Book Review: Threshold by Lynn Kelling

Reviewed by JustJen

3Title: Threshold
Author: Lynn Kelling
Series: A Lynn Kelling Anthology – The Society of Masters
Genre: MM BDSM
Length: 154 Pages
Publisher: Fantastic Fiction
Release Date: September 9, 2014
Available at: Fantastic Fiction and Amazon
Add it to your shelf: Goodreads

Blurb:  Seven stories from one of the master’s of M/M erotic romance, Lynn Kelling. These stories give prequels and other insights into two of her most popular series, Deliver Us and Whatever the Cost–both in the world of The Society of Masters. I have read a few books in that series, but this offering is comprised of basically prequels to those stories.

Expected Lies, Divine Surrender, Never Happened, Pleasures of Paradise, Escape, Trick and Truth, and Between Here and There



Review:  I almost never read anthologies, as I tend to prefer longer stories and have trouble with how to review them.  However, this particular anthology is has stories that are all set around an existing series – The Society of Masters.

Expected Lies – This shorty gives a glimpse into the teenage years of Kyle and Darrek. This is a quickie but gives you a tiny idea of what is going on with them. They are best friends, but Kyle hides his sexuality from Darrek. Both appear separately in other stories. 3 stars

Divine Surrender – This is about Kyle again, though it takes place a little bit later than Expected Lies. Kyle is on his own, has some major issues that we never really learn the full extent of in this segment, but he meets Ben when he goes searching for a Dom to help him. There is a lot more to these guys, and I was extremely intrigued by both of them. Out of each of these stories, I enjoyed this the most and wanted to run and jump right into their main story in From Temptation, book 2 of the Deliver Us Series. 4.5 stars

Never Happened – This is a quickie between Ben and Gabriel (Ben’s best friend and fellow Dom). Hot stuff here, and, again, there is so much backstory begging to be told with these characters. I enjoyed and was as intrigued by Gabriel as I was with Ben and Kyle. Even more so knowing that Gabriel ends up with Kyle’s high school friend, Darreck. Their story is told in the first segment of the Deliver Us series. 4 stars

Pleasures of Paradise – This takes place after Deliver Us where Gabriel and Darrek have been together for two years. Finding their D/S has taken a back seat to their regular lives, they find a way to reconnect. I loved seeing how these guys worked things out. 4 stars

Escape – This is a little story about Liam and Jacen, who I met in Whatever the Cost. These two traveled a hard road to get to the peaceful place they now find themselves in. Here, we get a little more backstory about Travis (now Jacen) as Liam (then Avery) pushes him to share, and it is quite heartbreaking. 4 stars

Trick and Truth – Quickie about Avery in the earlier stages. Very sweet. 3.5 stars

Between Here and There – More Avery not long after Trick and Truth where he shows some of his harder more difficult times. Also sweet and heartbreaking. 3.5 stars

I really found all of these to be enjoyable and found that, with each one, I wanted to read more.  I will definitely be catching up on the books I haven’t gotten to yet, as I really want to see these guys again.  I liked how they span over two series that are tied together by one of the main characters.  The main club in the Deliver Us series is owned by Trace, who was also a major player in the Company, which plays a major role in Whatever the Cost.  I’ve read one in each, and have no doubt the rest will be just as solid.  I definitely recommend you give these series a try.

Overall Impression:  I really liked it.

*I received a copy of this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.*

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