Book Review: Something About Jayden by Rawiya

Reviewed by JustJen

22232058Title: Something About Jayden
Author: Rawiya
Heroes: Isaac/Jayden
Genre: MM Contemporary
Length: 154 Pages
Publisher: Amira Press
Release Date: May 17, 2014
Available at: Amira Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and All Romance eBooks
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Isaac Bridges, closeted account executive for Denton & Associates is waiting to take over the company from CEO Silas Denton Senior after he forced Isaac’s father to sign the company over while on his deathbed. Standing in the way is Silas Junior and upstart intern Jayden DeMario. Jayden’s beauty, intelligence, and commitment to excellence has wowed Isaac so much that Isaac changed his mind about the importance of vengeance for his dad into the vow to win Jayden’s heart. Will Isaac’s decision backfire, leaving him lonely and thus destroying his career?


Review:  This sounded pretty interesting from the blurb.  I love reading about closeted guys finally making it out of said closet, so thought I would give this a try.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bit different from what I was hoping for.  Isaac is actually married, albeit for convenience.  He and his wife have been together for over 10 years, but they are each still trying to find the right partner.  They each have their reasons, but this aspect was a bit odd for me.

Anyway, Issac is biding his time waiting to be handed the reins of the company his father helped build but which is now being run by his father’s business partner, who happens to be the father of Isaac’s rival, Silas, Jr.  Silas, Sr. is a bit homophobic, hence Isaac remaining in the closet.  But Silas, Jr. is out and it turns out Silas  Sr. doesn’t have quite as big a problem with it as Isaac first thought.

In the meantime, they hire Jayden as an intern, and basically everyone in his vacinity wants him, including Silas, Jr. and Isaac as well.  Jayden, coming from a broken home and trying to make a better life out of the bad neighborhood he now lives, is hell bent on putting work first, much to the displeasure of his adoptive mother.

That’s the gist.  What didn’t work for me was that most of this story is basically everyone’s situation being repeated over and over.  Jayden constantly saying he isn’t looking for anyone and convincing his mother that he doesn’t need to find love, etc.  Isaac is constantly rehashing his situation with being married and how his career plan is being played out (or falling apart).  The wife is constantly pushing him to find someone while she does the same.  And so on.  I quickly lost interest but kept pushing on waiting for Isaac and Jayden to get together.  But, by 60% it still had not happened, and at that point, I just couldn’t care if it ever did.

So, I think all of the repetitiveness and slow buildup to a meaningful or even sexual relationship with the MC’s was the downfall for me.  It is most likely nothing more than a case of it was me, not you with this story.  There are a lot of aspects I’m sure people will enjoy, such as the interracial relationship, so, if that interests you, or some of the other aspects, I urge you to give this a try.

Overall Impression:  I did not finish

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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