps the characters work through the feelings of sneaking around. As the story moves along, you can’t help but feel for Ianys. As things come full circle for Taruif and Kelnaht, it is a bittersweet time because Ianys must still keep his feelings hidden.

I enjoyed this part of the trilogy just as much as the first. I am really looking forward to the last part and finding out how the Triad will work through the issue with Ianys. I am sure the author will do a great job, but I think it will take a bit more to resolve than it did with Taruif.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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One thought on “Book Review: Lost and Found by Blaine D. Arden

  1. Great review Trish…as always!

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