Book Review: Holding Out For a Fairy Tale by A.J. Thomas

Reviewed by Susan65

Holding Out for a Fairy Tale by A.J. Thomas eBookTitle: Holding Out For a Fairy Tale
Author: A.J. Thomas
Series: Least Likely Partnership #2
Heroes: Ray Delgado And Elliot Belkamp
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Length: 250 Pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: May 9, 2014
Available at: Dreamspinner Press
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb: When his vicious cousin Alejandro makes a violent late-night visit, San Diego homicide detective Ray Delgado gets a brutal reminder of why he left his family behind. Alejandro wants Ray to find his sister, Sophia, who disappeared from the UC San Diego campus, before the FBI digs too deep into his business.

Special Agent Elliot Belkamp spent his entire life jumping from one place to another, but his new assignment assisting a FBI task force offers him a chance to settle down. When Elliot catches a missing person’s case as his first assignment, the last person he expects to find poking around the victim’s dorm room is Ray, a one-time hookup he’s more inclined to punch in the face than kiss hello. After discovering Sophia’s disappearance is linked to a massive computer-based theft that has two powerful crime families ready to declare war, Elliot focuses on his investigation and tries to ignore Ray. As the search for Sophia turns dangerous, Elliot and Ray discover that tackling organized crime might be easier than resisting the urge to tackle each other.


I loved A Casual Weekend Thing so I was really excited to see this spinoff. This story features Christopher Hayes’ San Diego police detective ex-partner, Ray Delgado. I was really mad at Ray in the first book and could not believe he could warrant his own story. But he redeemed himself in my eyes. He is an asshole, but he’s an ass for a reason. We also learn what makes Ray such an unlovable guy in this book and even though it took most of the 250 pages to get there, at the end I loved him.

Elliot hates Ray. He was used and humiliated by Ray in the past and when they are thrust upon each other during a case that involves Ray’s family, well, let’s just say, Elliot is not happy to see him. Elliot is FBI, Ray is a police detective. Notorious for not playing well together, these two need to come to terms with their professional and personal lives in order to save Ray’s cousin.

Ray has never had it easy. He is from a crime family; disowned by his family; and struggles to find anyone who wants to work as his partner. He uses jokes and insults to insulate himself. I really started to fall for the big lug…even though he could really be a total jerk.
Elliot isn’t so forgiving. He is not willing to be anyone’s plaything or one night stand. He is holding out for love, for the fairy tale. Ray is definitely not his happily ever after…or is he?

Loved when these two finally got their stars aligned, loved when Ray won Elliot over with Pop Tarts…yep, with Pop Tarts, and I loved that they did not fall into the “I love you” trap from the get-go…as a matter of fact I don’t even think they even used the word.

What I would have liked more was a little less dragging in the middle. At times it seemed that it was moving too slowly and it took me longer to read than it should have. I also wanted more Chris and Doug. I struggled with the constant Cowboy reference to Doug, but figured it was somehow in book one and something I must have forgotten.

But regardless, this is the third book I’ve read by this author and I highly recommend her. The first two got 5 stars, and this one is a 4. In my opinion, that’s an auto-buy author and I look forward to whatever she brings us in the future.

Overall Impression: I really liked it

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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