Book Review: A Home for Jesse by Iyana Jenna

Reviewed by JustJen

1Title: A Home for Jesse
Author: Iyana Jenna
Heroes: Jesse Gray/Trey Miller
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 70 Pages
Publisher: JMS Books
Release Date: March 9, 2014
Available at: JMS Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Jesse Gray can’t get more unlucky. His roommate left him and he gets kicked out when he can’t afford the rent. Next, the owner of the fast food joint where he works part-time suddenly tells him he no longer works there. Jesse still has a job as a PA on a movie set but the pay will never be enough to afford even the cheapest room in Hollywood. There’s only one place left to stay the night — in the park.

Trey Miller is the star on a TV series where Jesse works. They bump into each other one night while leaving the set, and Trey thinks Jesse is much too good-looking to only be a PA. When he learns of Jesse’s financial condition, he offers a place to stay at his house. Having no other options, Jesse reluctantly accepts the offer, but what’s the catch?


Review: This was a really sweet story. A bit unbelievable, but very sweet nonetheless. It’s a very fast-paced read that I believe could have benefited from a bit more detail here and there. Things happen very quickly, and I often had questions that never seemed to get answered.

This obviously takes place in Hollywood, though being out or not doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Jesse is trying to make his way up from being an under-appreciated personal assistant/gopher/extra.  Trey is already quite a star, though he is pretty humble about it.

My biggest issue here is that this is told in present tense. I don’t recall ever reading anything like it before, or I surely would have remembered.   Jesse gets out of the car, Jesse hangs his coat up, etc.  I was constantly being pulled out of the story because of this and found it made things seem choppy and awkward.

The story itself, as I said, we sweet.  Poor Jesse is just getting one bad break after another.  Thankfully, Trey steps up and offers to help him get back on his feet.  Things were a bit confusing here.  Jesse had a crush on Trey, but Trey was just about oblivious about Jesse, until he ends up helping one day, and then he’s instantly crushing as well.  Trey was a pretty good guy though, and even though this was a quick read, these guys took their time getting to know and trust one another.  There is little to no sex of any kind here, which was a nice change, as these guys were really just getting things together.  It ends at this point leaving some room for more.  Perhaps a follow up story is in the works for these guys?  If so, I look forward to seeing where the go from here.

Overall Impression: It was good

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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