Book Review: The Sting of the Death Stalker Scorpion by Jackie Nacht

Reviewed by Nikyta

3Title: The Sting of the Death Stalker Scorpion
Author: Jackie Nacht
Series: Venomous Mates #2
Heroes: Wilder/Leif
Genre: M/M Post Apocalyptic
Length: 72 Pages
Publisher: Extasy Books
Release Date: August 1, 2014
Available at: Extasy Books and Amazon
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Blurb: Sometimes, to protect your mate, you need to run before coming back to fight another day.

From the moment the scorpion Wilder laid eyes on the sick anti-venom Leif, he knew his life would be changed. Now, Wilder will have to use the hands with which he killed so many enemies to heal the man meant for him.

Since Leif started to come around, Wilder has always been there to help. While Wilder is known as ruthless, Leif sees past that to the gentle venom that takes care of him daily.

When betrayal happens, Leif and Wilder will have to run with their friends. However, things are unexpected in the wild and new allies are found.



Being infected with the scorpion venom, Wilder knows what being dangerous means, especially when he has a deadly scorpion tail. But when he sets his eyes on the sick anti-venom, Leif, Wilder will do everything he can to protect the mate he’s just found. When one of the venom in their home betrays them, it forces Wilder, Leif and the other venom and anti-venom close to them to run to survive. Escaping to the wild only keeps them safe for a short time, though, and before they know it, they’re fighting for their lives again… until a new ally joins the fight.

I must say, I’m really loving this series! I love the whole concept behind the various venoms and how they’re poisons differ but also how they resemble their venomous animals somehow. It’s interesting to see the alterations between the wasps or the cobras or the scorpions or the spiders or the octopus. There’s just so many possibilities and the author brings them all forward so it’s an eclectic mix.

As for the characters, I loved that Wilder was a deadly killer but a sweet, gentle mate to Leif. As for Leif, I liked that he easily accepted Wilder, even the parts that Wilder didn’t accept himself. More than that, I’m enjoying the fact that these venom and anti-venom are working together and trusting each other even when they’re supposed to be enemies but yet they’re sticking together and their loyalties are shifting to include the new anti-venom.

As with the previous book, Intoxicated by the King Cobra, my biggest issue was that it was too short! I so wanted this one to be much longer because things are really starting to pick up in the overall plot. I really wish it could have had more depth and more characterization but I still loved the story. Beyond that, I’m curious about Leif and his ‘illness’ that was mentioned in the first book. Leif was so sick for some reason but that was never really talked about besides mentioning how getting some rest and actually eating helped him recover.

All in all, this was still an interesting short story. I love that this world is so unique and deals with so many different creatures and how they resemble venomous animals. As characters, I really enjoyed Wilder and Leif and I’m liking the direction each story is going in and so cannot wait to read more in this series!

Overall Impression: I really liked it!

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for a fair and honest review.*

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